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Bandin' Together

Chapter 1

Austin POV

"Austin!" the voice echoed through the music store and into the loft. Quickly, I turned off the guitar amp and ran down the stairs. My hands skidded on the register countertop and dug painfully into my waist as I stopped.

A stout, Latino girl was talking to a tall businessman with graying black hair with a fake smile on her face. Slightly worried, I approached the duo. "You called?" I asked, not even panting… much.

Trish turned to greet me and introduced the man. His name was Richard White, head of White Records. He handed me his card. "He's here to offer you a recording contract," she explained, grin still in place.

Judging by her reaction, I guessed there was a downside, but I wasn't caring at the moment. Every molecule in my body wanted to rush around the store, dodging the expensive instruments, and eventually tripping over the drum set, or the piano, or one of the benches. Fortunately, I managed to hold myself back and keep most of my giant, man-chasing smile off my face. "Really? That's awesome!" I replied, turning to White. "It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. White. I'm Austin Moon and this is my manager Trish."

White's lips parted and revealed a set of pristinely white teeth. "It's a pleasure, Mr. Moon. Miss Rosa was just telling me about a new song you and your partner – Ally Dawson, was it – are working on. I'd love to hear it sometime."

"You can call me Austin, and that'd be awesome," I said. Honestly, I hardly knew what was coming out of my mouth. I had no control over it. So, as White and I talked, Trish procured a couple of stools and disappeared to whatever job she was at today. I think she said something about a Taco Barn?

"Now, Austin," White started after a while of small talk. "I'm putting together a project at White Records. It will involve three other talented, young singers like yourself, and various members of their teams. So, what do you say?"

What he was describing struck a chord in my memory, but I couldn't quite put my finger on the exact word that went with it. White must have thought that I was considering his proposal while I fought my mind for the word. Eventually, it struck me. "So, you want me to be in a boy band?"

"Headline a boy band, to be more precise." Seeing my skeptical expression, he continued. "Boy bands have more members, so they pull in more fans – most of them females looking for a face to place their perfect man on. You are the perfect example of an honest type, and girls go crazy for honest guys."

My ears perked up almost immediately after he said the word "females". I couldn't help but imagine hundreds of thousands of beauties falling for me and screaming my name. "Hey, Austin," a voice said, ripping me from my fantasy. I looked over to see my partner Ally walking into the story.

"Hey, Ally," I replied, eyeing the brunette. Though, I wasn't positive that this was Ally. Her hair was up in a thick ponytail and she was wearing blue jeans. Ally always wears her hair down and dresses in skirts. "You're not Ally."

The doppelganger laughed. It sounding like Ally, but it couldn't be. Ally wouldn't laugh at a comment like that; she'd try to explain herself to prove that she was indeed Ally. "So who's this?" she asked, finally seeing White.

He stood and extended his hand to shake. "Richard White. Pleasure to meet you Miss Dawson. I've heard much about you."

"Really? That's great, because I've heard absolutely nothing about you," she replied, shooting daggers at me like it was my fault.

"I'm not surprised. I did arrive rather unexpectedly."


"Yes, I was just asking Austin if he wanted to be part of a venture White Records is starting. I do hope you'll convince him to do it." He looked at the watch on his wrist. "Unfortunately, I have to be going now. It was a pleasure to meet both of you. Good day."

"Travel safe, Mr. White," I said, waving as he walked out the door and into the mall.

I fell on my bed that night and watched the rain drip down my window. Trish, Ally, and Dez all thought that I should take the job, even though Trish and Dez wouldn't really be able to keep working with me while I was part of this project. I'd probably end up with a new manager and having my videos directed by a pro. The thought displeased me. It felt like I was caught in the web of Demonica Dixon again. The only real upside that I could see when it came to my friends was that Ally could still write my songs.

At midnight, after thinking over every word that my friends had said that day, I decided to call White. He picked up after the second ring. "Go for Rich."

"Hello, Mr. White. It's Austin Moon."

"Austin! How are you? Have you given any thought to joining the project?"

"I have. I've decided that I'll do it, just so long as my friends can come with me to the studio."

"That's no problem. I'm sure they'll have a lot of input. We'll schedule a meeting for you and your new band mates soon. Probably sometime next week, any day not good for you?"

"Nope. I'm free all next week."

"Fantastic!" I could hear his hands clap on the other end of the line. "I'll contact you with the details soon.

"See you then."

"Goodbye, Austin." The phone went dead, and I was officially in a boy band. It was unbelievable. How much crazier could my day get?

Unfortunately, I was going to get the answer to that question all to soon.

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