Final Chapter

„You arrested her?" Vance asked, not believing what he was told.

"She attacked a federal agent." Gibbs said with a shrug.

They all stood in Vance's office looking hat his plasma screen. It was connected to the camera in the conference room, where Ziva was sitting. Elbows on the table, face in her hands.

After they had finally found her Tony had not been able to hold back himself. He had stormed over and hugged her. Unfortunately she had panicked and within an instant he was lying on the ground with her foot against his throat. In the next second she had pulled away and started to apologize.

"She really doesn't remember a thing." Tim said. "We tried to tell her that she was not arrested, but she seemed to confused."

Suddenly the door opened and Danny and Julia stormed in, followed by Vance's assistant and a security guard.

"You have to let her go!" Danny shouted and pulled her arm to her side as the security tried to grab her: "Toni is a good person. Please let her go home with us." Now she was fighting with the guard. He had a lot trouble to hold the young woman, because Julia started to kick his legs and slap him.

The situation was almost funny.

"It's okay, they may stay." Vance told his people and the guard and his assistant left them.

Danny straightened her blouse. She was still wearing her show costume, as was Julia.

Gibbs pointed to the table and they sat down.

"How do you know Ziva?" he asked friendly.

"We met her in a hospital near Strasbourg, when my sister was there." Danny answered. "She said her name was Antonia Losian."

"No, she said, that the doctors called her that." Julia corrected her: "She told us, that all she could remember was the name Tony."

Danny nodded.

Tony looked up: "She remembered my name?"

The girls shrugged: "Maybe yours maybe some other Tony."

"Boss, I need to go in there." Tony told Gibbs.

But Gibbs shook his head: "You want her to break some of your ribs?"

"Oh, she would never to that on purpose." Danny said quickly. "It's just sometimes, when she believes herself or others in danger she does those cool ninja moves. But she doesn't know how to repeat them."

Ducky smiled: "Well, then it is not to late, She can get her memory back. It seems it is just buried and not lost."

"She doesn't want to." Julia said firmly: "She is just fine to be Antonia and our friend."

"Toni is afraid of what she was." Danny added. "But if you send her home with us, we take care that she'll not kill anyone. I promise."

Gibbs chuckled softly: "We are not afraid that she will hurt or kill somebody. We just want her to remember…"

He was cut of by Julia: "So that she can be an assassin for your organization?" she asked angrily.

Gibbs shook his head: "No, she is family to us. It's true, she is a trained assassin and she is really good at it but in the last years she has become a NCIS agent. She became a member of my team. And believe me, when she remembers who she is she'll be fine with what or who she was before she became an American citizen."

Danny didn't believe him: "How can she be okay with such an awful past?"

"It wasn't awful." Tony said: "We've had fun. She always said it was her decision to become a Mossad officer and she joined our team on her own will. She loves this work, she loves this people and maybe she loves me too."

"She just doesn't know." Ducky said.

"Yes and she doesn't want to know, so leave her alone." Danny said.

"Tony, where are you going?" Gibbs asked when Tony got up: "DiNozzo!"

But he was already out of the room. In the next minute they saw him entering the conference room.


Ziva looked up as she heard someone at the door. It was one of the agents, the one she had wrestled to the ground.

"Can… can I go now?" she asked.

"No, but I thought I could give you a tour?" Tony said.

Ziva stood up and slowly followed him out of the room. As they passed the most wanted galleriy she was relieved to see, that she was not on that wall. Tony stopped in front of a desk. A young woman sat there, working at her computer.

"This is Agent Dorrien, and that is your desk." Tony said.

Dorrien looked up.

"You can pack your stuff. Ziva is back, that means you are out." He told the woman behind the desk and then lead on to the break-room.

Ziva hurried to follow him: "I'd prefer if you'd call me Toni."

"Sorry can't do that. I'm Tony, so that would be very confusing.", he grinned and gave a vending machine a kick.

"Are you…. My Tony?" she asked slowly. "The one whose name I remember?"

He turned to her and grinned: "Yes I am. Sit down. You want a coffee or something? I'm going to tell you something about you, it might take a while."

The sun had slowly stared to rise. It was winter and cold but the light flooded the break-room. Ziva sat there, eyes fixed on the cup of coffee she held. The coffee had gone cold, while Tony had talked and told her about her past, her friend and many more. But she still couldn't remember.

My hands, they just shake and try to break whatever peace I may find

It was strange, her hands did not shake. They were perfectly calm. She took a sip of the cold coffee.

"Okay, give us 24 hours. If you don't remember anything after that you can go with your friend. If you do remember and don't want to stay, go with your friend, but if you want to stay we all will be glad. Just 24 hours, starting now." Tony said.

She looked at him. One day. She could do that. She nodded slowly.


She had told her friend about the 24 hours.

"In two day, we can go home." She said and then followed the grey haired man out of the building.

Agent Gibbs had insisted in taking her with him. He said she needed some rest and he was right. She was now awake for about 24 hours and needed sleep. But he didn't take her to the hotel. No, he stopped his car in front of a house. The sun was now hidden behind clouds and it was snowing. He went inside the house first and she closed the door. She knew he wouldn't hurt her. When the door was closed she touched the handle.

"It's never locked." She said. It was not a question, nor was it a conclusion. It was a simple fact that came into her mind.

Gibbs stood there, watching her: "That's right. Come, follow me."

They went upstairs. The first door they passed had a sign with the name Kelly on it. Ziva stopped.

"This door is always locked." She mumbled.

"It is." Gibbs said waiting for her at the next door.

The door had another sign that said: Ziva.

He opened it and she looked inside. The walls had a friendly light green color. There was a bed with clean sheets and nightstand with a lamp and a CD-Player. On the bed was a stuffed animal. An ice-bear with green gloves.

A dresser stood next to the window. The window was slightly open and Gibbs went over to close it.

"After the events in Somalia, you crashed so often on my couch I thought you might need a room for yourself. I told you, you could decorate it but you didn't. You used it often. Sometimes I heard you coming in at night but in the morning you were gone."

"What happened in Somalia?" she asked and went over to sit on the bed.

Gibbs hesitated. Tony hadn't told her. Well maybe there were things she really didn't need to remember. "If you want I'll tell you after you slept." He said and left the room. After he closed the door she saw a key in the keyhole.

'A door, that's always open, a door that's always locked and a door that I can leave open or lock… just the way I want." She thought shortly before she fell asleep.

Only six hours late she woke up but she felt refreshed. She looked around and her eyes found the ice-bear, which was lying on the ground.

"Sorry Charlie." She said while she placed him back onto the bed.

It had been a Christmas present from Gibbs, though she never celebrated Christmas, she was…. She was Jewish. Yes… she remembered having a necklace with the Star of David. Her hand flew to her neck but there was no necklace. Where did she loose it? She got up fully and went out of the room. Nobody was upstairs or down in the kitchen. But there was fresh coffee, of course there was coffee. She grabbed a cup and then went into the basement. She was not sure why, but she knew she would find Gibbs there.

It was true. Gibbs was working down there. He was cleaning the floor with a broom and looked up as soon as he heard her footsteps.

There was a boat in his basement. It had the name Ziva on it but she was not sure how it got in here. So she asked.

"I build it in here." Was the answer.

"And how will you get it out?"

Gibbs grinned: "Many people asked me that and I will never tell anyone. Come, look at it, it's yours."

She rounded the boat. It was nice and it seemed strong. "I'm Jewish." She said suddenly.

"That's right. Did DiNozzo tell you that?"

"No. Where is my necklace?"

Gibbs sat down: "We never found it. I'm sorry."

Ziva looked at the spot under his chair. "Ari." She whispered.

Gibbs got up and hugged her when she started to cry. He had to think about, how she helped him to get his memory back. She had head-slapped herself with his hand and that had triggered it all. This was the same. She was crying in his arms. It didn't stop. No it took almost an hour until she looked up at him.

"I didn't need 24 hours." She whispered.

Gibbs smiled. "You want to go and see Tim, Tony and Abby?"

She nodded happily.


A month later Ziva woke because of a thunderstorm outside. She had told Danny and Julia, that she would stay in the USA with her family. They were happy for her. And a week after they went home Danny mailed her that she would move with Thomas to New York. So they could see each other whenever they wanted to.

Ziva had picked up on her old life in every way possible. There was no need for her to work because her song had been very successful all around the world but she insisted in staying with the NCIS.

Now that she lay awake listening to the storm outside. She smiled. Tony was with her. He shifted in his sleep and drew her close.

My hands, they only agree to hold your hands
No they don't be without your hands
And they will not let me go
No they will not let me go

No, no, no they will not let me go

The End

Well, I'm glad I gave this story a chance. I hope you are too. Okay; why was it Gibbs, who was with her when she got her memory back? Because of the same reason, why she was the one who had helped him at the end of season three… Honestly, I don't know :D

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