Chapter 25

Looking back (Effie's POV)

I go to the attic, creeping up the ladder and going into the cosy little room. I could even live here if I wanted to, we made it real homey. I look into a large cupboard and I see it. Bingo! The cardboard box is just staring at me and so I lift it up and the weight has a large impact on my arms that I nearly drop it. I'm glad I didn't because if I did, it would awaken the boys who were both asleep. Again, I creep down the stairs but this time with a really heavy box in one arm. Finally I come down the stairs and I see Cinna and Seraphina sitting on the sofa. The two pairs of green eyes gaze at me as I put the box down on the mahogany coffee table and then I open the box.

Thousands of magazines lie there but I'm looking for something else and so I take out the magazines and slowly reach down to the bottom and find them. Cinna's sketchbooks. I recognise most of them but I lift up one in particular, the one that Cinna was sketching it when I came in with that bowl of chocolate covered strawberries, that first night I realised I actually loved him. I pass it over to Cinna who turns the pages, looking through it and he gives it to Seraphina to look at. I pick up another sketchbook but it has nothing to do with the Hunger Games, they were the clothes for the rebellion, I turn to the last page which had been slotted in and see a beautiful outfit, made of turquoise silk, a dress, so beautiful I can't help but stare at it and only then, I realise that the model that dress is on, is me. I look further down the page and there is a small note,

To my dearest Effie,

Just in case I'm gone and I don't have a chance to tell you, you are so beautiful and I love you. I hope you have a good life and I hope the rebellion will achieve an abolishing to the dreadful Hunger Games. Don't ever forget me. I love you.

Cinna xxx

I have a small tear in my eye. Why didn't he show me this before. It's been 15 years after the abolishment of the Hunger Games and that's how long we've been married. I look over to see that Seraphina's still taking in all the wonderful designs. I decide to rummage around the box again and I find a DVD. It's a DVD that Beetee made for me after the rebellion, it had the 74th and 75th Hunger Games, Tribute Parades and Interviews. I slot it in to the player and we all look at Cinna's amazing work.

After the DVD, I show Seraphina all the magazines from the Capitol. Quite a few of them have Katniss on them and some with Peeta, on with Cinna which he picks up and a few more with me on the front cover.

"Is that you mum?" she asks me. I nod. "You look so different to now." Cinna then speaks up.

"Yes, she's developed her sense of style ever since she met me." I narrow my eyes at Cinna and he simply shrugs his shoulders, laughing. This makes me laugh too. Then I look up at the clock.
"Well, it's time to go to bed Seraphina. We'll be off as well." I say as I stand up and hold Cinna's hand to haul him up from the sofa. Seraphina goes upstairs and we follow.

"Goodnight!" she calls out and when we reach our bedroom, Cinna holds onto my waist and kisses me passionately,

"I love you Effie," he says. I look deep into his eyes and I see his golden eyeliner, outlining and highlighting the gold flecks in his eyes and I know one thing for sure. I love him.

"I love you too, Cinna," I whisper into his ear.


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