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Raven's mind

I was reading my book and Beast Boy walked in and hopped onto the couch.

"What up, Rae?

Rage: We hate it when he calls us Rae, remember?

are we talking to a dog?

"Don't call me Rae!"

"Fine. I won't then."

"I'm going to my room"

"Bye Rae-," I glare, -ven! Bye RaVEN!"

I go to my room and slam the door shut. I flop down on my bed and lay on my back staring at the ceiling.

Happy and Love giggle.

Happy:Gar's so funny!

Rude:Yeah. The funniest.

Love: Yeah! Don't you just love him Rae Rae?


Love: Because I'm LOVE! Just admit it Raven! We love how he's always by your side even after Rage or Rude comes out and insults him about something.

Happy:Yeah Rae Rae! Whenever he's around I get even more happy!

Timid:A-And every t-time I a-apologize for s-something we did, he m-makes us feel a bit l-less g-guilty.

Brave:And Ya Know What! When he comes near us, I get a little jumpy!

Rude:I think it's fun using sarcasm on him.

Wisdom: We kinda lose our train of thought when he's talking to us. We can never concentrate on a book when he talks to us.

Rage:I must confess something.

Rage what are you doing here? Theres no way you can like Gar!



Rage: FINALLY! Beast Boy is the most annoying creature in the all of the galaxies! But...

Everyone stares at Rage waiting for her to continue.

Rage:But we couldn't live without him.

Gasps filled the room.

So, wait all of you think that I'm in love with Gar?

Love stood up, grabbed me by my shoulders, and looked at me.

Love: Rae, whenever you see him smile at you or hear him laugh you shiver. Whenever he touches you, you break something! When you look into his eyes your knees go numb. If you even think about him your stomache does flips. We KNOW you love him. You should tell him.

A scared looked came across her face and she twiddled with her thumbs. Timid could feel her nervousness.

Timid: What if he rejects her? What if he laughs in her face! What he gets creeped oout and runs away! What if he never talks to her again? What if he never wants to see her again!"

Everyone except her and Raven laughed.

Brave: So that's what's wrong! Don't worry. Heres what you do.

Raven smiled and nodded at Brave.

Raven walked into the titans living room where Beast Boy was watching Tv.

Hey Beast Boy?"


"I need to tell you something."



She snaked her arms around his neck and leaned forward and pushed her lips against his. To her surprise he put his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him as he deepened the kiss. His tongue brushed her bottom lip asking for entrance. She smirked and let him in. His tongue explored ever crevice of her mouth before they started in aheated tongue battle. Raven won. After about five minutes of making out, the reluctantly pill away.

"I love you." they both whispered.

Later that day...

"Guys, Raven and I have to tell you something." BB said walking into the the living room with Raven.

The three other titans stared at the two.

"Raven and I are dating." he said as he grabbed Ravens hand.

Cyborg and Robin had their wide with their jaws to the floor, while Starfire was smiling and jumping up and down.

"This is wonderful friend Raven and friend Beast Boy! And Robin and I can finally do the dating as double!"

That pulled Robin out of his state of shock. Then he and Beast boy groaned. Raven smirked. And Star was still jumping wildly.

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