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Chapter 1
Before the Reaping
Every year, before the annual Hunger games, the whole team for each district meets, the mentor, the escort, the prep team and of course, not forgetting the stylists. And that year was no different. The 74th Annual Hunger Games. Effie was as eager as ever in her white makeup, pink wig and her ridiculous clothes but you could see a sense of disapproval towards the Games, even though she tried to hide it as best as she could. Before the meeting, she went to Haymitch the drunk's house in the Victors Village. Effie almost always regretted going to his house as there were a lot of bottles carpeting the floor. A foul smell of dirt and alcohol hung in the air. Bravely, Effie knocked on the door.
"Hello sweetheart, what are you doing here in my neck of the woods?" A greasy haired, drunken Haymitch stood in front of her. She flinched when Haymitch called her 'sweetheart', but even so she kept a cool smile on her face,
"Haymitch, it's reaping day and we are going to meet the stylists and the Prep Team, I knew you would forget so I've come early. Good job I have, we need to clean you up a bit…"

Effie went inside Haymitch's house, retching at the smell. She bravely got some clean clothes out of Haymitch's wardrobe. She got Haymitch to wash his hair and get changed and while Haymitch was in the bathroom, Effie sat and shook her head at what the Capitol did to Haymitch. Ever side he won the Games almost 25 years ago, he couldnt sleep without a knife in his hand, fearing the nightmares of the bloody deaths, drinking, therefore helped him cope. She remembered when she was much younger and she saw Haymitch, a nice boy, she thought because she wasn't interested in boys at that time, being only four years old. However, if she was a bit older she would have openly admitted she had a crush on Haymitch. The alcohol came, and when Effie became an escort, she was given District 12, and met Haymitch, a disgusting man in his thirties who obsessively drank. She felt sorry for him but got very disgusted when Haymitch did just about anything.

After pondering on that, she turned her attention to Haymitch's housekeeping skills, dirt and grime on every square centimetre. Then the drunk staggered out of the bathroom…
"You look… ummm… decent?" Effie said, still keeping up her authority as a high-ranked Capitol citizen.
"Then let's get going!"

They arrived at the Justice Building half an hour before anyone else and so Effie left Haymitch in the meeting room while she made her way to a small cafeteria, where she bought a sandwich and scoffed it down, remembering to have good manners even so. She saw the time then went back to Haymitch, hoping the rest have already gathered.

In fact Effie was almost ten minutes late and everybody was waiting for her, she ran into the meeting room in her high heels, out of breath. Everyone laughter at her, no one harder than Haymitch, but a young man, about her age stood up and softly said,
"You OK, Miss Trinket?"
Effie replied saying all was perfect and started mumbling that today was a big, big day until she sat down.

She greeted the usual Prep Team, Octavia, Flavius and Venia, joking to Flavius about wanting her favourite purple lipstick back. Flavius was a good friend of Effie's, he was a bit older than her and therefore acted like a kind brother to her.
"And who are our stylists this year and hopefully, many more years to come?" asked Effie,
"This is Cinna, the head stylist and his work colleague, Portia."
She greeted Portia and Cinna kindly, she was always friendly with the stylists, especially if they looked normal. All Cinna had was gold eyeliner that was carefully put on with a light hand. Cinna smiled at her warmly and genuinely thinking about how ridiculous the Capitol fashion was and how unattractive Effie looked. But Cinna always looked at the positive things in life and hoped Effie had a lovely personality. He very soon found out because as soon as the boring meeting finished, Effie took Cinna to a restaurant in the town square where they were setting the stage up for the reaping.
"So your first year and they give you this crummy district?" she asked him. He casually said,
"Miss Trinket, I wanted this district, to actually give it a chance plus coal, even though it is as black as the night, when set alight can burn brighter than the stars in the heavens"
Effie looked thoughtfully into his deep green eyes, wondering whether he was right or just a total idiot, there must be some truth in it, she smiled and used her normal, non-Capitol voice,
" I'm sorry, you're right, give even the crummiest district a chance and by the way call me Effie"