Note: I don't own Naruto Shonen Jump does.

Inspired by Road To Sakura episode 271.

This is a story of what would happen if Hinata from Road To Ninja and regular Hinata suddenly fell into eachother's universe. Enjoy!


The night sky barely had a cloud in it's crisp air as the moon shined full. All seemed peaceful. Until a body fell from the sky through the shrubbery of numerous trees, the body just so happened to be that of Hinata Hyuuga's, thankfully for the shrubbery she did not hit the ground hard, but unfortunately she landed right on her rear end.

" Owwwww..." Hinata said as she rubbed her bottom. She looked around her surroundings.

" How did I get here?" she said to herself.

She stood up and dusted herself off. She walked through the woods still looking in wonder.

In another world...

" Son of a...!" Hinata said as she landed on the ground. She stood up and dusted herself off. " How the hell did I get out here?" She then began walking back into the village.

Hinata walked through the village, everything seemed the same but something was somehow aittle off.

" Hmm, something's not right here. I just can't put my finger on it." she said.

As she walked through the village dozens of people's jaws dropped or their eyes bugged out by how Hinata was dressed, not only because of how revealing it was, but just who it was of all people wearing it.

" Is that Hyuuga Hinata?" a villager said.

" It can't be, not in that outfit."

" She's always been so modest. Did you see she's even wearing makeup."

" Heh, think she should dress like that more often, would sure brighten my day." An old shopkeeper said before his wife smacked him on the head with her broom.

" I'm home!" Hinata said as she shut the door.

" Ah Hinata-sama, welcome hooollly god!" Ko said as he walked out to see Hinata in such a scantily clad outfit.

" that you?" Ko said.

" Baka who else would it be?" Hinata said.

" Of-of course. It's late getting shall I draw you a bath?"Ko said.

" Sure, I could use one after hitting the dirt." Hinata said.

" The dirt? What do you mean?"

" Geez you're full of questions, I thought you were gonna run a bath for me." Hinata said.

" Oh umm yes. right away." Ko said.

Later Hinata put on some comfortable training clothes prepared for her by Ko. She walked past the dojo area of the compound.

" Hinata." Hiashi said. Hanabi standing facing her father, her back turned to the entrance.

" What is it?" Hinata said.

Hiashi was slightly caught offguard by such a blunt comment. " I would like for you to spar Hanabi if you possibly could." Hiashi said.

" (sigh) Oto-sama, I have more important things to do." Hinata said walking away.

" Hmph, you just don't want to get beat in front of our father loser." Hanabi said.

Hinata's footsteps stopped.

" Hanabi." Hiashi said.

Hinata came back, a look of complete bewilderment on her face. Her mouth hung ajar. She walked over as Hanabi conversed with her father.

Before Hanabi knew it. She was immediately spun around , then Hinata grabbed her by the collar and hoisted her up.

" And just when did you decide to grow some balls?" Hinata demanded, still holding her sister in the air.

Hanabi was in shock. Was this really her sister?

Hiashi couldn't believe his eyes. " Hinata, p-put your sister down at once!" he said.

Hinata angled her eyes at her father then tossed Hanabi down, forcing her to stumble back.

" You know what? I would like to spar come to think of it." Hinata said placing her hands on her hips.

Hiashi and his youngest looked at Hinata as if they had just seen a ghost.

" F-fine with me!" Hanabi said.

" Now hold on." Hiashi said.

" Oto-sama, she's a big girl, let her stand on her own 2 feet for once." Hinata said.

" I'm going to make sure you pay for that!" Hanabi said getting into stance.

" Wow, I like this new attitude of yours." Hinata said preparing to fight.

Hiashi knew there was something different about Hinata as soon as he saw her take up her stance. The demeanor he was sensing he had never sensed in her before. For now, he would let them spar.

Hanabi came in with a jump-spin kick to which Hinata dodged with ease. As Hanabi lunged forward with a palm strike Hinata snapped a front push kick which not only knocked the wind out of her sister but sent her to the floor with a loud thud.

Hiashi was stunned, he had never seen Hinata fight so viciously before. She had always practiced some form of restraint, especially against her sister. But this time Hinata seemed to be fighting with the kids gloves off.

Hanabi struggled to regain her breath and worked quick to get back up to the floor.

" Still got some fight in you? I'm impressed." Hinata said.

Hanabi swooped in for a sweep kick but Hinata blocked it with her foot. Hinata then kicked Hanabi's other leg out from under her. As Hanabi got up she attacked Hinata with a string of palm strikes. Hinata blocked and counter-struck every one.

"This isn't possible..." Hanabi said to herself as she breathed heavily trying to stand straight. " This can't be just can't."

Hiashi stood there, practically in a daze, it was like he was caught in a dream. He had to shake that off quickly however, seeing the stance Hinata was taking.

" Eight trigrams.." Hinata began. Her Byakugan activated. " 64 pal-" Hinata was interrupted when her father swooped in between she and Hanabi.

" Have you lost your mind?" Hiashi yelled at Hinata, his Byakugan activated.

Hinata lowered her stance, she proceeded to walk away. " A piece of advice little sister, a big bark is meaningless without the bite to go with it."

Hiashi tended to Hanabi as he looked back at Hinata. While Hinata walked out she saw Neji standing at the doorway. His expression just as baffled as his uncle's.

" Hinata-sama, what was that all ab-gah!" Neji was then slapped across the face.

" Wh-what the hell was that?" Neji complained.

" I know you were thinking it. Thats what the slap's for." Hinata said walking away.

" Thinking what?" Neji said.

" Girl on girl fight you perv."

Neji just stood there holding the cheek that now had a red hand-shaped mark on it.

" Who the hell are you?" Neji said as he watched Hinata walk away.

In the other world...

Hinata came slid the door open. of the Hyuuga compound.

" I'm home.." She said softly.

" Ooohhh, Hinata-sama." Neji said with a perverted grin "Welcome home..."