Silent for never

Couple: Prussia&Canada or Gilbert&Matthew
Summary: Matthew is fostered and has been mute since he was 6 when his mom and dad died. He is not noticed unless people want to abuse him and is very depressed and suicidal. One day Gilbert a new German student moves to Courtney High where he notices the silent Matthew. All he can think is ,'how can the awesome me fall for a mute boy who I shouldn't even care about'

(Gilberts POV)
I can't believe my dad is moving to San Francisco.

When I was five my mom got a new job there and took my brother with her. My dad had a really good job here and didn't follow her because of it and I stayed with him. Both of my parents kept in contact all those years. I'm sixteen now and how they managed to still love each other over skype and shit, I have no idea. Well my dad scored a job in San Francisco and is moving back with my mom and dragging my ass with him.

If your wondering why I'm mad at leaving to see my mom and brother who I haven't seen in eleven years , it's because I'm leaving my friends. Without my awesomeness around they'll fall to pieces. The Bad Touch Trio will only be two soon.

Since I was so reluctant, dad packed all of my bags for me and quite literally dragged me to the airport. How dare someone even think about dragging the awesome me around. Man my dad is strong. My friends Francis, Antonio, and Alfred (not part of The Bad Touch Trio) said goodbye to me as I entered the terminal.

Flying from New York to San Francisco took a blunder on my patience. I mean how long does flying across country take.(I'm too awesome to count myself)

Kind of tipsy from jet lag I immediately passed out on the living room couch - Gilbird on my head- without saying hello to my mother or brother. It's not like I was happy to be here, especially in the middle of the school year. And saying hi to my brother could wait.