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Author's Note: They were strangers when they met, but slowly they became family. AU Fic since Charlie doesn't die. This is my third Lost fic. Again I haven't seen Seasons 4 thought the end because my relatives only lent me seasons 1-3.


They remember the day that they first met. It started after the plane had crashed and they were on the beach. Charlie had seen her and wanted to know everything about her. She was pretty and he felt an instant attraction to her. He had made his way towards her and began talking to her. Claire remembered when Charlie started talking to her. Nobody from the crash talked to her they seemed a little weird around her and she really didn't like it. She remembered saying something like that as Charlie talked to her. She liked him and felt something for him too.

She remembered that he was there when Aaron was born. Right then she didn't have a name for him, but Charlie kept on calling him turnip head. She kind of thought it was cute. She saw the way that he was with Aaron. It was almost like Aaron was his own child. She was grateful that he helped her with her little boy.

She was so mad when she found out what was hiding in those statues and didn't want Charlie near her son, or herself, but in time she forgave him. It took two deaths to forgive him. She remembered putting her hand into his as they stood by the gravesite. There were too many of them dying around them. She really didn't know Nikki, or Paulo, but she knew that they were on the crash too. They weren't like Ethan who was one of the Others. She shuddered as she thought of what happened. She was glad that they were getting off this island.

Both of them looked up at the sky as they watched the helicopter land. They were getting off the island and they couldn't wait. They smiled at each other as they stepped into the helicopter and watched as the Island became smaller and smaller. They were making their way towards freedom from the Island.

When they landed they stepped out and looked around. They were finally back home. He knew that he had to go back to England and get things done before he could come back. He wanted to ask Claire a question and he hoped that she would say yes.

It took about a month when he made his way back to the States. He began looking for rings for a week until he found the perfect one. It didn't cost a lot, but that was okay since he didn't have that much money. He made his way towards Claire's place and knocked on the door.

He smiled as she answered the door and she did too. She flung her arms around Charlie and kissed him. "You're back. You're finally here."

"Where's turnip head?" He grinned as he made his way inside.

"He's playing right now." She said as she led him towards Aaron's room. He was on the ground playing with a stuffed animal.

"Hello, turnip head." He said as he lifted the baby up into his arms and cuddled him. "I missed you and your Mom a lot while I was away, but I'm back now." He smiled at the baby and then to Claire.

He didn't know what kind of job that he would get, but he knew that he would get one. He wanted to stay here with Claire.

It took another week until he wanted to ask the most important question of his life. He made sure that everything was in place. He had gotten take out from a restaurant and put candles on the table. Aaron was at the babysitters, so it would just be him and Claire. He was excited and nervous.

Claire walked in and looked around in awe. "You did this Charlie?"

"Yes, I did. Turnip head is with the babysitters and I wanted to do something for us."

As they ate they began talking. When they were done he brought out the dessert. He was nervous because after dessert he would ask the question. After they were done. He slipped his hand into his pocket and brought out the box and opened it. He got up and kneeled down next to her.

"I knew you were the one for me when I met you. I wanted to be in your life and hopefully you will want me to be in your life too. Will you marry me?"

Claire was in shock, but quickly recovered and smiled. "Yes. Yes, I will marry you." She launched herself into his arms and hugged him.

"I also want to adopt Aaron. Would that be okay?"

"Yes. You're a good father to him, Charlie."

It took some time, but finally he got his green card and could finally stay in the states as he took classes to become a citizen. He never imagined his life would be so good. He was very happy and couldn't keep the grin off his face. He wondered what his life would have been like if he was never on that plane and never crashed and never meeting Claire. He would probably be dead with the way he was going. He didn't blame Liam anymore. It was his choice to start and it was his choice to stop and he was glad that he stopped because now he had a family. He could watch as Aaron grow up and become a man. Maybe he and Claire would have a child of their own. Maybe they would have grandkids when the kids were older. His grin was wider as he pondered the possibilities in front of him.