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That Warm and Fuzzy Feeling From the Back of a Saiyan

A fanfic by ShaggyDiz

Chapter One





                That was the sound of the alarm clock, with the resulting sound of a fist slamming down upon it.  Gohan did not like it one bit, however.  Sure, it was 6:00 AM 439 Mountain Area Time – which, coincidentally, was the same as Satan City time [1] – but it was still early for the teenage Saiyan.  Still, getting up early was the norm, but today was different.

                Today began a new adventure in the life of Son Gohan.  Today was his first day of actual high school.  He had spent many years before under the tutelage of his mother, Chichi, learning a great deal of things.  Algebra, physics, advanced chemistry; you name it, he knows it.

                Of course, there was a reason why his mom told him this two weeks ago…

                …"Gohan!  I've decided to enroll you into a high school."

                "Really mom?  You're the best!"

                "Don't worry about it son.  I figure that it would allow you the chance to make some friends that are your own age.  That and the fact that colleges probably don't accept resumes from Son Chichi Home Schooling."

                "He, he.  Yeah mom.  Maybe you should get that trademarked.  You would honestly make a great teacher in a high school or university."

                "I know son.  But my life is better spent here, keeping you and your little brother out of trouble.  Now come on.  I've arranged for a trip to the city with Bulma to get you some clothes."

                "Thanks mom."…

                That trip had gone smoothly.  Gohan had picked out some good clothes that were loose fitting, allowing him to hide his lean, muscular figure.  But that was two weeks ago.

                And this is now.  Gohan groggily turned so that he was looking up at the ceiling.  All he could think about was the first day of real school.  And how tired he was at the moment.  He tried to sit up, but couldn't, stuck on his bed by some unknown force of gravity.  That force of gravity was by his doing though.  He was ready to try again, when he heard a timid knock on his door.  He turned his head towards it.

                "Come on in," he said.  The door opened slowly, and all that Gohan could see from his vantage point was a forehead, and some spiky black hair.  The forehead with hair moved towards the bed until it was right next to it.  "What is it Goten?" Gohan asked the forehead.  It moved up some, revealing black eyes and a cute little nose.  It was Goten, standing on his toes looking at his brother.

                "Mom wants you to go get ready for school.  She said something about Flying Nimbus taking an hour or so to get there."

                "That's right.  I completely forgot!  All right Goten, you go tell mom that I'll be downstairs in about fifteen minutes for breakfast, okay?" Gohan said, ruffling his younger brothers hair.

                "Okay!" he chirped.  He quickly turned and bolted out of the room, leaving Gohan by himself.  He sat up on his bed, feeling that self-made gravity dissipate into nothing.  He scanned around the room for a moment before settling his eyes on his towel.  Tossing the covers to the side, Gohan stood up and picked up the towel.  His tail followed behind him, flowing freely from his shorts.  He looked behind him and saw it, chuckling a little.  Vegeta was rather…perplexed, to say the least, about Gohan growing back his tail two years after the birth of his brother.  He decided to keep it as a reminder of his father.  That, and because no one outside of his entourage of friends and fellow fighters knew about boys with monkey tails.

                That was well before he knew that he would be going to high school.

                Gohan started off the day with a hot shower, letting the marginal warmth settle in his bones.  After ten minutes, he returned to his room to prepare for the day.  He picked out for himself a pair of black khakis, a white long sleeve shirt and a blue vest.  He wore a pair of cotton boxer shorts and a sleeveless shirt underneath.  The whole process took him about twenty minutes.  He went downstairs to be greeted happily by his mother.

                "Hi mom!"

                "Good morning, Gohan.  You all ready?"

                "I think so mom," Gohan responded.  He walked over to the table and sat down, awaiting his morning serving of breakfast.

                "Well make sure you double check everything before you leave.  I don't want you to forget anything."

                "Okay mom.  Just let me finish breakfast."  And so he did.  The rest of it went in relative silence, with the occasional burp and/or slurp coming from Gohan and Goten.  It was soon 6:45, and classes started shortly after 8:15.  Gohan made one last check of his school supplies before heading out.  He passed by Goten before exiting.

                "Hey Goten.  Be good for mom today, okay?"

                "Okay Gohan!  I'll see ya when you get home today!"

                "All right squirt.  Take care now," Gohan said, and stepped outside of the house.  His mother was waiting there.

                "Okay Gohan, make sure you behave yourself, and make some friends while you're there."

                "I will mom.  Thanks," he said.  They hugged each other for a moment before Gohan turned to the sky.  "FLYING NIMBUS!" he yelled out.  He waited for a few seconds before spotting a small speck of yellow streaking in from the horizon.  The speck turned into a seat-sized cloud as it rapidly approached Gohan.  It arrived and Gohan quickly hopped on top.  "Bye mom!  See ya later!" he shouted out, flying away on top of the Nimbus cloud.  Chichi waved to him then returned to the house, looking forward to all the wonderful things Gohan would say about his first day of school.

* * *

                The flight to Satan City was relaxing and scenic.  Gohan, over the years, rarely made his way through these parts.  The exception was two weeks ago when he was with his mom and Bulma shopping.  Before that…well who knows.  The constant studying has kept Gohan away from the outside world, except for his own expanded back yard, filled with the craziest wonders, such as dinosaurs and the like.

                Yet as he reached the outskirts of Satan City, Gohan could feel something different about the air.  No longer was the life in the mountains the only one he knew.  He had to become adjust to life inside the city, one where the people can act in many strange ways depending on the traffic report.  At least that is what it's brought up to be.  There was also the vast amount of people there and the tall buildings, some which could be seen for miles.  But Gohan wasn't concerned about them.

                He was worried about the hallways of Orange Star High School.

                He was worried about the vast number of teenagers there, and how they would react to a tail swinging half-alien.

                Boy, would they like to know.

                Gohan pretty much had nothing to worry about.  His mom gave him three instructions.  One, make friends.  Two, hide strength.  Three: make sure no one sees tail.  There was an unofficial fourth instruction, which was to do good there.  Number three would be easy, as well as number four.  There was the problem with the first two though.  The first one should be easy enough though, since Gohan was rather friendly, and therefore should be able to make friends with other kids quickly.  The hiding of strength would prove more difficult, but it would be attainable.

                It was now 7:50.  Gohan landed on the outskirts of the city and began a brisk jog towards OSHS.  The school itself was about two miles inside the city limits, which would take Gohan, being the equivalent of a superior Olympic athlete, no more than seven or eight minutes, without breaking a sweat.  Classes wouldn't start for another twenty-five minutes anyway.

                He jogged until he was a few blocks away from the high school.  From there, he slowed his jog down to a walk, as to not been seen as someone rushing to school with about fifteen minutes left before classes began.  After a couple blocks, Gohan turned a corner to see the school.  Wow!  This place is pretty big!  He stared at it for what seemed like an hour, but really was only ten or twelve seconds.  Pulling himself out of his self imposed trance, he made his way towards what appeared to be the front doors.  He went inside and saw a large amount of students already pacing the hallways.  Gohan wandered around a bit, looking for the main office.

                Being Gohan on his first day of school, he got lost.

                Frantically, he started whipping his head around, looking for anything resembling a main office.  He walked backwards a few steps before bumping into something small.  Make that someone small.

                "Hey, watch where you're going!" the voice yelled, obviously female.  Gohan turned around to see the girl on the floor.  She had short blond hair and blue eyes.

                "Um…sorry about that.  I'm trying to find the main office," Gohan said with a somewhat nervous voice.

                "Well why do you want to go there for?" the blond asked.

                "It's my first day, and I want to get my schedule and locker."

                "Why didn't you say so then?" she said, excited to an extent.  Gohan looked at her, still nervous but now confused as well.  She stuck out her hand to him.  "Do you want to help me up, or would you rather look for the office by yourself and continue to be lost?"

                "Oh, right!"  Gohan stuck out his hand and pulled the girl up.

                "By the way, the names Erasa," the now identified girl said.

                "Gohan.  Thank you for helping me."

                "Sure," she said with a sly smile on her face.  He sure is a cute one.  The two proceeded down a long series of hallways, some of which Gohan had been down – at least twice – before coming upon the main office.

                "You know…I think I passed by this room."  Erasa giggled at his comment.

                "Well Gohan, I hope to see you around school sometime," she said, and walked off towards her classroom.

                "Thanks Erasa!" he called back.  Wow…she was nice.  I guess these kids aren't so bad after all.  He walked into the room and saw that he was the only student there.  He walked up to the reception desk and saw a short lady sitting there.

                "Hello there.  How may I help you?" she said, rather happily.

                "Hi…I'm new here, and I need my schedule and my locker."

                "Okay.  Name please."

                "Oh, right.  Son Gohan…" The receptionist typed up the name onto her computer.

                "Son Gohan…Son Gohan.  Ah, here we are.  I'll print it out for you.  It will have your room assignment as well as your locker number and combination."

                "Thank you."

                "No problem…well this is interesting."

                "What is it?" Gohan asked, getting slightly nervous again.

                "It says here that you aced all of your entrance exams.  Now that's a first," she said, looking up at him.  "I'm impressed.  Who was your teacher?"

                "My mom.  She made it a big deal for me to study real hard.  That and she wants me to be a scholar or something."

                "Well, you came to the right place.  Orange Star High is one of the best schools in the region.  It's good to have this on your college resume."

                "That's good," he said, now somewhat excited.  The receptionist suddenly turned to her printer.  She pulled out a paper and looked over it briefly.

                "Here we go.  You'll be in that room for all of your classes except Physical Education – " she was cut off by the sound of the first bell.  A few seconds later, a girl came running into the office.

                "Mrs. Apple…I need a note for class," the black haired girl said, slightly panting.

                "What's the excuse this time?" the receptionist asked, slightly annoyed.

                "Oh…just the routine robbery.  It took a bit longer than expected."

                "That's all right.  I'll just write you a note."  She picked up a pen and paper and started writing before looking up to see that Gohan was still in the room.  "Oh…Gohan, I think this young lady is in your room.  What room is it again?"

                "Um…" He looked over the paper for a moment, looking for the word 'ROOM' and its corresponding number.  "Room 235."

                "Ah, yes.  You two are in the same class together.  Well, here you go Miss Satan.  And take him with you.  He seemed to be a bit lost this morning."

                "Very well."  She grabbed the note and them turned to the exit.  This was the first time that she got a good look at Gohan.  "So…"

                "Oh!  I'm Gohan," he quickly spurted out.

                "…Gohan, I guess I'll be taking you to the classroom.  Follow me then."  The two exited the main office.  They engaged in a bit of small talk along the way.

                "So, Gohan…where did you transfer from?"

                "Me, oh.  I didn't transfer.  I was home schooled by my mom."

                "That's cool.  Oh, I didn't formerly introduce myself.  I'm Videl."  Gohan reached his hand across to her.  She happily took it, and they shook hands.

                "The lady back there…she said something about Satan…"

                "Oh, my full name is Videl Satan.  Hercule is my dad."  Gohan raised an eyebrow to that.

                "That's…interesting," he said, smirking.

                "Huh?" Videl sputtered out, confused to Gohan's smirk.

                "Oh, it's nothing."  Whew.  That was a close one.

                "Um…okay then.  Well, here's our room."  She reached for the door and pulled it open.  Inside the room was total pandemonium.  Kids were sitting in various places – namely either on the floor or their desks, not their seats – and going about various gossip and such.  Of course, that all ended the moment Videl walked into the room.

                You see; everyone respected Videl.  You could either like her or hate her, but there was no way around being disrespectful.  Of course, being the daughter of the World Champion Hercule made the most out of that respect.  That was one thing that Videl hated.  She hated the fact that everyone wanted to know her because of her loud mouth father.  She wanted to be her own person with her own type of fame.  She began volunteering for Satan City Police a couple years ago to kick start that.

                She also did it because of what happened to her mother…

                …Fourteen-year-old Videl came home one day from school to see her father sitting on the couch in the lobby room.  His head hung down until he heard the door close.  Hercule looked up to see his daughter walking towards him.  He had a single tear coming from his left eye.

                "Dad…dad, what's wrong?" Videl asked, confused.  She had never seen her father cry before, so seeing him now truly meant that something was wrong.

                "Videl…it's…it's your mother," he started.  "She was attacked in-in the city.  The police…they found her unconscious and raped."  Videl stood shocked at this.  She hadn't seen her mother in awhile.  Her parents were currently separated and were barely speaking at the time.  Her father's reaction to this surprised her enormously.  After what seemed like forever she fell to her knees and started crying.  She stayed there, with her hands on her face, balling her eyes out.  Hercule got up from his seat and kneeled on the floor next to her, taking her into his arms to comfort her.  She spoke up after a few minutes of crying.

                "Where…is she…now?" she asked, sobbing.

                "Satan City Hospital.  I've been waiting for you to get home so we can go.  Now come on.  We must be strong for your mother.  You know she wouldn't like that any other way."


                Videl's mother remains at Satan City Hospital to this day.  She was conscious once, a few hours after the attack, and got a few words with her daughter before falling back into unconsciousness.

                She lies in the hospital bed, unmoving for the last three years.  Videl makes it a promise to visit two, possibly three times a week after school to see her.  She goes in hope of one day seeing her mom wake up, so that she can hold her like she always did before the attack happened.

                A few weeks after the attack happened was when Videl made a drastic change in her life.  She began an immediate training increase, pushing herself beyond her normal limits, making herself much more stronger.  She became infuriated with her father because of his continued 'extra curricular' affairs with other women, many that he had met right off of the street.  She found a goal because of this.  Videl promised herself – and her mother – that one day she would become stronger than her father, and therefore defeat him in battle.

                She passed that goal only after a year of training.  Videl did not know that fact though.

                Her morning had gotten off to a good start, as she quickly made her way downtown in her bright yellow copter to stop a robbery.  It was the usual fanfare to her: five men, all heavily armed.  She had managed to defeat them all with marginal difficulty.  She rushed to school, and upon arriving there, her day took a slightly odd turn.

                That odd turn, by the way, was Gohan, and his reaction to finding out that she is the daughter of Hercule.  She also noticed a strange fuzzy belt wrapped around himself.  She decided not to pursue both, since she had only met him only minutes before.

                The two had arrived at the classroom.  Videl walked up to the teacher, the old one, and handed him the note.  She said something to him before taking her seat.  The teacher turned to Gohan, who remained in the doorway.

                "Are you going to stand there all day or am I going to have to drag you in here?" the teacher asked, somewhat sarcastic.  Gohan turned a little red and walked into the room.  "Now students, I'd like you to meet Gohan.  This bright young man here got perfect grades here on all his entrance exams.  It would be nice if one of you would follow in his example.  Now Gohan, say hi."  Gohan looked at him confused before returning to the class.  Everyone had his or her eyes on him.

                "Um…hi?" he said weakly.  Up in the seats, Erasa was grabbing a hold of Videl's arm, pulling her close to whisper something.


                "What is it?"

                "That boy…I bumped into him this morning…eek!"

                "And your point?"

                "He's so cute!"  Videl could only stare dumbfounded at her.  Erasa immediately saw this and went right to work.  "You mean you didn't see?!?  You practically walked with him to class!  You didn't notice how adorably cute that boy looks?"

                "Well…now that you mention it…"

                "Videl, you need help."

                "I don't need help!" she practically shouted.  Everyone in the class diverted their attention from Gohan to Videl.  "What?!" she yelled out.  Everyone immediately went back to his or her business before Videl and Gohan originally came.  She returned her attention to Erasa.  "There was one thing."

                "What is it?" Erasa asked.  Before Videl could respond, the girls heard the teacher tell Gohan to find a seat.  Erasa, being Erasa, took this as a perfect opportunity to get Gohan to sit next to her.  She stood up and waved her hand maniacally.  The teacher took notice.

                "What is it Erasa?"

                "Gohan can sit here!  There's a seat open here!  See, see!"  She sounded like she was begging for Gohan to sit next to her.  Gohan looked up and immediately recognized her as the girl he bumped into earlier.

                "Son, do you want to sit next to her?" the teacher asked in a hushed voice.

                "I guess.  She doesn't sound too bad to sit next to.  I already met her today."

                "Oh, well…if you don't care, then you might as well.  Go right on up son."

                "Thank you sir."  Gohan walked up the stairs to his seat.  He sat down with a rather goofy look on his face, primarily because of Erasa's behavior.  "Why hello, Erasa.  I'm surprised to see you again so soon."

                "Me either," she said with a starry look in her eyes.  Videl could only sigh behind her.  Gohan noticed her and waved.

                "Hey Videl!  I guess you sit here too, huh?"

                "Yup."  She returned her gaze back to the front of class.  Gohan and Erasa did the same, though the blonde made it an effort to get her seat close enough to Gohan.  A blonde boy spoke up from the right of Videl.

                "Hey Videl, who's that nerd boy over there?" he spoke, loud enough only for Videl to hear.  Gohan threw a questioning glance down at Videl, who didn't see.  I wonder what 'nerd boy' means.

                "He's Gohan.  He just started here today, so don't give him any crap," she said, getting a small chuckle from Gohan behind them.  Wow, she's tough.  Tough for a 'Satan' that is.

                The rest of the class was pretty much uneventful.  The teacher mumbled on about some math functions for a good hour before the class bell rung.  By that time nearly everyone was asleep.  Gohan stayed up, listening to stuff that he had already been taught for years before this.  Videl was one of the few people that had stayed up, taking notes and listening to nearly every word that was said.  Sharpener was busy flexing his somewhat abnormally large arms, bringing attention to Gohan.  Gohan, of course, could only think of one other person who would be obsessed with flexing their somewhat…abnormally…large arms.  But that wasn't important at the moment.

                The bell rang at the end of class, and the teacher left.  The next teacher came in and settled down, letting the class talk freely for the next five minutes.  Gohan kept to himself, listening in on conversations that were taking place in opposite corners of the room, figuring out the way the kids went about their lives.  Most of them went on about apparent gossip, like girls kissing guys and guys being large armed jocks.  Of course, Gohan wondered why Videl talked with Sharpener.  He figured through the various discussions in the class that Sharpener himself was a jock, yet Videl didn't seem to like any of that.  Videl looked to Gohan that she didn't like the blonde at all, listening to the way they talk about their lives.  Soon the class started, which was a type of language arts class.  That class itself went off rather uneventful for the next hour.

                During that hour Gohan decided to play 'Spot People's Ki Levels'.  He hadn't been doing a whole lot of that recently, because of his studying.  He was more adept to people with rather enormous energy levels, even some with abnormally large levels.  He could pick his mother out of a crowd of a thousand – blindfolded – if he had to.  But now he was stuck in a crowd where nearly everyone had a rather weak energy level.  He noticed the jocks, the stronger ones, had some sort of ki.

                He got his surprise when he found the largest ki level in the school.  He found it two seats to his right in the form of Videl Satan.  Gohan found that she had a rather large energy level for a human her size and age.  Then again, size doesn't matter with people and energy.  Hmm, I'll ask her at some later time about her training.  She could get a whole lot stronger with some of my training.  Or Piccolo's.

                After an hour, the language arts class concluded, with the sound of the bell.  The teacher, another male one, packed up and left, and a female one came in and settled down.  Gohan took this time to look up at the clock.  It read 10:26.  Damn, this is going slow.  I wonder when lunch is.  He reached into his bag and pulled out his schedule.  Erasa leaned into him at this time.

                "What you looking at?" she asked, curious.

                "Oh!  You startled me."

                "Sorry.  So what you looking at?"

                "This…oh, it's my schedule.  I want to see when lunch is."  He went back to looking at the schedule.

                "You know, you could of asked me.  It's the period after this one.  It runs from 11:30 to 12:15."

                "Cool.  Thank you."

                "Yup.  And next time, join in the discussion," she said with a giggle.

                "What you mean by that?"

                "Well, I saw you looking around during the last five minute break.  You listening around or something?"

                "You could say that."  Erasa giggled again.

                "Okay Gohan.  Just remember, we're hear if you want to talk to us."

                "Okay.  Thanks Erasa."  The bell rang, signaling the beginning of third period, also known as physics.

* * *

                The period known as lunch could not have come any faster for Gohan.  The hour in physics seemed to take days, which only made is slightly growing appetite even worse.  He had promised his mom the day before that he wouldn't go and eat a huge amount of food.  The breakfast he had earlier was close to twice the amount of food he normally had.

                He arrived at the lunchroom to find a large amount of students already there.  Looking around, he saw that this was the second largest room in the entire school, with the gymnasium being the only room larger than this [2].  There were several lines already formed at the various food stands.  Some kids went for pizza while others went to the pasta line.  Gohan took his pick of both the pasta line and then the grilled food line, otherwise known as the hamburger and hot dog stand.  Satisfied with the pile of spaghetti, the two cheeseburgers and two hot dogs, he grabbed a couple of sodas, paid for them, and went to a secluded spot near a corner of the room.  He wasn't all too talkative yet with other students, so he knew that he was better off sitting by himself before becoming acquainted with others. 

That and most of the students in the room he was in didn't like him.  He had found out while listening to several people's conversations that there was a type of social ladder in the school.  From listening, he found that he was considered somewhere near the lowest rung of the ladder, probably a 'dork' or 'loser', which no one associated with.  He didn't mind that at all.  He saw that most people, either the jocks or cheerleaders, seemed to think that they were the king – or queens - of the crop.  He decided to make a small comparison list between this and Saiyan society.  He figured that he – in Vegeta's words – was a '3rd-class warrior', and that the people that thought so highly of themselves would be 'Saiyan elites'.  There were some other '3rd-class warriors' in the school as well as the middle rung of people, namely those who didn't associate themselves with either the '3rd-class warriors' or the 'Saiyan elites'.

                As he looked around he spotted Videl and Erasa with their lunches.  Gohan figured that those two would be good to talk to, since he can find out a lot of stuff about the school from them.  He waited a bit until he saw Erasa practically drag Videl to a table of her liking – namely boys with abnormally large arms.  Gohan studied this for a few minutes while eating his lunch.  He watched as three of the boys went in some kind of flexing fit, trying to grab the attention of Videl and Erasa.  Erasa, he noted, went all-gaga eyed over the scene, while Videl looked ready to throw up.  After a few minutes he went back to his food, intent on finishing it without hesitation.

                What he didn't notice was the fact that Videl started to stare at him after he was done.  She had got the feeling a moment before that someone was watching her, but wasn't entirely sure.  She found where Gohan was sitting, in a far corner, recluse to himself.  She took this as the perfect time to get more acquainted with the person that would have Erasa go weak in the knees for the duration of the school year.  Videl excused herself from the table, much to the disappointment of Erasa and the surrounding boys with abnormally large arms.  She heard comments of 'Call me' and 'Don't forget our date tonight' while leaving the table.  Nasty thoughts of maiming and dismembering entered Videl's head for a brief second.

                Gohan finished up his lunch and began to look over his homework for the night.  It was rather easy, figuring that his mother had taught him the majority of the stuff several years ago.  Might as well do this and get it out of the way, he thought to himself.  I should be happy though.  Mom did a great job of teaching me and now she gave me the chance to meet people.  He was thinking a little too hard at the moment, for he didn't notice the rather large ki heading in his direction.  Not until a small shadow extended over the top of his papers did he notice that someone had came over.  Gohan looked up to see the blue-eyed, blacked haired beauty known as Videl.

                "Mind if I joined you?" she asked.

                "Nope," he responded, and let out a slight hand gesture, telling her to take a seat.  "What happened with the people you were sitting next to?"  The question caused Videl to snarl a little bit.

                "Oh…them.  I prefer to have my brain cells intact, if you know what I mean."  Gohan looked over to the table where she was before.  He took a second to see the boys flex themselves again.  He returned his gaze to Videl.

                "I see what you mean," he said, snickering.  Videl chuckled a bit as well.  "Why do you sit with them anyway?"

                "It's Erasa.  She insists that I sit with her and that means sitting with a bunch of jocks everyday.  It changes all the time, so I think I've sat with pretty much every football player in this school at lunch."

                "I see."

                "I think they already placed you in the lowest rung of the school ladder society."

                "So you've heard, huh?"  She laughed a little.

                "Don't worry about it.  Just do me a favor and stay away from the bullies.  I'd hate to have to save you everyday."  Gohan looked a bit confused by this.  He decided to gain further knowledge.

                "What do you mean?"

                "What do you mean, 'What do you mean'?  They'll come along and beat you up for your lunch money if you're not careful.  I can't watch the whole school you know."  She was a bit peeved at the moment.  Why would he ask such a dumb question?

                "Oh, okay.  I think I'll be able to take care of myself though."  The comment got a strange, cock-eyed look from Videl.

                "I'm sorry, but you?  You don't look like much you know."

                "I know, but looks can be deceiving sometimes," he said with a smirk.  Videl laughed a little bit.

                "Gohan, you are a strange one.  And since we're in the same classroom for the year, I guess it wouldn't hurt to get to know you," she said, sitting back in her chair and crossing her arms.  "I don't have very many friends, just to let you know.  Most of the people that claim to be my friends only do it because my dad is Hercule."  Gohan, like earlier, laughed, but kept it within himself.  "Erasa is an exception.  She's been a friend of mine ever since we were little.  She is an airhead sometimes, but overall she's nice.  She's been looking at you a lot."

                "She has?" Gohan asked sounding surprised.

                "Don't you tell me that!  Man, Gohan.  It'll be a tough year if you don't catch onto things quick."

                "Okay.  What about Sharpener?  You talk to him a lot and yet from what I hear, you don't like him a whole lot."

                "What?  You were eavesdropping on our conversations?"

                "Don't worry.  I listened to some conversations this morning during the breaks.  Erasa already caught me doing it anyway.  I did it because I wanted to learn about things that people talk about."

                "How much you hear?"

                "Enough to make me throw up."  Videl laughed out loud with the comment.  No one heard her except for Gohan.

                "Don't worry Gohan.  Just make sure you stay away from them and you'll survive, o – oh great."

                "What is it?"  Videl turned and looked in the direction of where she was sitting at before.  She saw Erasa and the three jocks coming their way.

                "It's Erasa, and from the looks of it, she brought along some of her boyfriends," she said lightly.  Gohan snickered a bit at the statement.

                "Hi Videl!  Hi Gohan!  What you talking about?" the blonde cheerfully asked.

                "Oh, nothing really.  We were just talking about the school and stuff," Videl answered.  Gohan looked over to her and Erasa, and then to the football players, who seemed to be giving Gohan threatening stares.  Gohan cringed a bit but passed it off as nothing.

                "Well Gohan, Videl and I have something to talk about.  We'll see you later," Erasa said, taking Videl's arm and dragging her body behind it.  Videl could only give a short wave before she was out of sight.

                Gohan went to packing his stuff up when he noticed that the three jocks that accompanied Erasa remained at the table.  He looked up to see two of them come up to his left and right, and the third one, the biggest of the three, standing directly across from him.  He lunged out and took Gohan by his vest and lifted him up, them pulled him close to his face.

                "You listen here nerd.  You stay away from Videl.  Us football players have been trying year in and year out to go out on a date with Videl and meet her father.  Don't come here and make all…all…what's the word?"

                "Fancy?" said the boy to Gohan's left.

                "Yeah, that's it.  Don't came and make all fancy with the lady.  She's ours, and no skinny nerd will come and take her away."  He threw Gohan back into his seat, and then gestured to his lackeys.  They walked away, towards the exit.  Gohan stared them down for a few seconds before getting a small smile on the corner of his mouth.  He chuckled lightly before packing up his things.

* * *

                "YOU DID WHAT?"  The sound of a pissed off Videl resonated throughout the bathroom, which, serving as a rather nice acoustic area, could have been heard from three rooms away.  She was yelling at Erasa, who had just found out why she was taken to the bathroom after a nice talk with Gohan.

                "Don't worry Videl!  I only had them scare Gohan.  We don't want to give him the wrong ideas now, would you?" she said, waving her arms around in defense.

                "Erasa.  I was having a nice conversation with Gohan.  We were talking about school!  Are you freaking nuts?!" she said, fuming.  "I'm not interested in a boyfriend, if that's where you're getting to," Videl stated, accusingly pointing her finger at Erasa.

                "Oh come on Videl!  You need a boyfriend!  This is your last year of high school and you having even kissed one person yet!"

                "Because everyone that wants to just wants to kiss the daughter of the world champion!"

                "Well it's not my fault you are the daugh-"

                "Shut up Erasa!  Shut up!  Don't finish that!"

                "All right.  All right.  I won't."


                "I want Gohan."

                "Go get him.  I'm not interested in him like that."

                "Just like that?  You're getting soft Videl."

                "I am not!  I don't need anyone!  Just myself.  Besides, after all this crap my dad has done these last few years, I'm positive I don't need anyone."

                "Speaking of which, when you going again?"


                "Mind if I come along?"  Videl thought to herself for a moment.

                "Sure.  I can use the company for once."

                "What about Gohan?"

                "What about him?"

                "Can he come too?"

                "No.  I barely know him.  Maybe in a month or so I'll take him.  Not now though."

                "When's the bell going to ring?"

                "Let me see."  Videl looks down to her watch.  "About five minutes."

                "I hate PE."

                "I know you do Erasa.  You've said that for nine years now."

                "I have?"

* * *

                "Attention students!  Today we will be playing baseball.  But first, all of you go run a lap on the track!"  Groans echoed throughout the crowd of students.  It was PE, and the first thing they always did for the hour was take a lap around the track.  Sure it sucks.  It doesn't suck as much as cramping up playing baseball though.  "Gohan, you come here."  Gohan walked over to the PE teacher, while the rest of the class went off to the track.

                "Yes sir?"

                "Gohan, since this is your first day of PE, it is required that you take certain tests of fitness."

                "Certain tests of fitness?" Gohan asked with a naïve look.

                "Yes son.  We do it so that we can assess the fitness level of all our students here.  We need to make sure that we're doing our jobs correctly."  Gohan nodded in agreement.  "Today you will be running the mile and doing sit-ups and push-ups.  You can run the mile, can you?"

                "Yes sir."

                "Good.  I'd hate to call out the doctor because you keeled over on the track.  It has happened once or twice before.  No one died though, which is good."  Again, Gohan nodded.  "Okay, so let's go down to the track and I'll time you."  The two walked down to the track, located on the west side of the campus.  By the time they got there, most of the students had finished their lap.  The PE teacher took charge there.

                "All right kids.  Go over to the field, do some stretches and play some ball.  Sharpener and Videl; you're the captains."  The students did what they were told.  The teacher went back to Gohan, who was doing some standing stretches on his own.

                "Now son, this is a quarter-mile track.  You will be required to run this four times.  You got that?"  Gohan nodded.  "Good.  The line is over there.  You can start yourself at any time, and I'll clock you on your first forward movement."

                Over on the baseball field, Videl, Erasa and Sharpener were sitting on the grass, performing various stretches.  They watched as Gohan began his mile run.

                "Look at him run," Erasa said, kicking off the conversation.

                "Humph.  What's so special about a nerd boy running?"  Sharpener quipped.

                "He's going pretty fast.  He better be careful, and not get winded so soon," Videl said, following Gohan with her eyes, watching him pass the halfway point of the first lap.

                "Why you worrying about him, babe?"

                "Don't call me 'babe', and I'm not worried about him."  Erasa chuckled lightly and leaned in close to Videl.

                "You sure about that?"

                "Erasa.  Don't get me started," Videl stated, becoming red with anger.

                "Okay, okay."  She returned her eyes to Gohan, who completed the first lap.  "Hey, just how much time has passed so far down on the track?"  Videl returned her look to the track, and was astonished at the sight.

                "Don't tell me he did that in under a minute thirty."

                "Nerd boy ran a lap in ninety seconds?"

                "More like seventy-five to me.  He doesn't look to be slowing down either.  But how?"

                "You sound worried, Videl," the blonde said.

                "I do.  How can he run that?  Look now, he's way passed the halfway point of the second lap."

                "I see.  What a cutie."

                "Who cares about nerd boy…"

                "Shut up, Sharpener!" the girls shouted.

                "Shutting up."  The three remained silent for another two minutes.  By then, Gohan was passing the halfway point of the last lap.  All three jaws were hanging off their faces.


                "Yeah Erasa?"


                "About four minutes and…forty seconds?"


                Back on the track, Gohan finished his mile run.  He completed it in four minutes, fifty-two seconds.  The PE teacher was surprised, nonetheless.  "Son…that was one of the quickest miles I have ever seen.  You should try out for track and field."

                "Thanks, but I live pretty far from here.  I don't want to make my mom worry all the time."

                "That's quite all right son.  I guess we can go up to the baseball field.  You can do sit-ups and push-ups in the next PE class, on Wednesday."

                "Thank you sir."

                "Good.  Now let's play baseball."

                Baseball.  The word echoed in Gohan's mind for a few moments.  He realized something then.

                "Um, sir.  I don't know how to play baseball."  This got a look from the teacher.

                "You don't?"  Gohan shook his head.  "That's quite all right.  How about I put you on a good team, so that you can learn from them a bit?"

                "Sounds good sir."

                "Okay then."  The two reached the rest of the class on the field.  By then, most selections were done.  Gohan was the only one who hadn't been chosen and Videl's team was short one person.  Naturally, Gohan went to Videl's team.  Whether it being the team needing him or Erasa's constant giggling, we'll never know.  Gohan told Videl that he didn't know anything about the game.  Naturally, he went into right field.

                At least it kept him away from Erasa's giggling.

                Now Gohan went into right field, glove on his left hand, holding it up at chest level, while keeping an eye on the game at hand.  Videl was the pitcher, and she quickly got two strikeouts.  The third batter, a baseball player for the school, singled to left to get onto base.  That brought Sharpener to bat.  Sharpener was a multi sport student, playing football in the fall, baseball in the spring and boxing whenever he gets the chance to.  He is one of the best players in school.  Going up against Videl would be a challenge to him, since she is a good pitcher in her own right.

                He wasn't planning on holding back anything today though.  The count quickly went against him, as it was one ball to two strikes.  Intent on rocketing the next pitch, he deepened his stance, preparing to swing at the fastball coming his way.  It came as a curveball, but it made no difference to Sharpener.  He connected and knew right away it was at least a double.  He took two steps before he saw where it was going, which was right field.

                And Gohan.

                Scratch that double.  Make it an inside the park homerun.

                Sharpener didn't count on what was happening next.  For starters, Gohan got a late jump on the ball.  He didn't see it until he heard the crack of the ball a full second after it was hit.  He looked up and saw it coming in his direction.  He quickly turned towards the wall and made a full sprint to get it.

                Students in this class will remember three things this day; things that shouldn't have happened.  First, Gohan caught the ball.  Not thirty feet in the air, mind you, but rather on a great diving catch that he started at least fifteen feet from the wall.  Second, Gohan landed safely, though it was on the other side of the wall.  Or, rather, where the wall used to stand after he plowed through it.  What remained there was a six-foot gap between the outfield wall, and specks of dust the filtered through the air.  The third thing surprised the students the most.

                Gohan walked out of the rubble, ball in hand, without a single scratch found on him.

* * *

                "Hey Gohan!  You mind giving me a ride home today?"  The end of the day couldn't have come any quicker for Gohan.  After the incident in the outfield, he had gotten questioning stares from the class.  Many couldn't believe a nerd boy could jump through a wall and come out completely unscathed.

                He also received a conk in the head from a 'super heater' from none other than Sharpener.  Again, more of the questioning stares.  He took his own advice, and the advice of the teacher, to sit out the rest of the game and take a look at the 'bump' on his head.

                He rejoined the class for the last period of the day: history.  The questioning stares had gone done drastically, with only a select few looking at him from time to time.

                Those few, of course, were Erasa, Sharpener, and Videl.

                The hour in history had come and gone, and now school was done.  Gohan walked down the hallway to his locker, which wasn't that far from the room he was in.  In a cruel twist of fate, at least right now, Gohan's locker was situated next to Erasa's and Videl's.  Videl had left a minute before Gohan got there, but he had found Erasa just closing her locker.  She asked him the question posed above.

                "I'm sorry, but my 'ride' has only one seat, and I live pretty far away," was the response to the question.

                "Oh really?  How far away do you live anyway?"  Gohan decided to lie for once, though figuring one out would be pretty hard for a guy like him.  He quickly thought of Bulma, and went along with it.

                "Well, I'm staying with a friend of mine in West City.  I actually live in the 439 Mountain Area."

                "The 439 Mountain Area?!"  In another cruel twist of fate, Sharpener decided to walk up at the moment.

                "The 439 Mountain Area, huh?  Damn Gohan, you're a nerd boy and a country boy."

                "What's wrong with being a country boy?"  Sharpener was surprised at how quick Gohan's response was.  Taken aback some, he formulated a decent answer.

                "Nothing!  Nothing wrong with being a farmer boy."  Decent enough, huh?  "Hey, Gohan, no hard feelings from PE class, okay?  I actually didn't expect you to stand there and take a hit like that.  You seem all right though."

                "It's nothing really.  Thanks for your concern though, Sharp."

                "Anytime bro."  The three of them started walking towards the exit.  Most of the student body had already left.  Erasa decided to pursue her earlier question.

                "So, Gohan, a ride home?"

                "Um…why not get a ride from Sharpener?  Like I said, I only have room for one."

                "Yeah babe.  Why not get a ride with the Sharp-meister?"  The comment got a threatening stare from Erasa and a naïve stare from Gohan.  You know Gohan; he'd have no clue about people calling themselves something followed with 'meister'.  For the moment, he decided not to pursue the subject, but rather get himself home before his mom started worrying about him.

                "Sorry guys, but I got to get going.  See you tomorrow!" he said as he ran off.  He turned and waved back just to make sure that the two didn't get curious.  He left campus and made a quick sprint to one of the cities many tall buildings.  Gohan entered one of the alleys and flew up to the top.  Looking around, he made sure no one had followed him and called out to the nimbus cloud.  A few seconds later, the cloud arrived.  He leapt on top of it and flew off towards his home in the 439 Mountain Area.

                His mom would be glad to hear about his first day of school.

* * *

[1] It won't matter if it's a North-South flight.  If he were going East-West, he'd have to fly through at least one time zone, no matter what.  I'm not sure about actual time zone dimensions, but five hundred miles is quite a distance to travel.

[2] I'm using the size of the cafeteria to the university I go to.  It is huge and can seat anywhere between 500-1000 people.  Oh, and the food is decent enough that people wouldn't barf in it.  It is a top quality high school you know.

                Well, that's chapter one.  I won't start any conflicts until chapter three, which starts developing the main plot some.  I will be introducing two new characters though, and the names of them will play off of two characters from a great anime series.  They won't be related, but bonus points…or something, goes to the person who correctly guesses the names I'll be using.

                Also, I'd like to mention this.  I got some inspiration to write a mega-sized piece of fiction after reading Boombubble's Some Dreams Do Come True.  The whole idea of the Gohan and Videl relationship is played out nicely in it, with it all starting when Gohan goes to high school.  Note my starting point.  This will probably end up sucking by the way, but I'll find out along the way.  By the way, if anyone hasn't read that aforementioned story, do so.  Very good.  Kudos to Boombubble for writing a great story.

                Next Chapter: The Gold Fighter appears!  The talk spreads!  And a new student appears, making Gohan's life somewhat…interesting.  And Erasa makes her move (I think).