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Inspired by Road To Sakura episode 271.

This is a story of what would happen if Hinata from Road To Ninja and regular Hinata suddenly fell into eachother's universe. Enjoy!


Hinata sat atop a building with her arms hugging her legs as she looked at the Hokage monument, noticing that Naruto's father was in the place where Sakura's father should be. Naruto walked up beside Hinata and sat beside her.

" Am I in some kind of genjutsu..." Hinata asked.

" No, I'm pretty sure I'm real." Naruto said.

" No, none of this can be. It doesn't make any sense. How does reality just change like this? I have to be dreaming."

" Hinata."

Naruto and Hinata looked to see Hanabi at the top of the roof with them.

" Not that I care, but Oto-sama wants you home. He's for some reason worried about you."

Hinata looked at naruto and pointed at Hanabi. " Ok, now that I know isn't real, 'cuz no way would she ever talk to me like that and think she could survive the day."

" Maybe you really should go home and sleep. If you think this is some kind of dream maybe you'll wake up." Naruto said.

Hinata smiled. " Well, if it's a dream then I should be able to do this..." Hinata leaned in to Naruto caressing her hand around his chin. Naruto's face flushed as wondered what was happening.

" Hi-Hinata w-w-what are you doing?" Naruto asked.

" Oh my god, I will totally tell Oto-sama if you do!" Hanabi said.

" Like I give a rats ass!" Hinata snarled at her sister.

" I-I gotta go!" Naruto said overcome with embarrassment.

" Wait! This is my dream I should get the guy if I want dammit!" Hinata said.

Naruto dashed off. He grabbed his chest. " Whoa! What was that? Was Hinata just trying to kiss me? She's really not well."

" Nice job shit-head, you scared him away!" Hinata said to Hanabi.

Hanabi absolutely was baffled.


" God will you stop following me." Hinata said.

Hanabi cocked and eyebrow as a bead of sweat went down her head. " We have the same address, it's not bizzare we are taking the same way home."

" yeah well can't you just..."

" Ohayo Hinata-chan!" Konohamaru said walking alongside Udon. He was sporting his Chuunin jacket.

He also noticed Hanabi. " Oh hey Hanabi." He said rather mildly. Hanabi just flipped her hair and scoffed.

" We heard you were in the hospital. Are you feeling alright?"

" Konohamaru, everyone's been asking her that today. If she weren't she wouldn't be out and about right?" Hanabi said annoyed.

" Oh, well I guess you're right. Hinata-chan we're glad you're doing better. As a fellow Chuunin I'm naturally concerned about my piers." He looked over to Hanabi. " Not that I expect you to understand Hanabi." He said with a smirk.

Hinata kind of smirked, that was kind of a good burn.

" Well anyway, see ya." Konohamaru walked off.

" Wow, Hinata-chan is dressed like a model." Udon said.

" Be quiet she'll hear you."

" I swear, that Konohamaru thinks he's top dog ever since he made Chuunin."

" I thought you had a massive crush on him." Hinata said as she continued to walk home.

" Me? and him! Of course not! He's a jerk!"

" Well besides, it's not like you'd ever have a shot."

" Nani?" Hanabi said. " He's not even in my league!"

" Ok mental note, my sister now thinks she's a badass."

" What are you talking about?" Hanabi said.

" Just making a list of what's changed." Hinata said.

" Nothing has! You're the one acting strange."

" What's going on?" Hiashi said walking up the road.

" Oto-sama..." Hanabi said surprised.

" I was beginning to think that both my daughters were now missing." Hiashi said.

" We would have been home sooner Oto-sama, but Hinata dragged us down."

" You want some more of that ass-kicking you got the other night?" Hinata snarled.

" Enough! Both of you!" Hiashi said. "'s a nice night, and I think my daughters could use trip to the ice cream shoppe."

" Really Oto-sama? I haven't been there in forever!" Hanabi said.

Hinata sighed.


Hanabi was looking through the numerous ice cream flavors, Hiashi sat with Hinata at a booth. She continued to suck on a straw in her glass of water.

" Don't you want any ice cream?" Hiashi asked.

" Not really in the mood." Hinata said.

" You used to love this place when you were little." Hiashi said.

Hinata shrugged. " Sure, I guess I did."

" Your mother and I used to bring you here. I remember you really liked coconut on your ice cream, but you really didn't know how to say it, you would say gonut. When I got it for you I would ask what you wanted on your ice cream you would say gonut. I thought you were saying go nuts, so I got just a little of every topping for you, but you liked it anyway." Hiashi said.

" Now that I kind of remember." Hinata said.

" I'll admit, it's been far too long since we have done anything like this. It's just with everything happening lately you would do well to unwind."

" I see." Hiashi sighed.

Hinata looked down at the counter as she sipped her water. " Okaa-san's really gone isn't she?"

" Hai." Hiashi said.

"10 years?"

" Yes, she loved you girls very much."

" How did she...I mean.."

" She died on a mission." Hiashi said.

Hinata looked at the counter. " It feels like she just died to me." She looked up at Hiashi " I just feel, I mean I know I wasn't a very good daughter."


" Excuse me?" A Hyuuga elder asked.

" You heard me, when I lead the clan I'm going to lead it my way. I don't need a bunch of old gargoyles trying to control me. So when I become leader consider yourselves fired!" A 7 year old Hinata said.

" (Gasp) Hinata! You apologize right now!"

" No!" Hinata responded.


" Honey, you're much too young to take the Chuunin exam." Hinata's mother said.

" I'm 12 years old! That's old enough to take it!" Hinata said.


" I don't think so young lady! You get your butt back upstairs and put on an acceptable amount of clothing!" Hinata's mother said.

" I'm wearing this! It's my body! I can dress how I want!" 15 year old Hinata said.

The two Hyuuga women locked eyes.

" Now ladies.." Hiashi tried to slide in to play peacemaker.

"Butt Out!" Both of them said in unison.

A drop of sweat appeared on Hiashi's head as he slid away, not wanting to get between this clash of wills.

(((End Flashback)))

" Okaa-san's always been such a kind person but...I kind of feel I sucked some of it out of her. Before I never wanted to admit this. But she was the kind of woman I wanted to be, thinking back I must have been a real disappointment.

Hiashi,who did not understanding what Hinata was talking about, interjected.

" That is absolutely not true." Hiashi said.

Hinata angled her eyes to her father.

" I don't know what you think you remember of your mother, but you were a great daughter to her. She was very proud of you."

" You know Oto-sama, I kind of like this new you. You're so direct and firm, you're not such a..."

Hiashi cocked an eyebrow. " A what?"

" a wimp." Hinata said.

Hiashi's eyes widened blankly as strands of hair came out of place. " I beg your pardon..."


More to come. By the way, I have not seen Road To Ninja, so I am basically going off what I know on the internet. So any notes I can get would be appreciated, in the meantime, forgive me if it's not cannon with the movie. Please RXR!