The heavy rain pounding on my window was the only thing that was keeping me calm and not on the verge of tears, transforming, being her avenger, and/or stalking the poor girl. In the last two days my world has been turned upside down by this girl that had nothing to her name. No family, money, food, or hell even a bad to call her own.

Just the thought of it made me hate myself even more then I already did. Here I was laying in a comfortable bed with a roof over my head while she was sleeping on a bench somewhere; cold, wet, and hungry. She shouldn't have to live like that before I seen her but even so there was no reason that she had to stay living like that now that she had me. I'm all the family that she will ever need.

The others told me to go home and they'll look for her. They told me that the state that I was in was a danger to everyone and including her. I had to go home and stay until Sam said otherwise. That's the only reason I was dry in my too small, slightly comfy bed because I could hurt her. Which both my wolf and I knew was impossible to do.

A crack of thunder reminded me that somewhere she was being soaked to the bone in ice cold rain. Whimpering like a pussy I rolled over to my side and began to stare out of the window. Unfortunately for me watching the rain hit the street like a wave made me think of the first day I seen her…


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