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Summary: After the 2nd reunion, Isao was suspicious of Sawada Tsunayoshi. He finds out he isn't a normal person but something more. Will Tsuna and Reborn be arrested or will they get Isao in their group?

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Should I Make a Mpreg fanfic about Reborn and Tsuna? (a separate one or this one)

Previously on 10 Year Reunion….

After a painful 1 hour the reunion ended, but something still felt wrong to Tsuna, he felt like someone was watching him from a screen, and Reborn and Kyoya was feeling the same. "Don't you guys feel like watching TV?" asked Tsuna.

"I think I do… I wonder where should we watch TV." replied Reborn.

"Hn.. We should watch a police show…" added Kyoya.

"Why I agree!" said Tsuna. "I wonder who else wants to watch with us?"

They all went in the limo and soon looked for listening devices or spy cam's. "Hey I found my old wallet here! It still has my money from 5 years ago!" said Reborn.

They all nodded in agreement, someone was watching and they needed to find all the listening devices and spy cam's.

"It has 5 10 dollars and 4 20 dollars." added Reborn. He was tapping, 1... 2... 3... 4... 4 times. That meant it was the police, and chances are… 'It was Isao who did it' mouthed Reborn in Italian.

~Chapter One: He is More Then That~

"Reborn…" Said Tsuna. "What if Isao finds out?"

"He wont find out and take you away…" Replied Reborn. "And if he does… He wont be able to take you from me…"

Tsuna blushed bright red again… "T-thanks Reborn." After a while Tsuna went into his closet and changed into a suit. (similar to what Primo wore in episode 201) He ran to Reborn and gave him a hug. "I love you…"

"Ti amo…" Reborn smiled. "Come on… We have to tell the others about this."

"Okay…" Tsuna and Reborn held their hands together and walked into the meeting room. "Minna… I have an important announcement."

Everyone became silent.

"A policeman named Isao, whom we found out by Kyoya is a powerful man in the police. He is trying to capture Vongola Decimo, me. Why does he? We currently do not know yet. So be careful… We do not want anyone to disappear, or die or get injured."

Every yelled or said "Hai, Vongola Decimo!"

Tsuna smiled like an angel and poor Hayato got another nosebleed.

~With Isao~

"Did you find any info of Vongola Decimo?" Isao asked.

"No we didn't but we have found some information about him." said a man, lets call him Mike.

"Tell me."

".. Okay… The current Vongola Boss, Decimo was a normal person until he was 14. He was forced to become Decimo. He swore that he would change Vongola back to the way it used to be when it was during Primo's time, Vongola was a good mafia group that tried it's best to help people. He is nicknamed Angel because he was voted to be the most kindest, hottest, cutest, prettiest, and smartest mafia boss. He has 7 guardians that is his best friends and a lover with is a male. This is all I got for now, Isao." said Mike.

"Okay.. Intesting.." said Isao. "Then why isn't Vongola working with the police if it wants to be 'good'"

"Well.. It's a mafia group… duh.. But some polices do work with Vongola… to be frank, Many does. Only some don't, like us."

"Oh.. Really… then.. I want to see why many work with him…." smirked Isao. "Decimo… here I come…"

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Next Chapter:

"Reborn…. Ti Amo…"

Isao is lurking around… He is looking for clues… He sees Tsuna and someone is trying to shoot him… He spys on what happens… and is shocked… "Is he?"