iPod shuffle challenge Urahara x Aizen A/N: just a story to cope with my boredom. My friend has like, disappeared on a Saturday and I'm gonna die of boredom. I put my iPod on shuffle and looked through my pics for a pairing. Two oc's mentioned Urahara x Aizen. Valentines Day by Linkin Park. Don't be mad if it sucks. AU Character death/suicide. Misery. Broken-heartedness. Loss. Loveless. All these describe Kisuke Urahara as he laid in bed at two in the afternoon. Alone for the first time in two and a half years. Dammit, this hurt. He had been dating Sosuke Aizen for a while. Since their senior year in college. He was so sure they would've lasted...but now here he was, glued to his bed, in the worst state he'd ever been. His phone rang again for the seventh, maybe eighth time that day. Tired of hearing it, he answered it. "Hello?" "Ohmigod, I heard what happened! Are you alright?"Ayaka Hirako squeaked into the phone. There was a loud WHACK! as well. "Don't just yell that into the phone!"Moka Yukari snapped, taking the phone."Hey, Kisuke...how're you feeling?"Moka asked."Like I got run over by a truck..."Kisuke said quietly. "I can't believe that's how he left..."Ayaka said in the background. Kisuke had woke two mornings ago to find a note on his pillow, explaining that their relationship was going no where...that it was better this way. "Want to come to lunch with us?"Moka asked."No...I'm not hungry."Kisuke said."C'mon, you need to get out an-" He hung up. The last thing he needed was those two dragging him all over the place. He walked around the house for a bit, taking in how empty it really was. He sighed. Depression washed over him like a strong wave, and he sat down on the stairs and started to cry quietly. That's all he'd allow himself. But this was not not NOT how Valentines Day was meant to be spent. He stumbled into the kitchen and pulled a bottle of whiskey from the cabinet. Not bothering with a cup, he took large gulps straight from the bottle."D-damn him..."he slurred through alcohol and tears. "Bet he left his stuff here..."Kisuke staggered back to the bedroom and looked in the closet. Sure enough, all of Sosuke's clothes and other things were still there. Something caught his eye at the top of the closet. A small black case. He pulled it down. A gun. Sosuke had kept it here because he wanted to"protect"Kisuke. It was nothing special, just a small black handgun. Two choices ate away at him. Put it back and forget it or... He picked it up. Dammit. Dammit! Dammit all! He was crying again. Hot, uncontrollable tears streamed down his face. The smallest of voices screamed in his head for him to stop, to put the gun away. But he couldn't. He didn't. He had no desire to. His hand, as well as everything else, was shaking. Write a note? What was the point? They'd only try to stop him. He needed to escape, he knew that much. And this was how. He opened the magazine. It was full."Protect me my ass..."he whimpered, closing the magazine. Empty. That word echoed in his head. Lonely. That word screamed at him. Die. That word whispered in his ear like a lost lover, beaconing him closer, like Sosuke loved to do when he wanted to make love... His hand shook."Damn you..."he muttered as the cool muzzle of the gun pressed against his temple."D-Damn you..."he sobbed quietly, closing his eyes tightly. BANG! A/N: I'm cruel. Yeah, I know. Whatever. Urahara is awesome and I couldn't see Aizen doing this. Get over it! XP