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Chapter 2-

As everyone was shocked to see their parents all locked up in this cell, the brain is amused and laughing as if it was the funniest thing ever.

The brain paces back and forth while enjoying the shocked faces on the Teen Titan's faces, "Ha, ha, ha! You all are so funny. Aren't you impressed? Aren't I a genius?"

Robin was staring at his parents through the machine and through the cell. He takes a step back and shakes his head, "Mo- mom? Dad?"

Cyborg, on the other hand, doesn't waste any time and cuts right to the chase, "Release our parents now or you'll regret it!"

General Immortus raises an eyebrow, "Wow, and usually it's Robin who cuts straight to the chase. But come on, you do you actually think that we're just going to hand you over your lovely parents that easily?"

Raven flies up above the ground and she gets ready to fight, "Then we'll just have to take them back."

Robin takes a deep breath and focuses back to what's going on, "Alright, Titans . . . GO!"

General Immortus roars out a loud laugh, "Ha! You don't know what you're getting yourselves into. Villains . . . Attack!"

Starfire immediately flies high in the air, near the ceiling. Her hands and eyes glow a lime green color and then she launches Bright Green Energy disk at her enemies.

Madame Rouge dodges all the bright green energy disk that Starfire was throwing at her and she dodges all the items that Raven picks up and throws.

Madame Rouge stretches her body and dodges the attacks that her opponents throw. She then stretches her arm all the way to Starfire and wraps it around Starfire's body.

"Ahh! You let me go you villain!" Starfire cries out but Madame Rouge doesn't listen or care for what she has to say.

Madame Rouge throws Starfire against wall to another wall. Finally, to finish off with Starfire she is about to throw her into a corner where they keep all their metal, hard boxes but Starfire's glowing green eyes hit Madame Rouge hand, making it burn and pull away.

"Ahh! You disgraceful child!" Madame Rouge says through her teeth then continues to go after Starfire.

Monsieur Mallah and Cyborg were going head to head. They were throwing each other against the wall, the floor, the metal boxes, the railing, the stairs, anything and everything.

Monsieur Mallah takes out his laser gun and tries to shoot Cyborg but misses every time. Cyborg on the other hand, has had enough so he makes his mechanical hand turn into a Sonic Cannon and he starts aiming for Monsieur Mallah.

Raven and Beast Boy were both fighting against General Immortus's robot troopers.

Beast Boy was T-Rex and Raven was in the air, picking up metal boxes and railing and whatever else she could find and throws them at the robot troops.

However, the robot troops have their lasers and they are shooting at Raven, completely ignoring Beast Boy.

Raven was dodging their attacks with her physic moves and makes a shield around her so they can't hit her.

From behind though, Madame Rouge stretches her arm out and his Raven hard.

Raven screams and falls to the floor, holding her head. When she looks up, an army of the robots were surrounding her and Madame Rouge was attacking her T-Rex green friend.

Raven moans at the amount of pain that she is feeling on her head but she closes her eyes and concentrates on her powers.

When the robots were about to hurt Raven, Raven's eyes flash open reveling pure white.

Raven flies up in the air and a black energy force shoots out of her hands, knocking all the robots to the floor or against a wall.

When Raven looks to her left she sees Beast Boy back to his human self and Madame Rouge standing over him. Beast Boy's eyes were closed and Madame Rouge had a knife in her hand.

"I'll end each one of you stupid Titans." Madame Rouge raises the knife and was about to strike when Raven attacks her.

"Enough of this! Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" Raven unleashes a large amount of energy, making Madame Rouge get blown to the other side of the room and gets knocked out.

Beast Boy opens his eyes and smiles when he sees Raven holding out her hand to him, "Thanks, Raven."

Raven rolls her eyes, "Come on."

Raven helps Beast Boy up and they run to Cyborg's side.

Cyborg was beating Monsieur Mallah up pretty good until Plasmus comes out of nowhere and attacks Cyborg from the behind.

Raven looks around the place, "Hey, where's Robin and the Brain?"

Beast Boy shrugs his shoulders and turns himself into a hawk.

Raven sighs and rips off part of the railing of the stairs and throws it at Plasmus.

Plasmus ignores the hits he is getting from behind and shoots gooey acid out of his mouth and hits Cyborg.

"Ahh!" Cyborg screams at he hits the wall. His head slams against the metal wall and he could hear a small crack.

Beast Boy, as the hawk, pecks at Monsieur Mallah's head.

Beast Boy lands on Monsieur Mallah's head and then turns himself into a large dinosaur, which squishes him.

Starfire was fighting a group of robots but there were too many of them. She is getting hit at all ends and is screaming in so much pain.

Beast Boy runs over to Cyborg and helps him off the floor, "Hey, buddy, you alright?"

Cyborg nods, "Yeah, I'm good. Hey, this is that Robin all the way up there? Is he heading to the roof?"

Beast Boy looks up and sees Robin running to the roof after what looks like to be Cinderblock carrying the Brain.

Beast Boy cocks his head to the side, "What the-?"

Cyborg fixes his arm and sets up another canon, "Beast Boy, you go help Robin. I'm gonna beat some robot butts, then some Brotherhood of Evil's butts."

Beast Boy smirks then turns himself into a hawk and flies up and follows Robin.

Raven sighs when the metal door opens and more robots come out and into the room, "How many more robots are there?"

Raven goes to hit them but stops when she hears Starfire scream very loud that it is very hard to ignore.

Raven blasts the robots away from her and flies quickly to Starfire's side.

Starfire was lying on the ground with a huge cut on her forehead and a gush of blood pouring out of it.

Raven gasps, "Starfire!"

Raven flies to Starfire's side and shakes her, "Wake up, come on wake up!"

Starfire moans then quietly replies to Raven's plead, "R- Robin?"

Raven looks at her confused then shakes her head, "No, he isn't here, don't worry. Come on, get up." Raven helps Starfire up and when they turn around, both their eyes widen.

"Miss me . . . sis?" Blackfire, out of nowhere comes flying at Raven and Starfire and before Raven could make a shield, Blackfire hits them both with a large amount of powerful pink energy attacks.

"Ahhh!" Starfire and Raven scream in unison when they both hit hard against the wall.

Blackfire laughs and mocks them, "Aw, did I hurt you?"

Raven and Starfire are lying on the floor, completely knocked out.

Blackfire sees Robin, Beast Boy, Cinderblock, and the Brain all heading the roof so she gladly follows.

Madame Rouge, Monsieur Mallah, Starfire and Raven were all knocked out so that leaves Plasmus, General Immortus and Cyborg alone to fight. All General Immortus's robots were destroyed so it looks like General Immortus had to fight on his own with no army.

*With Robin.*

Robin was running up the stairs chasing after Cinderblock and the Brain. Robin was so close to them but he still couldn't reach and every time Robin was going to throw an Explosives Disc, he would miss and that would just slow himself down.

Cinderblock quickly opens a ocean blue door that leads to the roof and goes through it. He shuts it on Robin's face but that doesn't stop Robin from going through the door just as quick.

Robin jumps through the door and it was now a dead end.

The Brian in Cinderblock's arms and then there was Robin.

Robin takes out his bo-staff and gets ready to fight.

Cinderblock places the Brain on the floor and takes a step towards Robin.

Right before either of them could throw an attack, Beast Boy flies through the door and lands right next to Robin.

Once he lands he transforms himself back into a human and gets ready to fight as well.

Robin looks at him confused, "Beast Boy?"

Beast Boy smiles at his friend, "Thought you might need some help."

Robin smiles and right before any of them could attack; Blackfire comes flying in and lands next to Cinderblock.

"Well, don't start without me." Blackfire smiles.

Robin eyes Blackfire very carefully, "Blackfire?"

Blackfire puts her hands on her hips, "That would be me. What? You miss me?"

Robin looks at Beast Boy and whispers, "Starfire?"

Beast Boy was about to answer but Blackfire beats him to it, "Oh, don't worry about Star. I took very good care of her and Raven."

Robin's hands turn into fists, "What did you do to her?"

Blackfire just smirks at him and the out of nowhere; Cinderblock punches Robin right in the face.

Robin goes flying into the air then crashing down onto the hard floor.

Cinderblock faces Beast Boy and gives him a small grin, "Long time no see."

Beast Boy stares at him with wide eyes, "Uh, I like it better with the long time we didn't see each other, that was nice."

When Cinderblock goes to hit Beast Boy, Beast Boy quickly turns into a snake and goes around Cinderblock. Once he gets behind him, he turns himself into a lion and attacks.

Blackfire flies to Robin and sighs, "You know, it's upsetting because I always thought you were good looking. It's too bad I'm about to rip your face off!"

Blackfire jumps on top of Robin and attacks him with her sharp nails.

"Ahh! Get off of me you psychopath!" Robin screams at Blackfire then kicks her off of him.

"Ugh!" Blackfire screeches when she slams against the floor.

Robin looks around and doesn't see the Brain. He yells then runs to the corner of the roof and grabs the loose rope. He picks it up and runs back to Blackfire and ties her up.

Once Robin was done with her, he runs to Beast Boy's side and helps him fight Cinderblock.

Robin throws a smoke bomb at Cinderblock's head, making a light grey color fill the air. Robin takes another piece of the rope then bends down and ties Cinderblock's feet up, making him fall to the floor when he tries to walk.

Beast Boy then picks up another piece of the white rope and ties the rest of him up.

Robin kicks Cinderblock in the face then he faces Beast Boy, "Come on, let's go."

Beast Boy nods then they both run down the stairs and back to the main room.

*In the main room with the big battle.*

Cyborg was punching Plasmus but the only problem was, every time he hits him, his hands goes through in and gets stuck in Plasmus's stomach.

Cyborg is starting to get annoyed so while his hand is in Plasmus's stomach, he uses his canon hand and blows him up from the inside.

He explodes everywhere making the whole room fill with lime green and purple goo.

Beast Boy and Robin run to Cyborg's side and help him off the floor.

Cyborg, Beast Boy and Robin all face their last opponent, General Immortus.

Robin looks around to see where Starfire is but he can't find her.

Beast Boy puts his hand on Robin's shoulder and nods, "You go look for them, we got this."

Robin gives Beast Boy a half- hearted smile then runs off.

Cyborg laughs, "Hey guess what? The Teen Titans just whooped your butts! BOO TO THE YEAHH!"

Cyborg aims his canon at General Immortus. He smirks when he has a clear shot then he shoots all his energy and power at General Immortus making him get completely knocked out.

Beast Boy and Cyborg high five one another and then run off to go tie up, General Immortus, Madame Rouge and Monsieur Mallah.

Robin was searching the room and then he saw what he was searching for.

He sees Starfire lying under a metal piece of the wall that was ripped off and Raven was a few feet away from her lying half of her body on the stairs.

Robin bends down and cups Starfire's cheeks, "Hey, hey come on, wake up. You're okay now, don't worry. I'm here, I'll protect you."

Starfire moans and her eyes open slowly, "R- Robin?"

Robin smiles, "Hey, hey I'm here."

Starfire tries to smile but her eyes slowly shut.

Robin's eyes grow wide and he shakes her but gets no respond.

After Cyborg and Beast Boy is done tying everyone up, they both run to Raven's side.

Now, both Raven and Starfire are out and not even moving.

Beast Boy shakes Raven but no respond for her either.

While that's going on, Tim, Jason and Batman are trying to break the button and try to free everyone's parents.

Tim was cutting some wires and clicking some buttons, "Hey, I almost got the machine open."

Robin tries to hold back the tears, "O- okay, hold on."

Robin shakes Starfire again but still nothing.

When Robin puts one of his hands on her waist he feels something wet. He turns her around so she is now lying on her stomach and he gasps when he sees a large deep scar on her side with gushes of blood spilling out.

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