Okay I am still in the process of finishing up stories I had lying around this is another one. The story was started sometime ago after the idea had been bugging me for a little while, ever since I heard the song while watchign the Queen E Jubilee. This will be a threeshot, as Sabrina always tells me to chop up my long stories instead of making really long oneshots.

I don't own the Good Wife or the song I Need You Now by Lady Antebellum

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I Need You Now

Chapter 1: Alicia

Picture perfect memories scattered all around the floor.
Reaching for the phone 'cause I can't fight it anymore.
And I wonder if I ever cross your mind?
For me it happens all the time.

It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now.
Said I wouldn't call but I've lost all control and I need you now.
And I don't know how I can do without.
I just need you now.

Alicia rolled over in bed once more. She was getting frustrated with her insomnia. She had an important case in court the next day and needed all the rest she could get, but something was keeping her up. She hated admitting what this was. However it was the same thing that had been haunting her mind the last 2 months, probably longer if she was completely honest with herself. Moving back into her old house was the reason behind it. Peter had offered it to her as a part of their divorce settlements, and though it was not finalized yet, he had told her move in anyway. It had been empty for 4 months, since he moved into the governor's mansion in Springfield.

She had ended up agreeing much to Grace's happiness. Zach didn't care so much as he had left for college. She hadn't originally been sure about accepting it as a part of the divorce settlements but had agreed after they had a long talk. Now here she was in bed, haunted by memories of the past, making her unable to sleep. She looked over at her alarm clock. It was a quarter after one. Only a few hours left before she had to be up again. She rolled back over on her other side, reaching for a pillow to cuddle against her chest. She looked at the other side of the bed...the empty side.

Peter crossed her mind once more. In the end, he was the one who put divorce on the table, much to everyone's surprise. They were both very civilized about it. Trying to keep the friendship they had reestablished over the last couple of years intact. They had both known it was coming, even more so after Peter won the election. It meant moving to Springfield, but she was not prepared to do that. So it was Peter who asked for the divorce.

On nights like this, when she couldn't sleep and felt alone, she missed him. She missed having someone with her, but it was more than that. Alicia and Peter had been through a lot together—good and bad. Lying in their old bed in their old house brought back memories of the good times they had shared. She rolled over once again and sat up, reaching for the phone. She wanted to call him...just to hear how he was doing she told herself. Right. She was not really sure why she was so tempted to do just that, but she guessed it was a mixture of several emotions. She was feeling sentimental and sad. She missed Peter and what they used to be just a little.

They had not talked for a couple of weeks. It was not like before, when they often saw each other at the court house or in the process of picking up or dropping off the kids for everyday things. Grace mostly stayed with her and only visited her father on long weekends or over the holidays usually. It was too long a drive to make on a regular basis.

Alicia pulled her hand back then, leaving the phone on the nightstand. No she couldn't do that...or could she? They were friends right?And friends could call in the middle of the night just to talk. She hesitated for another moment before picking up her cell, acknowledging the irony that she still had him programmed as her first person on speed dial.

As she heard the phone start to ring, it occurred to her that he might not be alone. The thought made her uncomfortable. The ink on their divorce papers were not even there yet, before he was seen with a new woman. The press had been all over it. She was just about to hang up when he answered.

AN: And don't hate Peter yet for having another woman okay.. you will hear his feelings in the next chapter.