"Pass the damn ball Paul," Jared shouted as he ran towards our makeshift goal.

Paul kicked the ball towards Jared but it never got to him because Leah intercepted it half way there. With a smirk Leah passed it to me for a perfect headbutt. With a huge grin on my face I watched as the ball flew pass Quil and into the goal.

"Thanks for the win babe," Leah chuckled as she ran past a stunned Paul.

"Nice going Paul," Collin huffed walking over to Sam and the imprints.

"It was a perfect pass," Paul shouted as he stared at his imprint.

"Yeah to me," Leah chuckled.

"Your going to pay for that tonight."

"I hope so."

"Alright enough of the imprint sex talk," Jacob huffed jogging over to where everyone else was gathering. "Is it time to eat yet?"

"Once everyone get's their butts over here it will be," Emily answered with her warm smile. "That means you too Brady."

I grinned at her and began to make my way to the pack. "I was just basking from my game... winning...shot," I said trailing off at the end because of a couple of twigs breaking. I stopped walking towards the everyone and turned my attention to the forest line.

"What's wrong Brady," Sam asked snatching my attention away from the forest.

Looking at him I gave a small shrug. "I thought I heard something. It's most likely an animal."

"Why don't you go check it out," Sam said looking the same direction that I had been looking.

"Just to make sure." Sighing I nodded my head. "I'll put some food to the side for you."

"Alright I'll be right back."

Jogging towards the forest a feeling of uneasiness filled me. The smell of strawberries, dirt, and garbage filled my nostrils as I made my way deeper into the forest. And that's when I found her.
She had her back pressed against a tree facing away from me. I didn't need to see her face to know the look of fear was plastered on it because she reeked of it. Whatever this girl was trying to hide from had her oozing it from her pores.

"Excuse me miss," I said softly.

She jumped a good foot into the air at the sound of my voice. She quickly turned towards me with brightest light brown eyes that I have ever seen. I lost myself in them as every bond I had snapped. My mother didn't matter anymore nor did my pack. They were all replaced by this girl that reeked of fear.

She snapped her head towards the clearing that was only ten yards away from us. Taking this chance I looked her over quickly. She was small and had a very light tan, which was very had to because she was caked with mud. She had long brown hair that had clunks of mud and twigs intertwined her hair. her clothes were way too big for her and most like haven't been washed in months.

She was homeless...my imprint was homeless...

"Are you okay," I asked slowly walking towards her. "Hey miss are you lost." She looked back at me with a frown laced on her beautiful face. "Do you need help? My friends are having a picnic on the beach and I'm sure they wouldn't mind sharing the food with you."

She pressed her body to the tree as she watched me move closer to her. I stopped moving and shoved my hands into my pocket. "My name is Brady and I'll be more then happy to help you out."

"Brady," Sam shouted.

This caused her heart to speed up. "It's okay." I whispered trying to calm her down. "Remember the friends I was telling you about?" When she made no move to answer I continued. "Well that's one of them. He's a really nice guy."

"Brady," Sam shouted again as he came closer to us. "Oh there you-" he cut himself off as soon as he noticed the girl. "Is everything okay?"

"I don't know. I've been trying to get her to talk to me but she has been just staring at me."

"Do you want me to get Emily or Leah..."

"That might be good." He nodded his head and slowly backed away. "He's going to bring a couple of girls to talk to-" Before I could finish a sickening scent filled my nostril. I let out a small growl as I looked around quickly. No damn leech is going to get anywhere near my imprint.

"Brady I have Emily with me," Sam called out. Swallowing my growl I looked over my shoulder to Sam carrying Emily our way. Once they were next to me he placed her down. "I'm Sam and this is my wife Emily. We're here to help."

"I"m sure you would feel better with some food in your stomach," Emily stated giving her the warmest smile I have ever seen her use. "Would you like that?"

The girls eyes flickered between Sam and Emily as if she was trying to figure out if they were trying to tricky her or not. "No one is here to hurt you," I stated trying to take away some of her fear. "You can trust me...I mean us. You can trust us." Blushing I begin to rub the back of my neck. "So will you come with my friends and I to get some food?"

She took a deep breath as she slowly tore herself away from the tree. With another quick glance towards the clearing she turn those amazing light brown eyes onto me. "Are you coming," Emily asked softly. The small girl nodded her head slowly most likely still wondering if this was a good idea or not. "Great come with me and I will get you some clean clothes to wear and you can even take a shower. I'm sure Sam doesn't mind, does he?"

"No take your time," Sam answered stepping to the side to allow the girls to pass. Emily motioned her to follow.

She looked over to me as if waiting for me to give her some kind of sign. "It's okay. You can trust Emily."

She moved towards Emily which cause a huge smile to form on Emily's face. As soon as they were out of eye sight I turned to Sam waiting for him to say something. "I'm going to send Jacob and Embry this way to scout out for any leeches," he said while taking a deep breath. "What are you going to do?"

"Wh-what do you mean," I asked looking away.

"With your imprint. She looks as if she hasn't ate or showered in months and I can only guess what type of human interaction she has had. Not many good I would assume." He paused for a second as he thought over what he said. "We will all help her no matter what but I need to know what's going on in your mind right now."

"I don't know...I just want to make her safe and help her."

"So you don't want to throw her down and have sex with her?"

"God no! She doesn't need to be fucked she needs to be fed and safe." How could he even think that when the girl looked as if she been by herself for a few years? Did Sam loose all his marbles?

"I was just wondering where the imprint is putting you at with her. Most of the imprinted wolves always had the urge to screw the living hell out of their mate but I'm glad that your wolf is looking to make her better before moving to a very serious thing. Besides I think if you would have touched her she would have lost her shit."

I sighed heavily before looking at Sam with a look of a kick puppy on my face. "I don't know what I'm going to do right now. But I know my wolf and I both need to make sure that she okay."

"Wait till Emily brings her back to the beach. You shouldn't crowd a girl that's been through as much as she has. Give her some time to clean herself up and while she's doing that you can make her a plate or something."

Biting my lip I began to shift me feet as I tried to calm my wolf down. He didn't like the thought of our mate being away from us anymore then I did. "You-you're right...The imprint is making me just antsy to be away from her."

"I know Brady." He grabbed my shoulder and gave it a small squeeze. "We'll figure out what to do together as a pack. You're not alone with this."

I nodded my head swallowing the lump in my throat that had formed without me noticing. "Thanks Sam."

"Anytime Brady. No let's get back before the others come looking for us."

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