Aleu was really close to her due date now with the puppies.

She and Sumac were with his friends Nuke and Yak again. Just visiting and having a good time

"Wow Aleu," Yak said "Looks like those puppies will be born anday now,"

Aleu rubbed her tummy "Yep," she said

"I just can't wait to see their cute little faces," Sumac said

"Bet they'll look really adorable," Nuke said

Just then, it happened.

A huge gush of water and blood came out of Aleu, followe by the girl wolf staring to feel cramps

"Sumac," she said in pain "It's time,"

"Oh my!" the three wolves said

"What do we do?" Nuke asked

"Get some water!" Sumac said "Yak help me with Aleu,"

Sumac look the paw of his mate, yet Aleus paw felt more like a bear trap around the father wolf

Aleu gave him a stare that said "You did this to me!" followed by another howl of pain

"We praticed for this remember," Sumac said "Just breath..." Sumac then began breathing like Aleu did "And push!"

"Ah!" Aleu screamed

Soon enough the sound of a whimpering newborn puppy was born

The sight of the miracle of life made Yak pass out

Sumac helped his new pup over to Aleu, where it drank her milk.

Meanwhile, Aleu gave birth three more times, then she was done.

"They'," Aleu said exasted

"I know," Sumac said

Aleu had two boys, and two girls

The first pup Fenrir had redish fur like her mother, Jenna.

The next pup, Kate had pur white fur.

The third born, Lilly, had Brown fur

And their final pup, Fang had grey fur.

Just as the new wolf parents were full of joy at their new family. Nuke came back with the water. Yet he tripped and dumped it on Yak

"Huh? Whao!" the wolf said "What I miss?"

And so a new chapter in Aleu and Sumacs life began.

The End