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Father Zachariah was standing behind his desk, giving Castiel a threatening look. ''This has gone too far, Castiel.''

''Father Zachariah, the angels have spoken to me. I must obey.'' He answered. It was honest and short, but it wasn't what Zachariah wanted to hear.

Suddenly Uriel, who was standing in the corner watching the event, spoke. ''You claim that they have chosen you, Castiel. However, you do not speak for God anymore... We are to follow the Bible, not what you think the angels have told you. This has gotten way out of hand, Castiel. Do you honestly expect me to believe we should allow same sex couples to get married in our church? Do you honestly think that it's God's will?''

Castiel sighed heavily. ''I understand this is hard for you to believe, but it is the truth. Father Uriel, you have to trust me. The angels speak to me in my dreams, they have told me what is right and what is wrong.''

''And why would the angels choose you? I run this church! I am older and wiser than you. You should show me some respect!'' Uriel yelled, slamming his fist down on the desk.

''Careful, that is mahogany.'' Zachariah mumbled. He then sighed before turning to look at Castiel again. ''I'm sorry it had to come to this, Castiel, but I have no other choice… Your days as a priest at our church are over…''

Castiel looked down, staring at the floor. He didn't dare meeting their gaze right now. He cleared his throat a few times, before saying ''I understand.'' Then he left the church he'd worked in for over a year, feeling rather terrible.


Castiel slammed down on his small, black couch. He rubbed the back of his head in frustration, feeling a mixture of anger and sadness. He closed his eyes to pray, like he always did when times were difficult.

''I don't understand.'' He admitted. ''You let me hear things… You let me hear the truth, but no one will ever believe me. Help me, father, I just lost my job… How am I supposed to speak in your name? How am I going to make a change? How will I make them understand? Father, please…'' He let a tear roll down his cheek as he sighed. He leaned back, allowing himself to fall asleep on the couch. Dreaming about his past and how he'd ended up as a priest…


''When does father come back?'' The little boy with the messy hair wondered. He looked up at his older brother and sister, staring at them with his big, blue eyes. He was 5 years of age, but brighter and more mature than most children. Hester, the sister, leaned down to match his height. Sighing as she stroke his cheek. ''Father isn't coming back, Castiel. We are on our own now.'' Inias, the brother, ruffled the young one's hair. ''Don't worry, we'll be fine...''


He woke up a few hours later. It was raining and thundering, and it was really dark outside. Which was odd, considering it was in the middle of June, and it had been a sunny summer so far. He yawned a few times, rubbing his eyes as he stretched his legs out. His back hurt a little, perhaps sleeping on the couch hadn't been his best idea.

Suddenly there was a loud noise and a bright light, held his hands up in front of his face. The light was way stronger than the lightening could have been, so when he looked up he wasn't sure what he expected. One thing was for sure, though. He'd never expected to see a man, standing in the middle of his living room. He gasped as he realized the shadows behind his back looked like wings. Almost fainting as the man said ''Hey, I'm Dean. An angel of the big guy upstairs .''


Dean studied the guy, Castiel. He'd expected him to be scared, or at least a little worried. Most of the priests he'd met had fainted. Then again, most priests he'd met were uptight dicks, and they refused to believe someone like him was a soldier of God. This Castiel guy was different though, or at least that was what he'd heard. He was one of the special ones who could hear them, so at least Dean didn't have to explain the whole 'angels are real' thing. Castiel stared at him a little, before finally speaking. ''Y-You really are an angel of the lord...'' He said, as if he had to assure himself.

''Yeah, I am. This is just a vessel, though. My true form is much more badass.'' He grinned widely, running a hand through his hair. ''You're probably wondering why I'm here. Well, to be honest I'm not sure myself. I'll get the orders later, but all I know now is that I'm here to protect you. Apparently you're very important.''

The priest looked up at him with big eyes and asked ''Me? I'm important?''

Dean chuckled, patting his shoulder lightly. ''Yeah, I mean, you can hear angels right? You're pretty damn important, Castiel… Just don't know why yet…'' He walked over to the fridge, getting himself a beer. ''So, any questions? Like, do I have to prove that I'm an angel or do you just believe me? Most people don't, probably because they expect me to be much more uptight and holy.'' He shrugged, removing the beer cap and taking a sip.

Castiel tilted his head in confusion, which made him look a little like a lost puppy. ''I did expect you to be different…'' He admitted. ''However, I am not ungrateful. You are an angel of the lord, so I shall not question you. I trust our lord to choose only the best, so I shall believe you.'' He added quickly.

Dean laughed at how formal Castiel was. Yeah, he could probably put up with this guy. ''Okay, Cas. I'm gonna' call you Cas, if that's alright.'' He sat down in the couch, and Cas followed him eagerly.

''Of course, Dean. You're allowed to call me whatever you like.'' Cas said, smiling slightly. ''Could you tell me about heaven? Wait, I apologize. That was inappropriate, you don't have to answer that.''

''Hey, I don't mind. You wanna' know about heaven? Well…'' He paused. ''It isn't just one, happy heaven. Each person has their own heaven, which really just consists of a bunch of good memories. That's the easiest way to explain it.'' Dean took another sip of his beer.

''That seems lovely. Though I suppose it could get lonely after a while… Not that I'm one to judge our father's creation.'' Cas sighed softly. ''I'm terribly sorry to say that I'm not a priest anymore. If I was, I would be able to help a lot more… Besides, not many people actually believe that I can hear angels…''

''Yeah, I heard. Too bad they fired the only good priest they had.''

''Oh, I don't know about that…'' Cas mumbled shyly. The guy was clearly embarrassed, it was almost adorable. ''The other fathers may have been a little strict, but they love our lord very much. ''

''If you say so…'' Dean shrugged. ''But like I said, you're important. And those sons of bitches are gonna' regret they ever fired you. So, how about your family? Do they believe you?''

Cas furrowed his eyebrows, staring down at his hands. ''I never knew my mother. My father disappeared when I was only a child, and I do not speak with my siblings anymore…'' He froze for a second, clearly re-living his bad memories.

He looked up at the angel again, with a forced smile on his face. ''It's getting rather late, Dean. I think I should go to bed. I know angels don't sleep, so…'' He wasn't sure if he should ask him to stay or not, after all, he probably had way more important duties in heaven.

Dean waved a hand ''No way, my order was to stay here and watch over you. So that's what I'm gonna' do. I'll see you in the morning.''

''Goodnight, Dean.'' Castiel said softly, before disappearing into his bedroom.

''An angel… An actual angel...'' Castiel had to say it over and over again. He still couldn't believe an angel was walking the earth to watch him. He thanked the lord a million times before finally falling asleep, feeling happier than ever.


Five years after their father had left, Castiel had a confession to make. He was only ten years old, but he knew himself well enough to tell his siblings his secret. He was never the same after that day. ''Father would not have liked this, Castiel. You know very well it is considered a sin.'' Hester had said. ''You are only ten, you are not thinking clearly.''

Castiel had tilted his head as he sighed. ''Sister, I am certain. I know this is who I am, why does it bother you? God loves all his creations, does he not?''

Inias hadn't said anything. He didn't have the guts to argue with Hester, his older sister was very stubborn. However, he didn't want to hurt his little brother.

''I have no choice but to send you to a therapist. I only want what is best for you, Castiel. I want you to be clean.''

''Inias, please… Say something.'' Castiel had begged him.

But Inias only turned his back. ''Listen to your sister, she knows what's best for you.''


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