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Cara was lost in her own thoughts. She loved the Mother Confessor but was too scared to say it. Knowing that Kahlan had watched her kissing Leo, it made her feel worse than awful. Her true purpose was to make Kahlan mad and hate her. But how would she know that Kahlan's love for her only grew stronger.

The Mother Confessor was sitting under a tree. The raindrops came pouring down as if they were tears from Kahlan's eyes. All those moments she spent staring at the woman she loves kissing someone else had created a deep scar in her heart. A scar that would take a long time to heal, maybe even forever. It hurt her so much to see Cara not loving her back. But she didn't know the truth, did she?

'Why, Kahlan? Why do you let yourself get hurt like this? She likes boys... And a pathetic lady like you won't be enough to satisfy her lust...' Kahlan scolded herself. The wind blew stronger it it became difficult to bear with the coldness. However, her heart was too numb to feel anything.

Meanwhile, Cara tripped over a big rock while running away from the cave where she had kissed the new seeker. She didn't enjoy allowing his tongue down her throat. It felt all icky and diagusting. At the same time, she pictured Kahlan's lucious lips. 'How fortunate will I be to be able to taste those sweet lips?' she asked herself. But, Cara was still disturbed by the fact that she had hurt Kahlan. Would she ever forgive her?

No! Cara knew that answer. How would she even forgive her after what she had done? And for the first time, she let her tears flow. Cara was said to be too cold to feel anything. But she felt guilty... And she felt sad... She even felt love... How could she feel those feelings even though she was trained to not feel anything at all?

'Cara, what you done is unforgiveable. You must apologise to Kahlan now!' Half of herself was scolding her. However, her other half just won't shut it.

'I have done nothing to offend her.'

'You knw that you love her. And that she loves you!'

'I cannot be sure whether she likes me or not.'

'She almost kissed you this morning!'

Cara's mind flashed to the time when she held Kahlan in her arms. She could feel... tenderness. For the first time in her life, she understood the feeling of love. And now she will have to choose... Too cold to the extent of not feeling anything or claiming her love to the woman she has fallen madly in love with with the hope of being loved back?


Cara ran up to the big tree where the Mother Confessor sat, frozen. Kahlan's tears were blended in with the rain. She looked tormented as if she had been in pain for years. Cara knew that the pain she felt was the pain that was delivered from her.

"Why are you here?" Kahlan croaked.

"Please don't cry..." Cara begged.

"The fact that I'm crying does not affect you."

"Please... It hurts me too..."

"Oh, now you're talking about hurting. You hurt me, Cara... You knew that I was in love with you and yet you kissed Leo in my face."


"You didn't even think about how I would feel."


"I hope you had a fun time with the new seeker."

"Kahlan! I love you... I love you like mad... But I know that you have Richard. How could I steal you away from him? And besides, how could you love an emotionless Mord-Sith like me?"

Kahlan kept her silence. And as if to give Cara a chance to speak, the rain slowly stopped.

"I kissed Leo so that you would get jealous and hate me. I wanted you to hate me so that only I have to suffer. I didn't want you to suffer having to choose between the seeker and me. And I didn't want you to be insulted by the people out there. What would people say if they knew that you loved me, a Mord-Sith?"

Kahlan's soft hands caressed Cara's cheeks. She was relieved that Cara loved her and was touched by the fact that Cara cared so much about her. Staring into Cara's green eyes, she counted her blessing as to how fortunate she was to receive the love from a woman so noble.

Still with her tears runnig down her cheeks, Kahlan pulled the Mord-Sith closer. She wasn't sure whether Cara would pull away again or not but this time, she had faith. Closing her eyes, Kahlan placed her soft lips on Cara's hard ones. At first, Cara was stunned by the sudden action of the Mother Confessor. But then, she felt the wounds in her heart healing.

She brushed her lips against Kahlan's. Kahlan's lips were so sweet and were nothing like Leo's. They began to tilt their heads in a comfortable manner. Slowly, Kahlan began to glide her tongue inside her lover's mouth. They were too deep in the kiss that they did not want to stop. Too bad their lack of oxygen overcame their decision...

"I love you too," Kahlan whispered in Cara's ears.

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