Elfen Lied: Alternate

Chapter One: A Reunion With No Memories

Violence is what Lucy could remember. Thoughts of blood, guts, and screams of agony ran through her mind during her escape from the facility, killing around 20 people without empathy or mercy. All of a sudden, she sees the young Kouta screaming at her. "Stop killing!" "Please, stop!" the young Kouta yells at Lucy in her dream, seeing tears from his eyes. That stop Lucy's dream.

Lucy slowly opens her eyelids, seeing the moist sand and the active city lights in her vision. The wind blows violently and the rain shows no mercy. She got up and realized that she was naked. Looking left and right, she needs to find shelter and some clothes to wear, but need to avoid detection. After a couple of minutes, Lucy successfully bypassed a group of humans, undetected and overheard a conversation about an unused inn that is now occupied by a young adult. She still had no clothes to wear to counter the cold and bitter rain. She saw an uphill trail that leads to the inn and follows it. The headache is too immense to handle due to the sniper shot at the metallic helmet she wore during her escape. The main entrance of the inn was in her vicinity and walked a couple more steps.

"I…I can make it" Lucy said to herself.

The arctic, unbearable rain and the intolerable headache pinned Lucy and falls onto the inn's doorstep. Lucy use one of her vectors to ring the doorbell, hoping that someone would respond. Her body finally surrenders to the rain and her conscious passes out.

Kouta sat in a crisscross position, staring at a photo of his younger sister that lay on the small wooden table. He develops a series of small and rapid tears. Memories of his younger sister remain fresh in his mind. He grabs his antidepressant medication and consumes one of the pills.

"I am sorry, Kanae" he upsettingly whispers.

Ever since Kanae and Kouta's father was murdered nine years ago, Kouta fell into depression, up to the point that he had thoughts of committing suicide. His cousin, Yuka, stepped in to intervene. Kouta was sent to the mental ward for a year. Since he was in the mental ward, his mental stability was restored, but at the cost that he vows to find and kill the person who murdered his family. Kouta did not have a clear picture of who killed his family, mainly because he repressed this particular memory of the individual. Kouta heard the doorbell ringing throughout the empty inn.

"Who would come here at this time around?" Kouta wonder. He walk toward the main entrance and slid the shoji door (it is a sliding door that is commonly seen in Japan). The first instinct he sees was only the tremendous rain and the trees leaning westward by the gusting winds, but he heard a sound that is unfamiliar to him. He looks downward and sees a young, pink colored hair woman, approximately around his age, with no clothes and shivers rapidly in a fetal position. The young woman wakes up and sees Kouta, who was in a shocked state.

"Nyu" the young woman said. "You okay?" Kouta asks. Just after Kouta finish his question, the young woman he does not know, is scared from his presence. She then tries to run away, but she slipped and fell forward. The rain continues to hit the woman as she got up and begins crying. "Oh boy" he said to himself. He approached to the crying woman and said: "Come inside, you will catch a cold if you don't seek shelter."

Five Minutes Later

To Kouta, five minutes feels like an eternity, mainly because he has to find a suitable shirt for the young, pink-haired woman. He gave her a white woven shirt and expects for her to change attire. Unfortunately, she does not know how to. Kouta was expecting a reaction from the woman since it was inappropriate to see a stranger with no clothes on, but this did not occur. "Nyu" she said to Kouta. "I guess that I can call your name as Nyu, then" Kouta tells her. He studies the young woman who can only say 'Nyu'. As his eyes looks upward, he then quickly notice that she has horns on her forehead. At first, he thought that a spiked object might have penetrated her skull, but as he touches and lightly pulls it, he realized that the 'horns' were a part of her body. A hallucination appears in Kouta's mind as a shadowy female girl with horns said to him: "Liar."

Kouta jumps away from Nyu as she gives him a concerned gesture. Kouta struggles to control his breathing, but later turns stable when he presses his right hand onto his chest. He takes a few, deep breathes and sees Nyu worry about him. When Kouta was hallucinated, Nyu takes his plain white undershirt and wears it. For him, he does not need to worry about putting his undershirt for Nyu. "You need to keep yourself warm for a couple of minutes, Nyu" he tells her. "I'll have the beef soup ready."

By the time Kouta made warm beef soup and five onigirl, Nyu impatiently wait for the food to be served. As Kouta puts down the tray that contains the meal on the table, Nyu grabs two onigirl with both of her hands and munches her way down. Kouta intervene. "Don't you know how to eat onigirl?" he asks. "I know that you are hungry, but it is improper for someone to eat onigirl that fast." He grabs one of the onigirl and shows it to her. "You hold the onigirl like this." Nyu leans to the onigirl Kouta was holding. Her eyes widened and open her mouth, then made eye contact at him. Knowing that Nyu was desperately starving, Kouta gave up. "Oh well, just eat it." Nyu took a small bite of onigirl from Kouta and slowly chews it. She closes her eyes, wanting to get the texture and taste of the onigirl. Kouta sees onigirl crumbs around her mouth and uses his index finger to wipe it off. Nyu gives a childlike smile, delighting Kouta.

Nyu spots Kouta's backpack near the kitchen cabinet and walks toward it. Kouta watches Nyu as she looks inside and picks up a purple, rectangular jewelry box. She accidentally drops the box and the seashell bounces off the floor a few times. Kouta walks toward Nyu and grasp the seashell. "The seashell is a memento of my younger sister, Kanae" Kouta said softly. Nyu detects Kouta's facial expression, depression and, in some extent, sadness. "You can hold it for a bit, Nyu." "I am going to take my medication."

Kouta opens the cabinet and takes out the antidepressant medication bottle. He opens the bottle cap and plucks one pill. He consumes the pill and quickly drinks a glass of water afterwards. Suddenly, he hears a cracking noise. Nyu breaks the seashell and when Kouta sees the seashell in half, emotional shockwaves blast at him. He cannot commit an action until he sees Nyu smiling and said 'Nyu' simultaniously. Nyu's smile triggers Kouta's anger and snatches the undershirt. Nyu's emotion swiftly changes to horrified. "Did I not tell you that the seashell is a memento of my sister?" Kouta barks. Nyu tries to push Kouta away, but Kouta tightly grips the undershirt. "What were you thinking, huh?" "I let you seek shelter and serve you food, and this is how you pay me?" "Get out!"

The two words, 'Get out', disgruntled Nyu and develop tears a few seconds later. Nyu drops the broken seashell. Kouta let go of Nyu and she runs outside. It is still raining while the sky is pure black and the cold raindrops continue to pour. Kouta did not try to catch Nyu, but he stares at the broken seashell, thinking why Nyu would do so. He begins to wonder if Nyu sees the seashell as a burden symbol, and in a few minutes, he accepts the theory. As he stares the seashell, his mind interprets to his sister's death. A sudden and brief hallucination reveals how his sister was killed. Kouta walk backwards and fell on the kitchen floor. The hallucination was gone. When Kouta escapes from his violent hallucination, Nyu is at the beach, still crying from Kouta's rage and the possibility of facing neglect from him. In atonement, Nyu starts digging the sand with her bare hands in an attempt to find the seashell and give to Kouta so he can forgive her.