This is a brief and hopefully encouraging message for you all.

Instead of working on the sequel to Innocence Lost like I said I would, I got a little, um, hung up over the idea of Sherlock and John on a honeymoon. In consequence, I may have written a two part smutty fic about the two of them on honeymoon that will get its own story, called Honeymoon. If you don't want to read slightly kinky pure smut, disregard this message, and take my apology for not working directly on the sequel. However, if you are looking forward to Honeymoon, read it, and like it, don't be afraid to PM or review me with um, ideas you want to see written out. I wrote just those two parts, but I can write much more, smutty or not, about their honeymoon.

With that out of the way (sort of), I am happy to report that I will now turn my attention to the sequel to Innocence Lost! Called Secrets Uncovered, the sequel will cover over the mysterious ending to Innocence Lost and will go deeper into some ideas from this story that you may have wondered about. I can't let my characters die when it's proper, so stay tuned for some unraveling mysteries in the sequel. Spring break is coming up, so maybe I'll have time to bang out a few chapters then.

Finally, my attention on writing both of the things above got a bit diverted by an idea that popped into my head and then onto the page. I started a new Sherlock story, called Somewhere, and is about ghosts. If that is up your alley, check it out. It features kid!Sherlock and some ghosts. Intriguing? No? Yes?

A big thank you to all of you; your support is SO wonderful.