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~Chapter Six: Opps~

Isao was running out of the room to his friends who told him the info he hoped it was fake. "SAI! MINAMI!" He yelled on the phone while he ran to his home.

"H-Hai?-Desu?" Minami yelled or tried to back.

"Are you sure that is all real?" Isao replied.

"Yeah, duh. Why do you think we would tell you the wrong thing?" Sai said.

"So who is Vongola Decimo?" Minami asked.

"It's… you remember that guy in the café, Ocean Pearl or something?" Isao hinted.

"Oh! You mean that cute bo-…" Sai paused. "YOU ARE F*CKEN KIDDING ME RIGHT?"

"Eh… No…" Isao sighed. "They have the same last name, birthday, and hometown. So I concluded he Is Vongola Decimo, or unless he has an brother or relative that lives in Namimori. Nah, he got none." Isao said sarcastically.

Isao opened the door, seeing 2 people in his computer room. "Hey Sai, Minami."

"Hi Isao-desuu~!" Minami was drinking coffee, she wore a black shirt with the letters CAMIS in green, and white jeans.

"Yo." Sai was drinking some purple drink instead of coffee. He was wearing a blue sweatshirt with the words BACON FOR LIFE!, and green short pants. "Here's the proof I am so not lying."

"Okay…" Isao started reading it and was shocked. "NUUUUOOOOOO!"

"Get over it." Minami yelled. "There are more guys and girls wayyy better for ya!"

"No it's just that I'm really shocked." Isao sighed. "Who know it would be him?"

"You are telling me!" Sai shouted.

"Hai-desu!" Minami nodded. "Who knew such a cutie would be a mafia don?"

"Well, he is the nicest and cutest mafia boss. He is VERY nice to be one. He hates to kill." Sai added.

"But… then what was the point of US trying to capture him!" Isao yelled.

"That wasn't the reason why we did this." Sai laughed. "We did it to just find out who kept keeping the peace instead of us, and wanted to meet him. Did you pay attention to the meetings?"

"Sh*t…" Isao grinned stupidly. "So when should we meet him? As Vongola Decimo?"

"I don't know?" Sai said. "Send a letter?"

"That sounded so stupid but it makes sense" Minami laughed. "Ok! I'm going to type the letter!"

Dear Sawada Tsunayoshi, Vongola Decimo,

Our name is Isao, Sai, and Minami. We are currently part of the police branch called CAMIS, short for Crimes and Murder Investigation Squad. We will like to meet you and your guardians at 12 XXX lane on Thursday, 23, of July, 3 PM. If this date or time does not please you please do tell us, we may meet on other days. If you are wondering how we found out Tsunayoshi is Vongola Decimo, we will explain to you in the meeting. We hope to meet you peacefully. Thank You.

Sai, Isao, and Minami, CAMIS.

"Does that sound good?" Minami asked.

"Yes it does, just add a bit more." Sai said.

"OKay." Minami started typing more.

"I hope nothing happens.." Isao sighed.