Wow, it's been some time since I posted my last chapter. Sorry, I have been too busy since I have a lot of tests coming up at school.

Anyway, I have been thinking up of a new story called "Jenna and the Egyptian God of Death" and wondering whether I should post it or not.

The story is like this; Jenna's father is an archaeologist and one day he brought back a golden statue of Anubis from a tomb to examine it, and soon, her family and herself is haunted and attacked by something unknown and she travels to Brooklyn with two cousins, Sofia and Ross whom she met at her school that just found out they are magicians from the tape they found and are travelling to there to train their powers. Jenna travels there with them to solve the mystery of the golden statue of Anubis.

So what you guys think? TrustingHim17 (she's a brilliant writer, read her stories, give it a try) supports my story but I need you readers to give me your thoughts. Before anybody ask questions about it, then no it's not a sequel to Caught Between Two World and my OC, Ruth Hayes does not exist and Percy Jackson And The Olympians is not included. Only Kane Chronicles. Do you I think should publish it and give it a different title like "The Curse of the Golden Statue" or what? The gene is mystery and probably adventure and no there is no romance between Jenna and Anubis! He's already with Sadie (in Walt, how confusing). And don't expect this story to be published!

One more thing, an answer to canine girl365. No I did not get the name Lucy Clearwater from Leah Clearwater from the Twilight Saga , but from Percy Wesley's girlfriend (I can't remember the first name) of Harry Potter, but I'm really surprised that Lucy Clearwater sounds like Leah Clearwater. I don't read much of Twilight Saga but I remember a character called Leah. Back to the story!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Percy Jackson & The Olympians and The Kane Chronicles and any of their characters as they all belong to Rick Riordan.

I only own my OC Ruth Hayes, some minor OC characters and the plot.

Chapter 4 …With Chaos Added

"Anything wrong, Grover?" Percy asked his best friend as Mr. Boring (no kidding, that was his name) started writing some English words on the white board which he did not understand because of his dyslexia (he's a halfblood, they're haywire for Greek or Roman, depending on which). Grover was looking very uncomfortable, his head swinging left and right.

"I smell a monster." Grover said nervously.

"Hope its Mrs. O'Leary," Percy muttered while smiling to himself to himself, "she had come here before, being a poodle."

Grover, who probably heard Percy's words with his sensitive ears (being a satyr), said "Well, if your giant dog the size of a tank is here, she probably be bounding your way. No, another hellhound ," Grover said nervously while he turned his head to the door, "And it's not coming in our way."

Just as he finish his talking, several screams and shouts could be heard just a few classrooms away.

"As we all know, Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation." The teacher, Miss. Lindy said, explaining about Abraham Lincoln while writing on the board some English words Ruth could not understand since her dyslexia still affects her sometimes. She started to look around, bored till she could sleep. Her eyelids were getting heavier, so she closed her eyes and thought of having a five-minute nap in class

When something extraordinary happened;

There at the entrance of the classroom was a black hound the size of a rhino with lava-red eyes and fangs like daggers.

And it was looking straight at her.

But nobody cared about that as they were all screaming-including Miss Lindy as they all ran out of the emergency exit of the classroom.

"Rhino!" Everybody in the classroom exclaimed as they all exited the classroom in a rush.

"Rhino?" Ruth asked, confused at what everybody was seeing.

"Can't you see it's a freakin' rhino?" Lucy screamed. She accidentally elbowed somebody's water bottle from a table, which opened up and spilled water all over her skirt. That made scream even more. She left the classroom in frenzy, leaving Ruth with her unwanted companion; the hound (or rhino?).

Ruth was still thinking about why the hound was called "rhino" when it looked nothing like one! Well, except the size. She then realized the hound's eyes were still trained on her.

"Okay, hound, rhino." Ruth said as she retreated into a corner of the classroom. The hound started to advance, then immediately pounced on her. Ruth shut her eyes, her hands over her head, thinking that that was last time she was going to see the living world.

What seemed like ages to come was like second to Ruth. Then, instead of what she thought was a feeling of a world of pain, turns into a sound of "sling!"

Ruth realized that the hound was no longer pouncing on her. What had happened? Why was there a metal sound? Ruth bravely opened both eyes and immediately thought her mind was playing tricks with her.

Standing in front of her was Percy Jackson. In one of his hand was bronze-like sword and the way his posture displayed was like a hero in a movie-with his sidekick Grover behind him.

"You okay? Again?" Percy asked the question for the third time in a row.

This time, Ruth was in no mode to answer his question. "What the freak was that?" She was literally shouting and was aware of her voice shaking.

"That was a hellhound from the Fields of Punishment." Percy replied like it was such an obvious question.

"Percy! Grover! What was that?" A man with salt-and-pepper exclaimed as he rushed into the classroom, looking very flustered.

"Oh nothing, Paul. Just a wild Mrs. O'Leary that came to attack her," Percy pointed at Ruth. "Luckily that was not Mrs. O Leary." He mumbled to no one in particular.

But Ruth was not listening to the conversation or amused by Percy calling the teacher his first name as she was looking through her fingers in horror at the headless hellhound and its head both melt into shadow, soaking into the ground as it disappeared.

"You," she shouted, "You two are major freaks! Seriously mental ones! My breakfast must be infested with magic carrots or something!" On speaking the last word, Ruth grabbed her bag then ran out of the classroom, avoiding the teacher's outstretched arms that were trying to grab her as her legs carried her away as fast as they could.

"We really freaked her out, didn't we, Percy?" Grover asked him as Paul looked at them strangely.

"From everything that happened," Percy took a deep breath and turned his head to Grover, "Yeah, we did. And to think she said something similar to what I said when I got introduced to this mess too."

Ruth kept running until she was panting very hard and beads of perspiration falling from her forehead. She ran into the school hall and apparently news of the 'Rhino' (or hellhound) had spread like bushfire as many students and teachers were running out of the school and screaming like banshees.

Suddenly, someone in the crowd shouted "Hey, Where's the rhino?"

The question got into everybody's head as everybody's head as everybody was now asking the same question. But Ruth did not care about the question or anything, she just ran down the school hall at full speed, all the students avoiding her way by throwing themselves against the rough school wall.

Where was going to? She had no destination in mind, just to get away from the two freaks.

"Ruth! Wait!" Ruth turned her head behind as she ran. It's so long it would take ages to get out of here, she thought. The two freaks were at her tail, running and catching up with her.

"Ruth! We can explain to you!" Ruth immediately took somebody's basketball from whoever's hand (which the person obviously shouted "Hey") and threw it at the two freaks, who of course duck their heads and allowed her to disappear from their sights.

With the big panicking crowd running out of school to places she thought was home, she was able to bend in with the crowd, go to the bus stop unnoticed and take a ride to the place Ruth called more of a prison than a home.

When she escaped the school with other terrified pupils, she went to the bus stop, her hands trembling with fear and hoping that the bus would arrive soon. Soon enough, the bus came and with relief, Ruth started to board the bus with several other commuters.

But her relieve was replaced by some other feelings she wanted to forget.

"Leave me alone, you freaks!" Ruth screamed at the two boys with her head poking through the window. The bus driver tilted his head curiously along with the commuters.

"Got a problem, Miss?"

"What? Oh nothing. Just two weirdos coming to um….harass me."

"Then careful, Miss." The bus driver closed the doors just as Percy and Grover was about to hop inside the vehicle. Ruth leaned her head against a seat that she found and closed her eyes, her heart no longer pumping until she reached home.

I know I made Ruth overreact so much to get away from Grover and Percy but this was her first encounter with a monster right? And when Percy said Ruth said something similar to what he said when he got introduced to the Greek world, I actually took that from the lightning thief but it was quoted magic mushrooms and lunch in the book. I can't copy the whole thing right?

Anyway, please give me your comment about "Jenna and the Egyptian God of Death" and R & R please!