Chapter 1: Kagami Unmei (Mirror Fate)

"Ma~an!" Kagami moaned. "It's hot as hell out there and I have to go to the store?" She pouted, slapping on her baseball cap.

Kagami Uzushima was a tomboy who was recognized as a boy by the whole city of Tokyo- even the school she went to. Luckily, the students didn't need to wear uniforms. She often went under the name Kaoru.

She dug out her skateboard from her closet and dragged outside, closing her bedroom door. "Onii-san, I'm going to the store. We ran out of cream soda." Her brother peeked out of his room. "Lil' sis, get some Cola too. I'm completely dry." He said. Kagami rolled her eyes. "Yeah. Got it."

Kagami grabbed her phone and headphones and put on her favourite song- Braveheart. She laced up her high-tops, ran outside and hopped on her skateboard- finally happy for a little wind today. A girl from her class, Ai Morikawa, smiled and waved at her. "Kaoru-sama~ Ohayou gozaimasu~" Kagami waved back. "Yeah, hey Morikawa."

She walked into the store, skateboard under her arm. "Hey, Ryu-san." She said to the merchant. The merchant waved back. Kagami walked to the coolers and grabbed a bottle of Cream Soda and a bottle of Cola.

"I'm just getting this." She said, dropping some coins on the counter. Ryu checked out the bottles and smiled. "Have a good day, Kaoru." Kagami smiled and waved, taking the plastic bag and swinging it over her shoulder.

She was just about to exit when she saw Taiga Aisaka- the girl from that high school nearby. Kagami's older brother, Satoshi, went to the same school as her and was often in most of her classes. She's seen her around before.

"Aisaka-san!" Kagami called out. Taiga looked at Kagami. "Who are you?" She said. Kagami went up to her. "I'm Kaoru Uzushima. Satoshi Uzushima's younger brother. Nice to meet you, Aisaka Taiga." Taiga looked at Kagami and blinked for a bit. "Ohh, Kaoru Uzushima. I've seen you around but never got the chance to actually meet you."

Taiga walked out of the store and Kagami followed. "Hey, what classes do you see my brother in?" Kagami asked. Taiga looked up and thought for a moment.

"Um... Home Economics, Art, PE, History and also at Lunch. Since he's better friends with Ryuuji and Kitamura, he often eats with us. And he's also in the same homeroom as us."
"Oh, I see."
"He's not a bad guy."
"He's stays cooped up in his room a lot, though."
"He does? But he's always so energetic."
"Satoshi's always been that kind of guy. He's often like that."

Kagami stepped on her skateboard. "Well, I gotta go, okay? Let's meet up sometime." Taiga smiled. "Sure. If I have some time." Kagami smiled widely. "Bye, Aisaka-san!" She called, zooming off. Taiga waved. "Man, he's energetic."

And that's chapter 1 of Imperfection. At first, this was a little story and then it kinda turned into a ToraDora! fanfic. Read and Review for next chapter ideas!