Chapter One


Benny woke with a yawn and a stretch. Today he was going to hang out with Ethan, which immediately brought a smile to his face. They were getting closer every day, which originally seemed impossible considering they were already so close. It was hard not to like Ethan. His shy smile, his dark eyes, his amazing arms...

Benny blushed madly. He was getting into weird territory. He swung his legs off his bed and headed to his bathroom to start getting ready.


"Hey Ethan," Benny smiled when the door was opened.

"Hey," Ethan said, smiling back and just standing there.

"So..." Benny trailed off. "Am I allowed inside?"

"Oh! Um, yeah. I just spaced out for a minute." Ethan turned and led Benny into his living room and turned on his TV and Xbox. I seriously need to stop staring at him. It's just so hard. Ethan thought. "I got this new game. It's called Zombie Knight Battle."

"Dude! I've heard of that game. It's supposed to be epic. We have to play it."

"Sure," Ethan agreed and handed Benny a controller.


On screen, the main Knight passionately made out with his girlfriend before realizing she had been turned into a zombie and turned into one himself.

Benny laughed. "Talk about a horrible first kiss."

"I wouldn't know," Ethan shrugged. "I've never kissed anybody."

"Really?" Benny turned to look at him.

Ethan could feel an embarrassed flush creeping up his neck. "N-no."

"That's okay. I haven't either."

Ethan blinked at Benny. "Never?" Benny shook his head.

"I mean, it's kinda weird since we're already freshman, but I'm saving it for the right person."

"O-oh." Ethan couldn't help but wonder who this right person was. He thought of Erica and a surge of jealousy welled up in him. He did not like the thought of Erica and Benny together. Bennica He thought with a fierce growl.

"Hey, E?" Benny lightly shook Ethan's shoulder, snapping him back to reality. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"You just got this intense look on your face. I've never seen you look so angry."

"I'm okay. I was just thinking about kissing."

"Yeah?" Benny forced a smirk onto his face. "Thinking about kissing Sarah?"

"Nah. I'm over her."

"Wow," Benny raised his eyebrow. "I wasn't expecting that."

"Me neither," Ethan shrugged. "I just don't feel as close with her as I do with other people."

Benny hummed. "I know I said I want to kiss someone special, but... I feel like I would mess it up and the girl would laugh."

"I know how you feel." When Ethan had liked Sarah, he had worried about that often.

"I just... Feel like I should kiss someone I trust wouldn't laugh," Benny looked at Ethan. "You know?"

"Yeah," Ethan blushed. "The only person I really trust that much is you."

"Same here. I don't know if I could trust anyone else with my first kiss."

"M-maybe we could...?"

Benny smirked. "Ethan, are you asking me to kiss you?"

Somehow, Ethan's blush deepened. "W-we don't have to-"

"I want to." Benny swiftly cut him off, knowing how long Ethan's stuttering could last. Ethan thickly swallowed and the two boys began to lean into each other. Their lips were about to brush when a loud crash sounded in the kitchen.

The two boys jumped apart from each other, startled. "I'm alright!" Ethan's mom shouted.

Benny coughed awkwardly. "Maybe we should go to your room."

"Yeah," Ethan agreed and turned off their forgotten game.


The tension only increased now that they were in closer, more private quarters. They were looking at everything except each other.

"Let's sit down," Ethan suggested, gesturing at his bed.

Deciding not to drag this out, Benny pushed forward. He put a hand on Ethan's shoulder and leaned closer. "Are you sure you want to do this, E? You only get one first kiss."

"I'm sure," Ethan mumbled, subconsciously moving closer to Benny. "I trust you."

"Good," Benny said simply and tilted his head as he leaned in. Kissing really just feels like lips on my lips, Ethan thought, expecting fireworks or something.

That was until Benny pressed closer into him and began to move his lips against him. Ethan could feel Benny's hot tongue prodding at his lips, so he opened them and then they were really kissing. His mouth felt oddly full, and Benny's tongue was really slippery, but it actually felt good.

Distantly, Ethan could hear somebody moaning and he began to feel dizzy. He desperately needed air but didn't want to move away. Benny was the one to break the kiss, and they were both left gasping for breath.

"Well, shit," Benny said breathlessly and smiled widely.

"Yeah," Ethan swallowed the taste of pure Benny in his mouth.

"You can seriously moan, dude."

Ethan's face heated up. "I was moaning? I thought that was you!"

"That was definitely you, bro," Benny looked at him. "At least I know it was real if you weren't conscious of it. I liked it."

"Uh, thanks." Ethan nervously looked down. Now what were they going to do?

"Hey," Benny frowned. "Didn't you like it?"

"Of course!" Ethan said. "I was just thinking about what we were going to do now."

"Well," Benny said. "I wouldn't mind giving you my second kiss as well as my first."

"T-that sounds good," Ethan stuttered slightly and Benny moved in to seal their lips together.


After another making out session, they just chilled and played video games for the rest of the night. Benny was kind of surprised Ethan could just switch from sucking face with him to playing Mario Kart Wii. At least he now knew that Ethan was still his friend and nothing would be awkward between them.

As the clock on the television turned to nine o' clock, Benny got up and stretched. "Well, Grandma's going to be expecting me soon."

"Alright, I'll walk you out," Ethan got up and they both walked downstairs.

"I had fun today," Benny smiled at Ethan once the front door was closed and grabbed his hand.

Ethan looked down where their hands were laced together. "Me too."

Benny put a finger under his chin and forced him to look up. He pressed their lips together gently. As quickly as he was there, Benny pulled away. Ethan subconsciously moved forward, trying to prolong the feeling. The taller teen walked down the front steps with a renewed pep in his step. "See you at school tomorrow!" Benny called behind him.

"Bye," Ethan called weakly after him.

What just happened?


When Benny made it up the stairs to his room, he squealed – in a very manly way – and began jumping on his bed. After the excitement wore off, he coughed into his palm and calmly sat down on his bed, the day's events running through his mind.

He played a kick ass game with Ethan.

He had his first kiss with Ethan.

He had his second kiss with Ethan.

He played another kick ass game with Ethan.

He had his third kiss with Ethan.

Life just couldn't get any better.


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