So this is my new plot-following fanfiction on NCIS. And my beta thinks it's far-fetched so I wasn't sure if I was going to publish it or not. But in the end, why not, if you don't like it you can tell me and I'll stop. Deal?

It's inspired by the song: "My Hands" from Leona Lewis, which is part of the video game Final Fantasy XIII.

The elevator gave a soft 'bing' and the Tony stepped out into the bullpen. Tim was already there, working at his computer. The new girl sat at 'her' desk. She had arrived yesterday evening and, Tony was sure, she would leave this evening.

They had lost her. They had lost Ziva. She had been on a mission in Paris and after an explosion of the hotel she went missing. There was no proof of her death as there was of her life.

This time Gibbs had refused to pick out a new Agent and had scared of any one sent by the director. Tony shook his head sadly. Gibbs had become quieter than usual and when he didn't sleep at his desk at night, he came in late the next morning, looking like a Zombie. He was the one who had sent Ziva to Paris without back up. But Tony didn't blame him, nor did anyone else. Ziva had insisted on going there alone.

The new girl greeted him with a shy smile. He nodded at her. She took a short look at McGee who was focused on the screen of his computer.

"Starting your weekly search?" Tony asked.

McGee nodded slowly. They ran a computer search for any signs on Ziva every week but a year had passed and nothing had come up. The focus was on Paris but they also included other european cities.


She walked down the street for she was supposed to be at the Café to meet her friends. The window she passed reflected her appearance. A beautiful young woman with dark hair and brown eyes almost 5'7" tall. It had been a warm sunny day, which just turned into dusk with a sunset she couldn't see because the buildings of the city hide it. The street cafes she passed were full with people joking, laughing and enjoying themselves. The caught only pieces of their talk and the only thing she noticed was, that it was not her native language. Of course, she didn't know what her native language was. A year ago she woke up in a hospital only remembering a name. Tony. The doctors didn't know what to make of it so they had started calling her Antonia or Toni as it was to her friends now.

But she knew Toni was not her name. It was a name of someone she had to know but she was unable to remember.

Her friend Danny had started to call her Namine. It was a character from a video game, which was per definition a nobody. She was okay with that after all she was not able to tell that her name wasn't Namine.

Danny, Ralf, Julia and Thomas awaited her in a nice café that had put up torches for decoration. As soon as Toni sat down Danny was holding her hand out to her, presenting the engagement ring on her finger.

"So Thomas finally dropped the question." Toni said with a smile on her face and used the foreign language that she had used the past year. Not her first and not her second. She could tell she had a strong accent. Her friends estimated her to come from some English speaking country but there was still something about her accent that was strange.

Thomas turned red but nodded.

"We want to celebrate; everything you order now is on us!" Danny cheered.

After an hour of just having a good time Ralf turned to Toni: "You got the lyrics done?"

She rolled her eyes and took out a small black notebook, which she gave to him: "I cannot do this. This is all I've got until now."

The others gathered around the book and read.

I wake in the morning
Tired of sleeping
Get in the shower
And my make my bed alone
I put on my make-up
Talk into the mirror
Ready for a new day, Without you
And I walk steady on my feet
I talk my voice obeys me

Julia sighed and let herself fall back into her seat. "That's your story. And there is no way you are over whatever has been before you woke up in the hospital." She said looking at her friend.

Toni was annoyed: "How can you tell?"

"Your hands, Toni." Thomas answered: "They are shaking, whenever the subject comes up... see."

He was right her hand was shaking so badly she had to put down her glass.

"You need to hurry up with those lyrics." Danny said seriously: "I still can't believe, Square-Enix chose you to make and sing the song for the new Final Fantasy game. Who was it again who registered you in that competition?" She was clearly a bit jealous but not in a very bad way.

"That was you." Toni informed her dryly and Danny smiled.

"Right, that was me."

Toni smiled. A week after she woke up, she had met Danny's sister in the hospital. She was a young girl who was unable to sleep at night. They met in the garden and she had asked Toni to sing a lullaby. The next day Toni got visitors. Danny, Ralf, Thomas and Julia had come to her and asked who she was. She could not answer but those people had taken her under their wings. They were musicians and quiet popular in the region they lived in. Toni had a nice voice and was soon able to earn money with it. Lucky for her, because she didn't know what she had done for living before that.

We all know that Ziva can sing since the episode "Last man standing" But remember the deal, if this sucks, please tell me, so I don't have to worry about it anymore :)

Lyrics: Leona Lewis- My Hands