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It's The Same

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

My parents always kept me inside the house for they wanted my skin to be remain untarnished like a porcelain doll. Of course they invited people over, showed me off, and I wasn't allowed to talk for my parents didn't want to risk me offending their guests. A few of the guests would stare at me and it made me feel as if I was naked before them, but I didn't let it show.

"You have such a pretty child."

"So well-behaved."

"You have been blessed."

My parents enjoyed the praise, but I really didn't care and just wanted to be inside my room painting a picture. I wish they would show the guests my artwork, but to them a child is meant to be seen not heard. A few of the guests had the nerve to touch my face, but I didn't say a word and kept my expression void of any emotion. At least the guests did not pinch my cheeks or anything.

"Ah, I miss my youth. I use to have such smooth and flawless face." A woman commented and she sighed. "Whatever happened to that?"

"Your son has such smooth face."

"My child sadly doesn't have a flawless face like your sons."

My parents smiled, nodded their nods, and I couldn't wait until the guests were gone. I wanted to paint and paint inside my room. Dinner was served and after eating one by one the guests left.

"Your face is incredibly beautiful, Gregory Violet." A man whispered to me, he hugged me, his hands felt my cheeks, and my parents had not seen or heard him for they were too wrapped up in themselves. The man left and I shivered to myself.

"Good night, Gregory." My parents would say to me. I would always nod my head and walk quietly to my bedroom. They loved showcasing me as if I was a doll. As soon as I got inside my bedroom, I started painting, and my parents never do check in to see if I'm sleeping or not. I was getting tired of getting comments about my face so I decided to wear a cloak which hides most of it. My parents protested at first saying 'A lovely face shouldn't be hidden', but I said to them 'A mystery of what is behind something is always thrilling'. So they accepted me wearing a cloak. The guests would be curious, ask questions, and in the end my parents revealed my face to them by moving the cloak down.

I stayed mainly indoors, inside of my room painting, and whenever there were guests my parents would bring me out to showcase me. I wasn't allowed to speak just nod my head like a good child, but one day everything changed.

One of the guests a young male grabbed me, he dragged me to an empty room, pinned me against the wall, and kissed me on the lips. I was in shock.

"You are prettier than a girl." He said to me. My eyes were wide and I tried to get out of the grip, but he was strong.

"Let me go." I told him, my voice was soft, and he had smirked at me.

"Lovely voice, Violet. I want to hear your voice more and more." He commented, he had my wrists firmly pinned up above my head, and I was frightened. I left up my knee and attempted to kick him, but he blocked it and used his leg to keep mine from moving.

"Leave me alone." I stated firmly and he just laughed at me.

"It's your fault for being so pretty and delicate like a flower, Violet. I want you." He said in a low voice.

"I don't want you at all." I told him and he looked annoyed as if he couldn't believe that anyone wouldn't want him.

"I don't care I'll take what I want by brute force." He sneered. I wiggled my body trying to get away, but it was useless. I couldn't scream for my parents would scold me, they hated loud sounds, and I'm trapped like a fly in a spider's web.

"No." I said while shaking my head. "No."

He laughed, his elbow firmly pushed my chin up, and he started roughly kissing my neck. Silent tears were falling from my eyes and I hated what he was doing. I wanted him to stop, but I was completely powerless and he was half-way done undoing my shirt. His hand were eager, my wrists still pinned above my head, and everything seemed hopeless.

Then Herman Greenhill smacked him hard with a cricket bat. I'm free and that young man landed with a thud onto the floor. He was bleeding, but I didn't care at all nor did Herman Greenhill.

"Why didn't you yell? People yell when they need help or want something." Herman Greenhill said to me. I wiped my eyes and looked at him.

"My parents hate loud sounds. They believe a child should be seen not heard." I told him. I rubbed at my neck with one hand and used the other to pinch my lips. My eyes were burning. "I'm just a pretty little doll to them. Nothing more..Nothing less than that."

I tried to ignore Herman Greenhill's look of pity directed towards me.

Herman Greenhill's parents mentioned Weston College to my parents. It was decided that I would be going to Weston College. Herman Greenhill told me that he promised his parents he wouldn't use violence again. So here I'm in my first year of Weston College away from my parents. I can't stand being out in the sun, it makes my eyes burn, and I never went outside of my house for my parents never allowed me for they were afraid my skin would get tarnished from the suns ray.

I have been placed into Violet Wolf also known as the Purple House. Herman Greenhill has been placed into Green Lion also known as the Green House.

Everyone here is wearing feathers, bright colored scarves, and it's nearly blinding for there is so much color. Thankfully, The light is dim and I'm still able to paint in peace. I'm wearing a black cloak, painted my fingernails and toenails black, black lipstick, and black eyeshadow. I do not have my cloak covering my face when I'm painting because it would get in the way and annoy me. I have been here in Weston College for about a week.

"Hello, I'm the prefect for Violet Wolf. You must be Gregory Violet." He said to me, I nodded my head, and went back to painting. "You are interesting."

I titled my head to the side and I was trying to finish my painting. He explained the school rules to me. To be honest I already read the school rules, but I suppose not a lot of people actually read them. I didn't feel like interrupting him. I'm nearly done with my painting.

"Violet, Will you become my fag?" He asked, I nodded my head, and at last my painting is done. "Meet me at the Swan Gazebo in an hour."

Anyone in Violet Wolf would be over the moon becoming a Prefect's fag, but I really do not care either way. I meet him at the Swan Gazebo, he introduced me to the others, and they were smiling.

"This is my fag Gregory Violet. His painting was pretty, but.." The violet wolf prefect said to them calmly and he pulled the cloak away from my face. "His face is even prettier. He is pretty shy."

I didn't say anything, I remained quiet, and his arm was constantly around my shoulder. After an hour everyone left expect the violet wolf prefect and me.

"You don't need to worry about attending me at the Swan Gazebo just sit there and look pretty like a doll." He said to me and his right hand moved the cloak from my face. Why does he keep doing that? "You are different from the others, Violet. They copy me, but you do not copy me at all."

I moved my hands so I could move the cloak back over my face, but the violet wolf prefect grabbed my wrists and smiled at me.

"Do not ever hide your lovely face when it is just you and me, Violet." He told me and he released my wrists. "There is a midnight tea party. The principal, the other P4's, and their fags will be there. I'll come and collect you, Violet."

I walked away, rubbed my wrists, and bumped into a Green Lion. The person was Herman Greenhill.

"Hi, Violet. How have you been doing?" He asked cheerfully and he seems to be happy. Good for him.

"It's the same." I said to him quietly and he blinked his eyes in confusion. "Now I'm the doll for the Violet Wolf prefect instead of my parents and their guests. Bye, Greenhill."

I walked away from him it was foolish of me to think Weston College would be any different from home. After a few hours the Violet Wolf prefect collected me, he held my hand, and I followed like an obedient child.

"You remind me of my little sister's porcelain dolls." He told me and I didn't speak at all. "However you are prettier and your clothing is darker then them, but your skin is flawless and you are so very quiet. I have seen your painting. It was beautiful and brutal."

I remained silent, he smiled down at me, and we have arrived to the midnight tea party. His hand released mine and he calmly walked forward. I followed him, he smiled, and told me that tonight I will be with the other fags.

"I'm Lawrence Bluer. I'm the fag for the prefect of Sapphire Owl." The boy with blue hair said and the other two introduced themselves. I carefully mixed my drinks, grabbed a straw, and made it bubble. I'm not interested in talking. It is more fun making bubbles.

"It is not polite to not introduce yourself." Bluer told me and I titled my head to the side. I just do not feel like talking. I grabbed a napkin and wrote down 'I'm Gregory Violet. The fag for the Prefect of Violet Wolf'. I made my drink bubble and I didn't drink it, but the others did and so I carefully dumped my drink onto a plant that looked as if it needed something to drink. I didn't say anything and I just thought about what I wanted to paint it's the same as when I was at home. Before I knew it time to leave.

"Did you enjoy yourself, Violet?" The Violet Wolf prefect asked me and I nodded my head. He pulled my cloak away from my face, grabbed my hand, and guided me as if I would wander off somewhere. I just wanted to go back, paint a simple picture, and then sleep. I want to be alone.

"Next time you'll be with me." He told me and I nodded my head. It doesn't matter either way to me. "Paint something and have it with you before I collect you for the next midnight tea party. I want to show off your artwork skills."

"I will have something done before the next midnight tea party." I said calmly to him. He smiled and walked away. I walked inside the room and decided to just go to bed rather than staying up.

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