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Ruth Hayes is your normal average girl who is an orphan. When she receives a mysterious tape from the Kanes, she flees from her abusive adopted family only to land herself in bigger trouble after the truth of her bloodline is revealed. Now both pantheons are at war to fight over which has the right to claim her as their own. What does one have to do?

Caught Between



The three Kanes walked down the narrow street. Ruby was weeping furiously. Her eyes were bloodshot red. Tears ran down her face as she huddle the bundle in her arms. The newborn stayed asleep in her mother's arms, not knowing what was happening around her as she stayed deeply in her slumber.

Julius looked at his wife sadly and pitifully as walked along many houses. Though the baby was not his, he still felt the grief of giving the child away. He loved the child like his own, even going to the extraordinary by considering her as his.

"Why can't I keep her?" Ruby sobbed, burying her face into the baby's hair. Julius placed a hand on his wife's shoulder.

"We couldn't, Ruby."

"If only she wasn't mix, she could be raised along with Carter and Sadie. They would've made great siblings. Oh why did this have to happen to my child?"

Amos stared silently at his sister-in-law. It was natural for mothers to be in grief when they are separated from their young, but there were other things to worry about.

"Ruby, did you see anything of the child's fate?"

Even in grief, Ruby was still sane. "Nothing. Nothing at all. It's blocked. And that's even worse."

Finally, they reached their destination; a house with a sign that said keep out!

"Are you sure this is the only way?" Ruby asked sadly as she lowered the bundle on the doorstep.

Neither Julius nor Amos replied. All three of them already knew the answer.

Ruby stroke the baby's cheeks gently while her husband and brother-in-law watched nearby. Thunder struck the night sky and they all looked around anxiously.

"We have to go. We can't let the Greek Gods know that we are in Manhattan. She'll be safe here, don't worry." Julius said gently as he walked up to his wife.

Ruby took a deep breath and pulled herself away, but not before whispering into the baby's ear "Goodbye my child." Julius kissed the baby's forehead then took his sobbing wife by the arms and led her away back into the dark street.

Amos stayed back and looked at the baby. She looked so much like her half-sister, Sadie, that the two of would probably resemble each other in the future. And Carter and Sadie? They would know never they had another sister until one day the truth is revealed.

"Goodbye Alexandra Kane and good luck. You have to need it." He said to the child out loud. Then he turned back and went after the couple.

The sky thundered and it started to rain. It was as if the sky was mourning for his poor daughter's fate as well.

And there is my first chapter! Please take it easy on me; this is my first writing a story and publishing it. Sorry that this chapter is seriously dramatic and short but this is the prologue after all and this explains where my OC, Ruth came from and her story may be a little sad. Some of you may be angry that in my fic Ruby had another child with another man(well God, I'm sure you can guess who the father is!) and yes Carter and Sadie are already born in this fic so their older than their half-sister. I promise the next chapter won't be this dramatic. So read & review please!