A Shinigami on Lore

Chapter 2- The Beginning

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Karakura Town, Urahara Shoten

An orange-haired man was lying flat on the ground, exhausted. In his right hand he was clutching the hilt of a katana. All around him there was ashes and broken stones. This man is Kurosaki Ichigo,

"Wow Kurosaki-san, I knew you learned fast but this is ridiculous." A man wearing a bucket hat said.

"Yeah, I'm surprised too." Ichigo said.

"No, I mean it. Learning all kido that is not forbidden, controlling your reiatsu, seal your zanpakuto and becoming master in Zanjutsu, Hoho, Kido and Hakuda in one month is crazy. You are one hell of an over-achiever." The man said.

A/n: I'm not making Ichigo Gary Stu here. I made him good at controlling reiatsu so he doesn't kill everything the moment he touches the ground. I made him learn Kido so he doesn't have to spam Getsuga Tensho. I made him seal Zangetsu for the same reason as controlling reiatsu.

"Well, I couldn't have done it if you didn't help me, Urahara-san. Oh yeah, and Gramps too." Ichigo said, remembering when Yamamoto told him how to control one's reiatsu if it was too high. Apparently, he also had the problem of uncontrollable reiatsu.

"Still, it was really fast" Urahara-san.

Ichigo was about to say something when they felt a very high Reiatsu. Alarmed, they both looked around for the source. Which was right behind them. They saw a Japanese-styled door appear. Now, they usually wouldn't be surprised by this, but what was shocking is that the door had a purple seal with markings of a crown of some sort.

The doors opened and two figures came out. They were wearing the shinigami uniform and a white haori over it. But instead of being white with black trims like the captain's haori, it had purple trims instead.

"Its…..it's the royal guard!" Urahara said.

"Are you Ichigo Kurosaki?" One of the figures, a male with long brown hair said.

Ichigo narrowed his eyes. "And what if I am?" Ichigo asked.

"Then come with us, the Great Spirit King wishes to see you." The other man said, having black hair and wearing a pair of glasses.

Ichigo was about to complain when Urahara stopped him. He then whispered to him:

"Kurosaki-san, you should go. You can't question the King, that is a major offense" he said.

Ichigo widened his eyes. Even that was an offense?

"…..Fine" Ichigo said reluctantly.

He went inside the door with the figures, and then the door closed, leaving Urahara by himself.

Urahara took of his hat. "I have a feeling that we would not see Kurosaki-san for a while" he thought. After he thought that, another door appeared and two shinigami, one of them short with black hair and the other tall and red hair came out.

"Hey Urahara, where is Ichigo?" The black haired girl said. Urahara gulped. He didn't take that into account.

The King's Dimension

Ichigo walked between the two men. All around him were huge golden walls with golden pillars and many, many rooms.

One of the men said, "Don't be rude to the King. I'm sure you must be really proud of yourself for saving the world and stuff, but your nothing compared to us!" he said arrogantly.

Ichigo stopped in his tracks. He looked up to the man, grabbed him by the shirt and smashed him into the wall.

"Proud? PROUD? Say that again, motherfucker, I dare you! I double dare you! Do you have any idea what I've been through? I had to train for ages, just to know that it was all futile. I had to leave my friends in Las Noches and only hope that they would survive. I had to feel the weight of the entire world on my shoulders! I had to face the fact that if I failed, everyone that I love dies!" Ichigo said angrily. He was now emitting enough reiatsu to make mini-earthquakes.

The man didn't respond. The reason was simple;-

Hakuda Master + Golden Walls + Angry Ichigo = 1 hit KO

The other man looked at Ichigo fearfully. He was having difficulty breathing, as the pressure Ichigo emitted was at least twice of his.

"Kurosaki-sama, please let him go" He said fearfully, adding the sama in hopes of making him calmer.

Ichigo looked at him. He then let the other man go. They continued walking, leaving the bloody man behind.


Lorithia looked at the screen. "Well, he has anger issues" she said.

The King laughed. "He does, doesn't he?" he said. It was then when the doors of the throne room opened, Ichigo and the royal guard emerging from it.

"Milord, I have brought you Kurosaki Ichigo." The guard said.

"Good, you are dismissed" he said. The guard then Shunpo'ed out of there, probably not wanting to be within a 10 metre radius of Ichigo ever again.

2222222222222222222222222222 2

Ichigo looked around the throne room. It was made in gold, like all the other rooms. In front of him was a carpet that extended to the throne. There were guards standing on the sides of the carpet. On the throne was an old man wearing a golden and purple trimmed robe.

"What do you want with me, old man?" he said. All the guard narrowed their eyes at him.

"How dare you be rude to the King!" one of them said. They were all ready to unsheathe their swords until the Spirit King interrupted

"Stop" he said. When he said that single word, they all stopped and went back into position.

"Kurosaki Ichigo, I, the Spirit King, ask you a favor". Everyone's eyes widened, including Ichigo. Why would he ask someone a favor?

"What is it?" Ichigo asked.

"I need you to leave not just your home town, not Soul Society nor Hueco Mundo, but go to another universe altogether" he said.

Silence. That was what happened next. Until, that is…..

"WHAT!" Ichigo said.

"I'll explain" A voice said. Ichigo turned around to see a woman.

"I am Lorithia, the Goddess of my Universe. I seek help from you to protect my Universe, mainly the planet that I created personally, Lore, from destruction." Lorithia said. She knew this would be hard, but she had nothing to lose.

"Why should I? And if I accept, what about my friends and family?" he asked.

"I can handle that" the King said. " I feel guilty for not helping you during the Battle of Karakura Town. I wish to make up for that. If anything happens, the Royal Guard would handle it." He said.

"And as for the reason…" Lorithia said. "I don't have one. But please accept! If you don't, not hundreds, not thousands, not even millions, but BILLIONS would die!" she begged.

Ichigo looked at Lorithia. He sighed. His life was not getting easier.

"Okay I'll do it." He said reluctantly.

Lorithia sighed in relief. She was worried that he wouldn't do it. And if he didn't, she would had to give her body to convince him.

"Okay then, let's go" she said while flicking her fingers. A portal opened. They then entered it. Along the way, Lorithia told Ichigo about Lore. She explained to him about magic, the many classes of Adventurers, the many monsters and races, and many more. Just before the end of the portal…..

"Ichigo, please take this" Lorithia said while giving Ichigo a red orb with a metal dragon on it.

"This is a Dragon Amulet. It lets you speak the language of the dragons and how to better control them. But do not misunderstand, you must have a bond with said dragon first." She said.

Ichigo nodded. He took the item went through the end of the portal. He landed on a cliff.

"So now it begins huh? Maybe this would be the start of a new adventure" he thought. He then felt something moving rapidly towards him. He looked at the cliff and saw a red dragon right in front of him.

"Shit" Ichigo thought

End of Chapter 2

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