Bella took thirty minutes to get dressed and run her fingers through her long dark hair before wondering what to do about her current situation. So far she was only truly aware of several things. 1) The creature that had peeked inside the restroom earlier was still outside. Possibly waiting for her to come out. 2) Trying to run away was out due to the fact that she didn't know where she was. And 3) The one thing she was absolutely sure of was that the creature outside the restroom door was built for speed despite the muscle he carried on his lean frame.

Which meant that attempting to escape could trigger dormant or suppressed instincts that could make him violent.

Sighing she walked over to the door and as quietly as she could, pushed the hard wood open a bit and peeked out at the creature. He was leaning against the wall opposite the restroom with his ankles crossed, and in one hand he held a large wicked looking knife that he appeared to be using to whittle away at his claws. Sharpening them while reducing their size.

She must have watched him go at it for a good five minutes or so before he finally put the knife away and pulled a grey stone out of a pouch on his belt and used it to file his claws when he seemed to finally notice her peeking out at him. Pushing away from the wall, he uncrossed his ankles and put the stone away and waited for her to come out.

She looked like someone who was condemned to die at dawn or something, Throttle thought as his tail flicked slightly in irritation. She just looked so pitiful it was awful. "You okay?" He asked curiously as she came out of the restroom and into the open with a somewhat wary look on her face.

Does she think I'm going to eat her alive or something? He wondered as she replied in a hesitant tone, "I'm...fine."

Frowning slightly he nodded his head, accepting her answer even though he knew it to be a lie and asked, "You hungry?" She started to shake her head no when her stomach chose that moment to protest with a growl that caused her to flush nearly as red as his eyes and quickly put her hands over her stomach as if she could muffle the sound.

It didn't work of course, but it was a nice effort since the sound seemed a little louder than it should have been to his ears. "I'll take that as a yes." He said almost absently as he turned and without another word started walking. He got maybe four steps when he realized that she wasn't following him and stopped and glanced at her over one of his shoulders.

She was standing right where she had been the whole time with a slightly lost look on her face. As if she were unsure of whether to follow him or not. Sighing, he half turned his body and wrapped his tail around her arm and tugged, causing her to stagger forward a bit as she let out an alarmed sounding gasp.

Panic flooded her system and she tried to jerk her arm free only to have his tail constrict around it as he stopped walking again- his mind fully registering that he was handling this situation too clumsily and he just might end up hurting her because of it.

Not wanting to harm her, he loosened his grip on her arm and slid his tail down to her hand. Offering her a chance to grasp him instead. The second his tail touched her palm, her fingers closed around it- like how an infant closes it's hand around someone's finger- and held on. He made a low rumbling sound of approval as he started walking again.

They had gotten a good distance from the restroom when she finally asked in a wary tone, "Um... Where am I?"

"Chicago stadium scoreboard."

"So I'm still on Earth?" She asked, her tone a little less wary now. He nodded without looking back at her and heard her let out what sounded like a sigh of relief as her grip on his tail tightened just a bit causing him to look over his shoulder at her as he came to a stop in front of the open door leading to the kitchen area that he and his brother's had installed shortly after deciding to reside in the scoreboard.

"Kitchen's in here." He said as he used his tail to pull her forward so that she could see.

The kitchen was beautiful. Truly a piece of work worthy of awe and admiration, Bella thought as she blinked at the cream and sky blue tile on the wall above the corner where a large fridge, two large cabinets and at least seven metal shelves hung next to a gleaming silver stove across from a counter. And a good thirty feet from the kitchen area was a small dining area with a round table and four chairs.

And sitting in one with a cup of coffee in hand was the white furred creature she had attacked earlier.

Suddenly feeling like she was treading on thin ice, she was about to ask the creature standing next to her if she could just skip breakfast. She wasn't feeling so hungry now- when he nudged her into the room.

Making a small 'eeek', she twisted around and tried to bolt out the door when the creature sighed and muttered something under his breath and suddenly snatched her up off of her feet and carried her- thrashing and almost crying- into the room and set her down on the counter before calling out, "Modo?"

A bang like the sound of a head hitting wood startled her into shrieking and quickly wrapped her arms around the creature's neck and buried her face against his shoulder as she felt a presence just behind her. "Yeah bro?" The presence said in a low tone similar to the one that she had been talking with.

The creature patted and then started to rub her back in what she assumed was supposed to be a comforting way as he said, "I need you to do me a favor. Could you check her head for the bump I mentioned earlier this morning when we were talking? I wanna make sure that when it's time to take her home, she doesn't wind up...uh...confused. Ya know?"

Modo looked down at the woman and nodded his head then asked, "What are you going to do?"

"She's hungry so I'm going to fix her something to eat."

"Alright then. Hand her here."