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Pretty Girl
What's Life Without A Few Surprises?

"So…" Leah clasped her hands together, leaning over the table to face her friends. "I am most definitely aware that Charlie's sixteenth birthday is this very Saturday. I'm also aware that my parents are out all weekend, which means I have a free house. So, what do you say to a party?" Bianca grinned at Leah's bluntness.
"Sounds good to me." She said.
"Brilliant." Fiona agreed.
"Well…I-I don't know…" Charlie hesitated.
"Oh come on, Char! Live a little." Bianca tried.
"Oh alright then!"
"Result!" Leah grinned. "We can go shopping on Friday night. Then you guys can stay over, and we can make preparations during the daytime."
"Awesome." Fiona grinned. "I can get Jason to invite some of his mates. All sexy, and all available."
"Jason's your boyfriend, Fiona. Why would you care about the sexyness of his friends? Plus…he's my cousin."
"Aww come on, Char. It will make the party even better." Bianca winked. "It's gonna be wild." Charlie laughed at her friend's enthusiasm.
"Well, I'll leave it all to you then." She smiled.
"Sure!" They all nodded eagerly.
The door to The Diner swung open and a group of rowdy boys rocked in. The infamous River Boys, from Mangrove River. It was unusual for them to show up here. It wasn't their turf. The younger of the Braxton brothers let out a wolf whistle.
"Hey, Blondie." He directed the comment at Bianca. "Fancy some fun later?"
"She's not interested." Charlie said, calmly. "I suggest you leave us alone." Her eyes flickered to the eldest of the group. "If you know what's good for you. Come on girls. We're leaving." She grabbed her bag, and stalked out, the others in her wake.

Charlie bobbed gently along the water. The waves were gentle, calming her, but every now and then a cool burst of salty water would splash across her face, jolting her back to reality. It was about four o clock in the afternoon. The dresses were sorted for the evening, and her friends had sent her out, to prepare in private. Charlie had to admit, she was excited for the party, but still, she felt as if it wasn't really as much of her show as it should be.
Charlie turned as she felt disturbance in the waves, seeing the person who caused it.
"Hey…" He said. "Er…I'm sorry about my brother the other day in the diner. He's harmless really but…well sometimes he doesn't know when enough's enough." Charlie shrugged.
"No harm done. Bianca's a big girl." Brax nodded.
"I'm Darryl Braxton by the way…or Brax."
"I know. I'm Charlie."
"Nice to meet you Charlie. Why are you out here alone?
"I've been kicked out, while my friends transform a house."
"How do you transform a house?"
"Party decorations."
"Ohh…so, it's your party tonight?"
"Well, you could say that. Not that I've had much say in it. I didn't even get to choose my dress. But yes, it's for my birthday. How do you know about the party? Surely the buzz hasn't stretched to Mangrove River?" Charlie asked, inquisitively.
"No. I got invited actually…" Brax said. "By one of the Summer Bay boys I got close to a few years back. Jason something. You know him?" Charlie nodded, not sharing the fact that Jason was her cousin.
"Oh…I wasn't sure whether I'd come or not."
"You should." Charlie shrugged. "Could be a laugh. Who else was invited?"
"Just me and my brother…"
"As long as it stays that way, I don't mind you being there." Charlie said. "In fact, I quite like the idea of you being there. You're not quite like I expected you to be."
"Well, what's life without a little bit of surprise?"
"Guess I'll see you later then."
"Yeah…" Brax nodded. "If you don't mind me asking, who's gonna be at this party?"
"Basically the whole year group, I covered most of the girls and my boyfriend roped a lot of the boys in too."
"Oh." Brax tried to cover his disappointment at Charlie having a boyfriend.
"Yeah. See you later. The girls will be wondering where I've got to."
"Alright. Bye Charlie."
"Bye Brax."