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Author's Note: They were strangers when they met, but slowly they became family. AU Fic since Charlie doesn't die. This is my third Lost fic. Again I haven't seen Seasons 4 thought the end because my relatives only lent me seasons 1-3. I don't know if Charlie is supposed to be the same age as Claire. I don't think they ever said if he was the same age, or older than Claire.


It was Aaron's second birthday. He cleaned the place up and was done when the doorbell rang. He greeted the men and women who had been in his life on the Island. Kate was first, then Jin and Sun, Sawyer was next, and then Locke and Hurley made it. Michael and Walt also made it. He greeted each and every one of them and watched as they put their presents on the table. The doorbell rang again and this time it was Jack.

"Hello, little brother. How are my nephew and little sister?" They are good. Claire's gets dressed right now. Aaron's is getting so big. Claire had found out that Jack was her brother by seeing a photo in Jack's hand. He led Jack into the living room and Hello's were all said again. Liam couldn't make it. It was a long flight and he did have a child to take care of. He had sent Aaron a card and a present and it too was on the table.

Just then Claire stepped out of their room. She looked beautiful, but she always looked beautiful to him. She said hello to everybody and went around talking to everyone and then made her way towards the kitchen. They had already made most of it last night. The only thing to do was grill the hotdogs and hamburgers. The dips and chips and other things were already on the table and people were taking whatever they wanted.

"Charlie go start the grill."

"Okay, darling."

Charlie made his way towards the backyard where the grill was situated. He opened it and turned it on. It wouldn't take long for it to heat up. He heard someone come out onto the patio and he looked up as he watched Locke make his way towards him. He smiled at him as he stopped in front of him.

"I'm proud of you Charlie. I was proud of you when you threw those statues into the water and I'm proud of you now that you got yourself a family."

"Thank you, Locke. I'm happy now. I have a beautiful wife and an amazing son." Charlie said as he smiled towards the house.

Locke nodded and made his way back inside. The only downside to being back home was that he couldn't walk anymore. He was still in a wheelchair and he didn't really like it. He really was proud of Charlie. He kicked his habit and hadn't looked back. He was glad that Charlie found his family.

Locke watched as Kate played with the baby. They had been here before when Aaron turned one, but Locke never told Charlie that he was proud of him. He was happy for Charlie and his little family he truly was. He was happy that Charlie turned around and took care of not only Claire, but took care of Aaron. He knew that Charlie had adopted Aaron since last year. It was during a party just like this when Charlie told the people in their house.

They were all happy for the little family when they found out that Charlie adopted Aaron. The burgers and hotdogs were done and he brought them inside where the salads and other things were on the table. When the food was done and the cake was brought out they lit the candles and sang Happy Birthday to the Birthday boy. Charlie and Claire helped blow out the candles and Aaron stuck out his arm and grabbed a big handful of frosting and shoved it in his mouth. They all laughed as they watched him eat the frosting making a mess of his face and clothes.

Claire took the cake away and began cutting it. She put a piece of cake in front of Aaron and began passing the others out. When that was done Charlie cleaned the messy little boy up and took him out of his high chair and sat him down in the living room where they gathered to watch him open his presents. He got DVD's one of them baby Einstein, one of them he got the Lion King. The baby Einstein was from Locke the Lion King was from Sawyer. Kate brought him clothes; Jin and Sun brought him books for Charlie and Claire to read to him. Hurley brought him a game made for a two year old. Liam also gave him a game, but not the same one.

They were happy just to watch the now two-year-old play with the wrapping paper. They watched him stand up and toddle towards Charlie. "Daddy." He said as he raised his arms. Charlie smiled at the little boy and picked him up. He never got tired of hearing Aaron call him Daddy.

It would be a couple of months until they found out that Claire was pregnant again. Nine months later they had a beautiful baby girl that they called Grace.

Years later and the kids were grown and gone and they both found people that they loved and loved them. Aaron married and girl named Theresa and a year later they had a boy that they named Charlie. Grace married a year after that to a man named Thomas and in a year in a half had twins named Liam and Hope.

Charlie and Claire watched as their children brought their spouses into their home and their grandkids. They were both very happy because they had a loving family.

The End