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Inspired by Road To Sakura episode 271.

This is a story of what would happen if Hinata from Road To Ninja and regular Hinata suddenly fell into eachother's universe. Enjoy!


" Kushina,It's not funny. Hinata's mother said. " I feel like I'm in some cheesy sci-fi movie."

" What's wrong? Sounds to me like Hinata's turning over a new leaf. I told you, alot of how she acts is a tough front. I have alot of experience in that." Kushina said trying to control her laughter.

" Hai, but I would have expected it to be a gradual thing, slowly over time. But it's like Hinata became a completely different person overnight."

" like how?"

" Ok, for starters she clings to me like she's 5. She wants to be around me every minute, I was lucky to sneak over here by myself, and she just stares at me at times when she thinks I'm not looking."

Kushina cocked an eyebrow at her.

" And just the way she acts scares me. The way she talks, her voice is so much softer now. Oh, and these cookies we're eating, guess who made them."

Kushina had a mouthfull of cookie, her eyes bugged out as she looked at it in her hand. " She made these? Since when does Hinata bake?"

" I've never seen her. Then this morning she makes breakfast for the whole family."

"Wow, really?" Kushina said.

" She also keeps asking me questions. Like basic stuff that she should know about us. And about a hundred times yesterday she told me she loves me."

Kushina turned over at her son who walked into the kitchen to get a snack.

" Hear that son? Hinata still tells her mother she loves her." Kushina said.

" Geez there is never anything to eat in this house." Menma(Naruto) said.

" Did you hear what I just said?" Kushina said annoyed.

" Hmm? Hai I did." Menma then spotted the cookies Hinata had baked.

" Those are for everyone right?" Menma said walking over to get some cookies.

Kushina then took the plate and held it from her son. " Tell me you love me."

" Ne? Why?" Menma said.

" I have to negotiate with my own son for him to say he loves me?" Kushina said becoming enraged.

Menma was becoming intimidated. He smiled as he tried to calm his mother down. " I love you 'kaa-chan."

" Good." Kushina said smiling and letting her son have some cookies.

" Kushina..." Hinata's mother said. Her hands were wringing and her head hung low. " I'm worried...what if she's having some kind of breakdown?"

Kushina looked to her son. " Menma, maybe you can talk to Hinata. See why she's acting like this."

Menma was silent for a moment. "Ok.."


Hinata laid atop the roof of the Hyuuga compound looking up at the clouds.

" This isn't real...I know it's not. But..." Hinata continued her gaze. " I have Okaa-san. If it's a dream, I want it to last just a bit longer."

" Yo Hinata!" Kiba walked up on the rooftop. " Your father said you were up here."

" Kiba-kun..."

" You ok? I heard you were out of sorts and you kinda been hermitting around here the past few days."

Hinata just stared at him blankly. The markings on his face were different now.

" What is it?" Kiba asked.

" Oh um nothing."

Kiba the noticed Hinata had toned down her appearance. " Heh heh, so you found out that jacket has a zipper eh?"

" Hmm? What do you mean?" Hinata asked.

" Well it's just I've never seen you dress so conservative. Not that it's a bad thing, I think it looks good."

" I..I normally dress like...a hussie?" Hinata became red with embarrassment.

" No! Not at all!" Kiba tried to calm her, not wanting her to fly off the handle and knock him off the roof. " Hey come on, let's go into town Shino's waiting for us."

" Oh I guess. Let me just ask my father first?" Hinata said.

" For what?"

" If it's ok for me to go." Hinata said.

Kiba raised an eyebrow. " Why? Since when do you ask your father's permission?"

Hinata had a look of concern on her face.

Moments later Hinata arrived at her father's study.

" Oto-sama..."

" Yes Hinata?"

" Is it ok for me to go into town to meet with my team?" She asked.

Hiashi was dumbstruck. " Umm, Hai, of course."


"Kiba-kun, why did my father act so strange?" Hinata asked as they walked down the road.

" Well you never ask his permission to go anywhere. You pretty much just go. If anything you only ask your mother's permission."

" Really?" Hinata asked.

" Yeah, what's wrong with you?"

" Gomen-asai. I'm just out of sorts."

" Well we were gonna head into town and meet with Shino and the others. Uhh including Sakura-san, so just try to get along with her ok?" Kiba said.

" Wh-why wouldn't I?"

Kiba looked at Hinata strangely. " Uhhhh 'cuz last time you called her the president of the itty-bitty-titty-comittee."

Hinata stood in her tracks. Her face fell pale. " I..I couldn't have. I would never say such a horrible thing."

" Oh my God, yeah you did! It was an awesome burn but you did say that."

Hinata brought her hands to her mouth. " I have to apoligize to her."

Kiba was stunned. " Apologize? You?"

" Of course." Hinata said.


Hinata walked in with Kiba into Shino's greenhouse as he sprayed insectiside around his plants. Hinata in chibi form stared white-eyed at Shino.

" Shino, yo, you ready to go?" Kiba asked.

" Hai."

Later, Team 8 met up with the others and Hinata knew this had to be a dream. First she saw Chouji much leaner than she had ever seen him.

" Chouji-kun, are you ok?" Hinata asked.

Chouji stared at Hinata. " I'm fine, why?"

" Well it's're so thin..." Hinata pointed out.

" Geez Hinata, you sound like my mother." Chouji said.

Hinata looked at Ino, and to say her attire was toned down would be an understatement.

"Ino-chan, is that you?" Hinata asked.

" Konichiwa Hinata-chan. You haven't been around lately, I hope all is well." Ino said.

Now this was scary to Hinata, Ino was acting alot like her.

" I'm fine, thank you for asking."

Everyone was looking at Hinata very peculiar. For one her voice was as soft as they ever heard it, also she was sounding nice.

" Where's Menma?" Kiba asked.

" He's coming." Chouji said.

" Menma? Who is Menma?" Hinata asked.

" Uhh Menma's the guy who kicks yer ass at everything..." A voice said from behind her.

As Hinata turned around, she comes face to whiskered face of Namikaze Menma. Sakura standing a few feet behind him.

"N-Naruto-kun." she said surprised.

Menma looked at Hinata strangely. " O...kaaaay, your mother said you were acting weird but I figured you would at least remember my name."

" Nani?"

For the past few days Hinata thought she was living in a dream but reality slowly starts to settle in.


More coming, and it might get a little off canon, or maybe alot off canon. Have not decided. RXR!