Fire and Ice

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Epilogue: Rhea

She wakes to feather light kisses on her face and neck and smiles contentedly. It's Paul, earthy and woodsy and smelling of home. He is her home just as she is his. He is her happiness and she's pretty sure she can't live without him.

"Time to get up, Swan," he says, once he's noticed that she's awake. "Pack's expecting us at Emily's soon."

She sighs, reluctant to get out of bed, but nonetheless climbs out of her haven and treads towards the bathroom. He watches her leave and she adds an extra sway to her hips, just for him.

When they get to Emily's, it's chaos. This is nothing new and the two fall into the madness, just as easily as breathing. This is where they belong, amidst the boisterous laughter and chatter, playful tustling and general easy-go-lucky atmosphere that has been part of the pack ever since Victoria's defeat.

Bella joins the imprints in the kitchen. It's moderately quiet here, with easy listening music playing from the small sound system tucked into an out of the way corner. Claire's playing under the dining table while Kim and Emily are playing a game of Gin Rummy over the top of it. Leah is watching with vague interest, though most of her attention is focused on the fantasy book she has in her hands.

Bella sits down beside the only female wolf and rests her head wearily on the table, but it's quickly lifted by Paul, who's smiling down at her with love in his eyes.

"Em, you got some sustenance? My girl's wasting away," he says dramatically, but there's a hint of concern in his voice. She kisses his palm in reassurance, because with her sitting and him standing, it's the only place she can reach without real effort.

Emily points to the fridge, stocked full of prepared food. Paul nods, grabs a plate and jams it full of sliced fruits, a bread roll, some chicken and lettuce. He sets it down in front of her and she eats quickly, realising only then how hungry she really is.

Paul combs a hand through her hair. It's longer now, nearly to the swell of her hips, but she's pretty sure she likes it this long. She knows Paul certainly does.

Lunch is soon served and Bella steps back. She watches the pack devour all the pre-prepared foods, once more in wonder. They're like starving animals despite the fact they eat three gargantuan meals a day.

Paul glances up from her between enormous mouthfuls of food, to reassure himself that his mate is safe. Every time, she meets his gaze and every time, it's like that first time, months ago now. When he meets her gaze, it's as if he sees his world. When she meets his, she's pretty sure she sees her own world, too.

In his eyes, she sees his love, for her and for the baby growing inside her. In his eyes, she sees her future, her happiness and both their worlds. And as long as she can keep looking in his eyes and seeing her world, she's pretty sure she can be happy for the rest of her life because Paul is her wolf, her love… her world.

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Author's Note: I feel really proud of myself. I finished this story in a month which, for me, is practically unheard of. Thank you all, so much, for reading, reviewing, favouriting and alerting. I can never say how much it means to me to know that what I write is enjoyed and maybe even appreciated.

I'm working on another story, currently with no title and only a prologue. I do have a summary though – here it is:

It started with a paper cut and ended with an explosion – of fur. The threat to her life was the catalyst and suddenly, her life would never be the same.

As you can guess, it's another New Moon AU. As with 'Fire and Ice' it will be a Bella/Paul story because, as of right now, Paul is my favourite fan fiction character…

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