Sit Next to Parker

"Jim Carrety III," said Hardison, flashing a picture up onto the screens behind him. "Took over Carrety Diamonds four years ago after his old man retired."

As he spoke, Parker shifted on the couch, moving close to Eliot, ignoring the warning look in the Hitter's eyes. He saw what she was doing, so he gently pushed against her arm, moving her back to her side of the couch, but couldn't seem to get comfortable, ignoring what Hardison was saying.

Nate noticed the way Eliot touched her…gentle, not harsh like he was with so many others. And almost…affectionate?

However, as she kept on moving, Hardison gave up trying to speak and looked at her in exasperation, throwing his hands in the air.

"What-what? Why…? What are you doing?"

"What?" asked Parker, agitation in her voice.

Eliot spoke up, and Nate noticed the way he looked at the Thief, and he wondered.

"It's distracting!"

"Well, the couch is just feeling a little empty…"

Nate, feeling devious and curious as to how Eliot would react to his next surprising suggestion, he motioned his head and his hand towards the couch with his head and focused his gaze on their Hitter.

"Eliot, will you please sit next to Parker."

At the sudden outburst of, "No! I'm sitting here now!" from the man, Nate had confirmed his suspicions. Yep…they liked each other alright. And it seemed that Eliot liked her a lot.

"Guys, guys! Alright, we all miss Sophie…we just have to adapt."

Hardison quickly solved the problem by sitting next to Parker on the couch, but she still ended up slightly close to the Hitter anyway, but the two of them didn't seem to mind. Nate had a sneaking suspicion that they might already be involved with each other. Both of them knew how to hide emotions extremely well, so it wouldn't be all that difficult for them to hide a relationship. They both compartmentalized better than anyone he knew.

Just what were they hiding, though?

It was after they had sold Carrety on the laser, and everyone still had their earpieces in, and Nate listened as Hardison offered Parker a ride in the Ferrari…and then smiled to himself as he heard her say…

"I'll get a ride home with Eliot…"

So, that meant that Eliot knew where Parker lived. That was a huge deal; Parker didn't trust anyone with the location of where she lived.

But, apparently, she trusted Eliot with it.

Hmm…he had a good feeling about the two of them that was slowly being confirmed.

Much later on, while they were in the process of opening the vault before Hardison actually arrived, he continued to stall Carrety, but he could still hear what was going on through his earpiece, and he had another sneaking suspicion confirmed when he heard Parker hanging off the inside of the door of the vault and then made her jump…

..and then he heard Eliot say…

"Stuck it."

And from the tone in his voice he had a good hunch that Eliot was actually smiling when he said those two words.

But why was Eliot smiling at something as trivial as that? Sounding as though he were incredibly proud of her?

Nate was forced to put it to the back of his mind, once again, as he had to focus on doing his part in the con, which he was certain was going to be very hard to get through…but he knew that they would pull it off.

Right now, he had other things to worry about…

…such as Eliot and Parker.