Hi there. This is going to be a collection of brief moments in Nikki and Helen's life after Nikki's release.

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"So..." smiled the beautiful scotswoman, raising her eyebrows seductively as their lips parted, "nice weather!" she chirped, not taking her eyes off the raven-haired angel in front of her.
Nikki could barely speak; she could not believe what was happening. This morning she had woken up in her cell at Larkhall Prison, with some hope of release, but no hope of seeing her true love again. Now she was free, standing outside the club she owned, staring into the eyes of her soul mate, with whom she'd just shared the best kiss of her life. Helen loved her, Helen wanted to be with her, even after all they'd been through. Nikki was so happy that she could barely breathe.
"Um,...well,..I,...urm,...um,..." Nikki stuttered. Helen giggled like a schoolgirl. They were standing so close that Nikki could feel Helen's heartbeat. Nikki took a slow, deep breath and tried again. "D'youwannagototheclubwivme?" she babbled, completely incomprehensibly.
Helen smiled, raising her eyebrows again, "Nikki darling, would you like to go into the club, that we happen to be standing next to, with me, it appears that there is a party going on."
It was Nikki's turn to smile now, although she hadn't really taken the massive grin off her face since her reunion with Helen. "I would love to Helen." replied Nikki after regaining the power of speech.

However, the roles switched when they entered the club. Nikki was used to the club, she had spent many years working there and at other similar places, whereas Helen had not really been into a club since her uni days, and even then she had never been to a gay bar. Nikki flowed easily through the busy crowd, smiling acknowledgingly at people as she passed. Helen clung to her side, eyes flicking all over the place, her senses overloaded by the hectic, unfamiliar surroundings. Nikki noticed Helen's discomfort and put a reassuring arm around her, holding her tight and smiling at her, "Don't worry sweetheart." she whispered, carefully navigating them towards the bar where she had left Trisha.

When Trisha saw them she finished the last of her drink and turned to greet them. Nikki instantly felt incredibly guilty, she could see the disappointment in Trisha's eyes, hidden behind a rather over enthusiastic smile. "So you must be Helen," she said, Nikki could detect the faintest hint of a sigh in her voice, "It's lovely to meet you. Would you like a drink?" Helen accepted graciously, and reciprocated the greeting. They chatted meaninglessly for a while, Helen being introduced to a myriad of different people, from all walks of life, who wanted to congratulate Nikki on her release. After a couple of hours Nikki was completely drained, she wasn't used to the late nights or the alcohol and it had completely taken it out of her. Helen noticed this, "Home?" she whispered. Nikki looked at her, unsure quite what she meant. "Shall I take you back to my place, sweetheart?" Helen asked again. Nikki beamed and nodded. They quickly said their goodbyes and thank yous then headed towards the exit.

They hailed a taxi and, on the thirty minute ride back to Helen's home they sat in a deep, comfortable silence, Nikki resting her weary head on Helen's shoulder. It was all a little overwhelming for her, watching life go by outside as if nothing had changed. But everything had changed. Nikki was free, she was with Helen, and she was as happy as she could ever remember being; but she was pretty damn scared too. The club had always been her home, her safe place (despite what happened there), but out here in the middle of London it really hit her how long she had been away.

Nikki was still in a bit of a daze when they drew up to Helen's house, she didn't really register Helen paying the driver or leading her up to the front door. Helen had noticed Nikki's behaviour and realised how exhausted the newly released woman must be. She carefully guided her into the front room and sat her down on the sofa, kissing her lightly on the forehead before heading into the kitchen to put the kettle on. Nikki sat there, struggling to keep her eyes open or to get her head around the fact that she was free. She automatically responded when Helen asked her how she liked her tea and then almost burst into tears when Helen handed her a hot mug of milky tea.
"Oh Nikki," breathed Helen, stroking her cheek caringly.

Once their mugs were empty, Nikki rested her head on Helen's shoulder again. Helen gently pushed a hand through the sleepy woman's hair, "Come on you. Time for bed." she said softly, standing up and putting an arm out for Nikki. She carefully lead her up the stairs and into the bedroom. Nikki suddenly felt ashamed. She had promised Helen a good time but she wasn't keeping her word. "It's ok sweetie, you need a good nights sleep." said Helen as if she could read Nikki's mind. Nikki fell asleep as soon as she lay down. She felt completely and utterly safe in Helen's arms, like she could stay there forever.