Don't leave me alone

The chapter 14. The end is for soon. ^^

"…So what is the plan?" Sebastianus asked to Misao.

Misao looked down, pensive. They just arrived to Germany and they found the castle with a lot of trouble as nobody knew really its existence. Finally, that's an old man who pointed it to them, as it was in a very empty place. However, when they saw the castle, Misuzu could feel a slight pain inside her, as a very high ki surrounded the castle.

"I don't think we should last here." Misao said.

"Why don't we just go there and kill them? At least, we could definitely end with these Thule monsters." Benedictus proposed.

"Because we don't have time." Samson explained. "Fight is necessary just when it needed. The priority is finding Elaine as well as the Fragment."

"…And Dayaki too." Misuzu sighed.

"We should stay together." Sebastianus suggested. "If Thule attacks us, we could have at least the strength to push them away."

"Yes, but it would be better if we could leave as soon as possible." Misao said.

" So what would we do?"

"…" Misao rethought to Georgius and the tactic he had in the battle against Liselotte. Where they were together. However, they were five here while they were seven before. And that's not only against one enemy but many enemies. Not as strong as Liselotte was but as horrible as she was.

"…We could separate us."

"That's not a good idea." Samson replied.

"I know. But we could at least be separated in group of two."

"Against four?" Benedictus asked.

"Yes…Sebastianus…You could find the place where Elaine is and freeing her. You could do it?"

Sebastianus closed his eyes. He ended up by nodding. "Yes. I'm agree."

"…Benedictus and Samson, you could collaborate and trying to hold the enemies back while Misuzu would free Dayaki and I would find the Fragment."

"I just want to find this bastard and kill him in a slow and suffering torture! He'll definitely pay back for what he did to us!"

"You are maybe some powers, but you aren't as strong as before." Samson tapped his shoulder. "I will support you."

"…" Samson turned back toward Misao. He seemed a bit awkward, wondering her attitude toward him. "Will you be okay? Being alone?"

"…" Misao paused but finally she said. "Yes. I don't care if I'm alone." She said, very determined. She showed her weapons, showing what she would do if she could take this Fragment back.

"…So. Good luck, everyone." Misao glanced at Misuzu. "You too."

"…Thanks, Misao."

And right afterward, the group was aparted, Sebastianus in one direction, Benedictus and Samson in one another and Misao and Misuzu stayed back together.

"…I've a question." Misuzu asked her.


"What will we do…If we meet Walter?"

Misao frowned. That's true he was the most dangerous right here. She shrugged. "Don't forget the ultimate Kusakabe rule?"

"…" Misuzu nodded, smiling. "One Kusakabe's life is precious and valuable in combat. And if that's not the case, it must die with honors."

"…You understood everything." Misao smirked, although Misuzu thought this latter didn't care about living or dying now. She closed her eyes then invocated Hiromitsu, her largest sword and the heaviest to carry but it would be useful to take back its partner. Misao smirked then took Onikiri and Kumokiri out too. "Let's go now."

Misuzu nodded then the two Kusakabe swordswomen ran together toward the Castle.

At the window, Walter watched the scene, apparently amazed. He turned back toward Kanae. "You thought our day would be boring…We'll be served."

"Are they here?" Kanae asked him.

"Yes. We've pawns enough to play with together."

"You're so sadistic, Walter. But that would be funny."

"I will take the Chinese." Aenus smirked. "We've a fight to have with each other."

"You're just pathetic, Aenus." Golvas laughed. "I prefer playing with them, tearing them apart and watching them suffers, like the little dolls they are. It's so delightful."

"You aren't better than another." Kanae shrugged, sighing. "Don't forget Thule is searching for a chance to shine."

"So, what about this cute little smirk you have, Kanae?" Golvas took a contemptuous look.

"I don't see what you mean." Kanae began to laugh again. "I'll just watch and see who would be my toy."

"What do you think about it, Walter?"

Everyone turned. And they noticed that Walter wasn't here anymore. Golvas rolled his eyes.

"He's already gone…He doesn't have the sense of team."