Cars: A Sick Day.

Chapter 1- The Warning Signs.

It was a sunny day in the small town of Radiator Springs. The townsfolk did what they usually did in the afternoons: Gathered at Flo's.

Flo would talk about customers or the lack thereof these days, Luigi and Guido would occasionally turn to each other and start a rapid conversation in Italian, and Sheriff was ranting on about how the tractor field fence was broken again. He turned Mater and told him to go repair it later, because there was only one of them that could have done it, and sheriff doubted it was Ramone.

Mater's ears weren't hearing him though. Mater's thoughts were elsewhere.

"Has anybody seen McQueen today?" Mater asked.

Flo drive up with a tray of fuel cans. "He was here this mornin'. Asking if I had any fuel for an upset tank." She explained.

Doc looked up from his newspaper. "Is he sick?" Doc asked.

"Couldn't tell ya." Flo replied. "He was looking a little...'Redder' than usual, though."

"I'll go check on him in a little while." Doc promised. "But I hope he isn't getting sick again."

Everyone went quiet. Lightning had gotten sick three other times that year, and it was only June.

Doc looked over to tell Mater something, but he'd already driven off.

After a twenty minute search, Mater found Lightning in his temporary office until his headquarters were built. Lightning was coughing and sneezing, but trying to do paperwork.

"Heya bud!" Mater greeted happily.

"Hey Mater. How are you?" Lightning asked in between coughs.

Mater tilted his hood. "I'm good buddy. You don't sound too good. Are you ok?" Mater asked, concerned for his best friend.

Lightning sighed. "I'm fine. Just a few coughing spells. I just hope Sally won't find out. She'll just baby me…Thats what's she's done every time I've gotten sick." Lightning said hoarsely.

"Well, good luck bud! I got to go. Sheriff wants me to go check on the tractors. See ya later!" Mater said, always energetic and optimistic.

"Bye Mater." Lightning said while coughing again. He stared at the wall. This was the fourth time he'd gotten sick this year! He hated it. He'd never used to get sick like this, and whenever he was, Doc would keep him from the track.

He coughed again, hard, and this time it stung.

"Oww." He croaked after he'd stopped. At this point, he almost wouldn't mind Sally babying him.

Speaking of, his door creaked open and Sally drove in. Her blue paint was shining in the sunlight, and her green eyes were sparkling.

"Hey, Stickers." She said, kissing him on the fender. Then she noticed that his skin (A/N: Metal, whatever.) was really hot. "Light, you're burning up!" She said, concern evident in her voice.

"So? Just a little fever and a cough won't kill me, Sally." Lightning said stubbornly.

"You're coughing too? Well, it can get worse and you'll have to waste more of your training time to get better." Sally said. "You should get checked out. Make sure you're not coming down with something too bad."

Lightning groaned. "Sally, please don't tell Doc." He pleaded in between coughs.

"Don't tell Doc what?" Doc asked, Entering the room and coming up behind Sally.

'Oh… This day keeps on getting better and better!' Lightning thought sarcastically.

Sally looked back at Lightning. "Well, feel Stickers, Doc. He's burning up!"

Doc put his wheel on Lightning's hood and took it off. "You're so hot rookie."

"Umm… Doc… This just got awkward…" Lightning said shifting on his tires.

"You know what I mean." Doc said irritably. "Go back to your cone and get some rest. Sally, can you watch after him?"

"Sure Doc. Come on Stickers." Sally said while smiling at him.

"Lightning, if you still have a fever in the morning, you're not racing." Doc called after him.

Lightning groaned and followed Sally outside. The blazing sunlight hurt his eyes. He ached all over and was glad when he pulled into cozy cone number one. He dimmed the lights, then He laid lower on his tires. He felt better while laying down.

"Hey Stickers. I know something that will make you feel better." Sally said while smiling.

"What? Letting me race again?" Lightning asked, eagerness in his voice.

"No silly. I'll show you." She said. She came over to Lightning and cuddled up against him. "Does this make you feel better?"

"Ohh… Absolutely." Lightning said, his eyes half closed. Sally pulled the blanket up over then, and Before they knew it, they were both asleep.

Doc came to Lightning's cone that night, considering he hadn't seen Lightning or Sally since they went in there together.

He opened the door to cozy cone number one and saw the cutest site.

Lightning and Sally cuddled up together sleeping.

Doc chuckled at them. "Love birds." Doc said out loud and let them sleep. Neither of them would admit it, but they were in love. They spent nearly every waking moment with the other. They were always on the phone when Lightning was away at the track.

It wasn't until recently that the townsfolk and Doc himself had noticed Lightning start holding Sally's tire when they were near each other. They'd usually keep contact for about ten seconds before one would pull away.

Doc decided to wake Sally up. He needed to talk to her.

He drove over to the side of the bed she'd fallen asleep on. (A/N: Nope, don't even ask about a bed. What I envision is just a mattress, slightly raised off the floor. *facepalm* okay! It looks like an oversized human bed! Dang...)

Doc shook his head. Very unhealthy for Sally to be this close to Lightning. He was sick. If he came down with something awful, it'd be better if Sally didn't have to catch it too.

"Sally?" Doc said softly.

She stirred and opened her eyes. "Yeah, Doc?" Sally blinked a few times. "What's going on?"

"Come with me." He said, opening the door.

Sally reluctantly left Lightning's side to follow Doc out into the cold night air. She glanced back at the clock. It was 8:21. She'd been asleep for three hours!

"Was I really asleep that long!"

Doc chuckled. "Yeah. You and Lightning were in there long enough for a few, erm, questions and suggestions to arise from the townsfolk."

Sally blushed. "Oh good grief."

They drove over to Flo's, and settled beside a pump.

Flo brought them each a can of fuel, then she drove back into the kitchen.

"So what did you want to talk to me about, Doc?" Sally asked, taking a sip of fuel.

Doc cleared his throat. "You being in the position of an attorney, could you do me a favor?"

Sally's brow furrowed in confusion. "Go on.."

She prompted.

"I need Lightning's health records." He told her. "You'd need to find out who his doctor was, or contact his parents, and get the papers."

Sally nodded and pushed away her empty fuel can. "I can do that. Why though?"

Doc sighed. "There's something strange about him getting sick for the fourth time since January. There may be some deeper illness going on, and I have a few ideas about it. I need to see his health records though to be sure."

Sally nodded in agreement, then after bidding everyone goodnight, she was about to head off to bed, when Doc stopped her.

"Sally, if anything strange happens to Lightning. If he develops any more symptoms, come get me. I don't care what hour of the night, or where I am. Get me."

Sally, fear in her eyes, nodded. "Doc?" She asked hesitantly. "Is Lightning...Going to be okay?"

Doc looked her in the eyes. "I hope so."

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