NOTE: The story contains graphic scenes of violence. It takes place the summer before season 5. It is the sequel of the Angel fanfic BadBlood.


Angel frowned in the passenger seat of the red convertible. He hated not being able to drive. He hated to have one arm on a sling. He hated not being in control. Even though the wind blew hard on his brown hair, he thought he could drive faster than this. Driving responsibilities were awarded to Mary. Ancient Slayer from 30 A.C. She had been turned into a vampire during that time, and for more the 2000 years, had been helping the powers of good. The Powers that Be had recognized potential in her. They had let her keep her soul.

Angel admired her for a few seconds. Her silky black hair reached her shoulders. She was dressed in her typical black leather jacket and black pants. A pink silk blouse with silk scarf across her neck completed the outfit. Angel smiled. He had to admit she was gorgeous. Over the time he had spent with her, their friendship had grown strong. She was like a big sister to him.

He didn't ponder much as he turned his attention back to the road. They were 10 miles from Sunnydale and things looked dead serious. Nemo was on the prowl. And he as not the type of vampire that took prisoners.