"Conan-kun, Ai-chan!" called Ayumi, "Hurry up and let's go!"

The two shrunken teens sighed at the thought. They were being forced to trick or treat with the detective boys. Their plans of watching horror movies all night flushed right down the drain.

Inside the professor's house the two grumbled as they pulled on their costumes.

Conan slipped on a pair of 'furry' gloves and boots and then pulled on a pair of ears and a tail. He ripped his clothes a bit and then placed in some sharp canines.

Ai was in her room pulling on black clothes. She wore a black mini-skirt and a black tank-top and boots. Then she pulled on black cat gloves and black cat ears.

When she walked down the steps, Conan couldn't help but stare. Even as a child she looked great in those 'revealing' sort of clothes.

"Pick up your jaw and let's go," she smirked.

"You know that if I'm staring at you, a lot of guys will be staring at you as well?"

"Well then, your job for tonight is to keep their eyes from landing on me, mmkay, Mei-tantei?" she asked with a mischievous grin.

He blushed at her grin and that made her grin widen slightly.

"My my, I'm surprised to see you blushing, even after we've been dating for a few months."

After turning ten in their child forms, they had begun to date. It wasn't exactly public since even they weren't sure of their future yet since the syndicate had yet to be removed. For now though, they could live as regular kids.

"6 months," whispered Conan.

Before he said anymore Ai added in, "and two days."

He smiled, glad he wasn't the only one who remembered the exact day the two had decided to date.

She wrapped her arm around his and the two walked out of the house to join their kid friends.

Immediately swarmed by the other three, the two were pulled apart by Ayumi and Mitsuhiko.

The two teens sighed.

Yep, it was just another date for the two with a little perk. Halloween and, of course, candy.