Dudes, I am done. This is the last chapter, this took so long and I regret every bit of it, but who cares! I had fun, I hope you did too.

(Matthew's POV)

People, threat.

Only two words registered in my mind as I quickly flinched away. I had nowhere to go, against the wall, bedposts on either side.

"Huh, weren't told we were getting a new roomie." The boy to the left glanced at me up and down.

I pulled Kuma closer and buried my face into his fur. I don't wanna be hurt, stay away please. I felt myself shaking again, the panic rising. My throat started closing, breathe, please breathe.

"Ay, Bide back frae th' laddie. Gie heem some room."

"You okay?"

A quick click of footsteps retreating. They stopped. The looming shadow had gone.

"We ur back haur, nae reason tae fash yerse laddie."

Back where? I balled up my fists and peeked over Kuma's head. The two boys that I had seen before were standing there against the opposite wall. I shifted, scanning them for anything that would say that they were violent. The slightly shorter on stood to the right, his shaggy brunette hair fell past his ears, a red and a yellow ribbon were tied to a small hat, and he also wore a matching trench coat. The one on the left had a slight frown, auburn hair brushed his forehead, a dark blue jacket hung around his shoulders, and the only thing that I could see bad was the cigarette dangling out of his mouth. I scrunched up my nose, how I hated those cancer sticks.

"Ye dornt lock th' reek, eh? Braw." The taller of the two reached up and pinched the end of the stick, a small bit of smoke wafted up from his gloved hand. He stuffed it in his pocket, never taking his eyes off me. "Well, ah hink we shoods introduce oorselves, Ah am Allistor."

"Vlad." The brunette nodded.

My grip on Kuma loosened slightly. Not bad, they aren't bad people. They aren't bad people.

"It seems you are our new roommate." Vlad spoke, a sort of gentle mocking in his tone.

"Fa ur ye?" The Scot deadpanned.

What did he mean? The accent was laid on thick, many words spoken as if he had a rag in his mouth. Curiosity soon replaced my fear.

When I didn't answer, he asked again. "Fa ur ye?"

I shook my head, even if I did know what he was saying, I wouldn't be able to talk.

"Anyways, welcome to this place." Vlad spread out his arms. "May your time here be ever rewarding."


(Alfred's POV)

Nervously I shifted from one foot to the other.

"I... I have something very important to ask you..."

"Yes...?" My mom trailed off, obviously confused.

"I know I have asked this once already, but can you please reconsider it-" I was cut off.

"If this is about the superman pajamas, the answer is still no." My dad scolded, oh how I wish it was something as simple as that.

"No, no. MayweadoptMatthew?" I spat out in quick succession.

Lisa sighed. "Alfred, please talk slower so that we can understand you."

I gulped, well here it goes again. "May we adopt Matthew?"

The next thirty seconds were agonizingly silent.

"Who is Matthew?" My dad questioned, he had never heard this topic before, only mom knew.

"Matthew, he's my brother..." I said, voice barely above a whisper, the word 'brother' was foreign to me.

"Why is this topic coming up?" He asked, confusion still marring his features.

I hesitated, the right words seemed lost in an abyss. Many scenarios played in front of my eyes. "He... He was in a bad place."

"What do you mean by 'bad place', Alfred?" The atmosphere became denser.

"Well..." What do I tell them? Should I just say it? No, what about being vague? "His... parents"-I spat out the word- "were bad monsters." They can't even be called people, who does such things to such an innocent boy?

They took a few seconds to register my words.

Dad questioned again. "Where is he now?"

"Th-the old adoption center."

"Why should we adopt him?" Once more they questioned me.

"He's my brother, don't you think that I should have him by my side again? Don't you remember when you took me away?!" My voice quivered, memories of that day resurfaced, my eyes watering. "Please...Please, I need him again, I want him back..." My voice cracked.

The silence returned and my parents seemed a bit shocked.

"Let us talk about this... go to your room."

Without hesitating I ran, quickly falling into the comfort of my bed, refusing to let the tears fall.


(Matthew's POV)

"Dae ye e'en gab?" The Scot flopped to the floor.

Gab, what is gab? What does he mean? I have never encountered such an accent.

Vlad, probably sensing my confusion, translated. "He means, do you talk?"

"Isnae 'at whit Ah said?"

"He hasn't been around you long enough Allistor." Vlad rolled his eyes, collapsing next to the other. "Anyways, back to the question, do you talk?" It is then that I noticed a slight accent behind his voice, though I couldn't quite make it out.

I shook my head, I haven't talked in so long, I can't even if I had tried.

"That may be a reason." He hummed, fiddling with one of his ribbons.

"Whit is a wee laddie lock ye daein' haur?" Allistor glanced at me, his right hand ticking at his thigh. "Lit me guess, ye killed someain?"

Killed... 'someone' was it? I haven't killed anyone. Never, I don't like seeing people in pain. I shook my head.

"Nae? Ye ran awa'?"

I shook my head. So, no 'y' on 'away'?

"Well, whatever it was, you are here now. It is dinner time, come on." Vlad stood up and gestured for me to follow him.

Hesitantly, I stood. My shoulders shook ever so much, fear still rooted in my mind.


(Alfred's POV)

-About 10 minutes after previous time-

"Alfred!" A call vibrated up the stairs.

I jumped up and nearly fell over.

"Yes...?" I walked into the living room where my parents sat looking at me seriously.

"We have been talking," My mom started.

"... and we are going to agree." My dad finished.

"Wha..." I fell silent.

I get Mattie. I get my brother.

"Thank you..." I let the tears go. "When do we get him back?"

"We are filling out the paperwork, since we already have you, the process will be quicker this time around. They may allow us to take him here tomorrow as long as we turn in what is necessary." Lisa explained.

I need to tell Gilbert immediately. I ran to my room and dialed his number as fast as I could.


(Gilbert's POV)

I slid open my phone, the ringing getting annoying.


"Dude! are you listening?" It was Alfred, did something happen?

"Ja, vhat is it? Is it important?" I had been on the edge of my seat all day, the worry eating me alive.

"We are getting Mattie back."

I nearly fell to the ground in shock.

"Vhat, Alfred, are you serious?" I clung to the phone, the tightness that had been squeezing me lifted. A bit of hope slithered in.

"I wouldn't lie dude, Mattie is ours."

I couldn't help but smile. "Finally..." I whispered.


(Matthew's POV)

The dining room was fairly small.

The first thing I saw were people. Strangers. Unconsciously I curled closer to Allistor.

No, calm, keep calm. I ran the words over again. Forcing myself to stay in the room, I sat in between the two. Vlad smiled at me while Allistor began eating the food in front of him. I kept my head down, I could feel the stares of the others around me, slowly I shrunk back.

"Whit ur ye strin' at?" Allistor snapped at them.

Vlad shrugged. "They aren't used to new ones coming in." He explained.

I nodded and stared at the slab of meat and potatoes in my plate. Food, I was most likely underfed, but I couldn't seem to bring myself to eat. Maybe it was just the new place, or maybe the strange people around.

Dinner ended soon enough, Vlad led us back to our room, Allistor trailing behind.

"Matthew!" A voice called out.

I hopped back, hugging Kuma closer. Turning around I saw the lady who had originally led me here running up, her heels clicking erratically.

"'at is yer nam?" Allistor chuckled.

The lady stopped in front of me, I couldn't seem to remember her name.

"Good news!" She smiled happily. "It hasn't even been five hours since you arrived and someone has sent in an adoption request! Congrats! they are comming tomorrow!" She couldn't look more happy.

What? Adopted? By who?

My mind spun, words colliding. That night I had curled up in a ball, the corner being my only protection as memories blurred my vision.


-Le Next day-

(Gilbert's POV)

I opened the door to the orphanage, the familiar glow flooded my senses. I probably could not explain how I felt right now.

I rolled on and off my heels, I wasn't able to sleep last night, I had been to excited.

My eyes stayed glued to the door that Birdie had gone through yesterday. Alfred hovered next to me, he kept wringing his hands, he clearly was stressed.

His parents were filling out paper work when the door opened. Out walked the lady, and then I saw him.

Without thinking I tackled him in a hug.

"Birdie! I missed you..."

I looked down to see Matt nuzzling into my chest.

"Birdie...?" Gently I lifted his head so that I could see his eyes. "I told you I vould come back..." I pressed my lips against his, surprisingly he began to kiss back.

When we broke apart he buried his head once more into my chest. that is when I heard something I thought I would never hear.

"Th-thank... y-you..." Slightly cracked and dry from no use, still his voice was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard.

That is when I knew that everything would be fine.