Author's Note: Scarlett arrives at the show and hears rumbles that she doesn't like. So she goes and sees the boss and gets her way. She contents with her family in the crowd and an ex who wasn't entirely honest about who he was. All in a day's work I suppose. She also steps in when the Shield gets involved and suddenly fears for her life. On a side note for a better idea of Scarlett's new top I'll put a picture on my page.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~ Monday April 8th, 2013 East Rutherford, New Jersey (Scarlett's POV)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I yawned as we walked into the building. The Society was chatting excitedly around me as I walked hand in hand with my husband. I had a busy week. I had to go get tattooed on Tuesday and on Thursday I was meeting with a principal to discuss my son.

"Scarlett have you heard?" Kaitlyn asked as she approached me.

"Heard what?" I asked.

"Apparently they're doing a tryout for some independent guy." Kaitlyn said.

"You catch his name?" I asked curious.

"Adam Sanders I believe." She replied. I dropped my bag and my husband's hand to turn and face my Society. Because on queue there was twenty-four people growling. Twenty-three of them were from my Society the last one came from the man on my right.

"Down guys it can't possibly be Adam. He once said he'd never work for the WWE." I said.

"Maybe I am wrong." Kaitlyn said. I nodded my head and had almost gotten them to believe me. If Jon hadn't walked up to Sheila at that moment.

"Hey Baby have you heard that this hotshot Adam Sanders has a tryout live tonight?" He asked after he kissed her. I held up both hands in a universal stop don't do anything stupid move.

"I'll take care of this. The rest of you go to the locker room. And Jon if I see you again tonight I will kill you." I said. Jon held up his hands as I turned and went to go hunt down Phoenix.

I found Phoenix in catering talking with her husband.

"Phoenix can I have a minute?" I asked.

"Course Scarlett what's up?" She asked.

"So I heard that you have a tryout lined up tonight. His name isn't Adam Sanders is it?" I asked.

"It is actually." Phoenix said. I groaned before an idea hit me. A very evil idea.

"You don't have a match set up for him do you?" I asked.

"No why?" She asked.

"I have an idea for one. I think he should face Jack Braddock, Conner Stovall, and Brad Maddox in a handicap match." I said.

"What did this poor man ever do to you?" Randy asked.

"He got me pregnant and dumped me. Oh and he tried briefly to stalk me." I replied with a smile I didn't feel. Randy shut up and Phoenix nodded her head.

"Your Society has this match. Play nice." Phoenix said.

"Nice is my middle name." I said with a smile at her before I walked back to the locker room.

"Jackie, Kit, Kluttz you three have a match tonight." I said.

"What did you do?" Jesse asked.

"I got you three against Sanders. Show him that we have no love for him." I replied.

"Will do Mama Bear." Jack said.

"Just because you're a champion now doesn't mean you could sass me." I said. Jack smiled at me and handed me my phone once it started playing "My Songs Know What You Do In The Dark." By Fallout Boy. I didn't recognize the number which is why it was playing that. I answered the call.

"Scarlett Brooks speaking." I said.

"I may have dated Adam Sanders." I said.

"Excuse me? No, his last name is Sanders." I said. I don't know if it was the fact I paled or looked like I was going to collapse, but someone put a chair under me which I gratefully sunk into.

"This means you're my son's grandfather." I said.

"Oh I'm so sorry. If I had known." I said.

"His name is Blaine Zachariah Brooks." I said.

"I think I can arrange that." I said.

"Thank you for the call." I said as the other person hung up.

"Who was it?" Phil asked.

"Blaine's paternal grandfather." I answered.

"Who is that?" Jason asked.

"You're going to get a kick out of this." I said.

"Do try to keep us out of suspense." Corey said.

"Sid Eudy you know Sid Vicious." I said.

"Shit how did you not know you were sleeping with his son." Greg said.

"Hey don't pin this on me. He always told me his name was Adam Sanders. I was just as duped as everyone else." I said.

"Well family gatherings just go more interesting." Phil said.

"I have to tell my parents. I have to tell Blaine." I said.

"Let's handle one obstacle at a time darlin'." Jesse said. I nodded my head. Uncle Jesse had a point. I moved the chair so I could sit next to Phil and tried to block out the evening. I chatted with them and had to smile about the shots that kept going to my family. Guinevere heaven bless her was trying so hard to look excited to be there. Maia didn't have that issue and she never would.

I wasn't paying attention to the show and wasn't surprised when Brad left to go do something with Vickie. It was about the time that people went to go get water. It was also during this that Jack, Conner, and Brad, once he'd returned, started getting ready and stretching. None of us really knew when they were going on.

"Scarlett?" A staffer asked as he poked his head in.

"Yes?" I replied.

"Your boys are on after Taker does his thing. That's when Phoenix set the tryout for." He said.

"Thank you." I said as he nodded and closed the door as he left. We watched Alberto's match against Swagger and Colter. Alberto won, but there went Dolph's music as he came out with Langston and AJ. Dolph chases in the briefcase. Alberto put up an offense that the fans boo. I raised an eyebrow and at that point stood to get everyone ready. I sighed as Dolph's music hit again and he was announced as the new champion.

I heard Taker's music hit so I waved at Phil and departed with my Society. I had no idea how good of an idea that was until we reached gorilla. Out came the Shield with seven new members. Six of which I knew.

"Son of a bitch." I said recognizing the Sorenson children as well as the McGraw boys. The Society and I left as Shield went to enter the ring. Not a moment too soon because pyro hit and I glanced back to see Daniel and Kane hitting the ramp too.

I subconsciously slipped into the ring as the Shield ran away. Rissa took the time to point behind me. I turned to see I was in the ring with Taker and Kane. I looked at them and the fear was evident on my face. Every swear word I'd ever said or heard was running through my head. I may not have antagonized them, but my husband had.

"Scarlett come back very slowly. Walk backwards." Jack said. I did as he said and once I'd run into the ropes I ducked through them and Oliver grabbed me around the waist and lifted me down. As I stood on the ground I saw Taker give me a nod. I sagged into Greg.

"How the hell did you end up in there?" Greg asked.

"Subconsciously." I replied as I walked through the crowd and went to go stand by my family.

"We have to talk about Blaine's paternal grandfather." I said. Point this at my father, mother, and son.

"We'll meet you at the bus." Dad said. I nodded my head.

"Jackie, Kit, Brad to the top of the ramp with you. The rest of us will stay here." I said.

"Yes Scarlett." Conner said. I rolled my eyes and watched as they walked away. Adam walked out with no music and I looked at Avery.

"The following contest is a 3-on-1 Handicap tryout match." Avery announced.

"Introducing from Memphis, Tennessee Adam Sanders." Avery announced just as Adam blew me a kiss.

"Gimme More" hit with a vengeance and Jack, Brad, and Conner walked out.

"And his opponents being accompanied by The Society of Ingiustizia representing the Society of Ingiustizia Jack Braddock, Brad Maddox, and Conner Stovall." Avery announced before she exited the ring. I waited for Jack to settle in the ring before I got up on apron and started directing traffic. It was as Brad was in the ring taking it to Adam that the crowd started chanting Ingiustizia.

I smiled as I kept directing them. Jack and Conner were yelling at Adam that he earned everything he was getting. Conner would take it to Adam.

"Conner we're done toying with him." I said. Conner nodded and tagged out to Brad. Brad nailed Adam with the Deal Breaker and got the cover. I smiled as I got into the ring and hugged each of them.

"That is how we do it." I said as we left to the back.

"That crowd." I said with a smile as we walked in.

"You boys did great. Scarlett I was afraid you'd keel over when you figured out where you were." Phil said.

"So did I." I said with a smile as I settled down into a chair. I was happy to see Zack on TV and then he won. It was pretty cool.

Sheamus, Orton, and Show had this big complicated thing that turned into Sheamus vs. Randy. The fans had me chuckling as they started chanting "Ole".

"Can we just stay here. These guys are awesome." I said. They started roaring for JBL and then Jerry and Cole. They also cheered for ECW. They started a wave as well.

"I love all these fans." I said. Everyone was in agreement. Randy wasn't happy following the start of the "Randy Savage" chant. Big Show came out and got a "thank you Big Show" for ending the match. Show didn't manage to toss any of the chairs he threw toward the ring in it. The crowd chanted for "One More Chair", but he didn't oblige them. They also started a "We Are Awesome" chant for themselves.

The fans hummed Fandango's entrance only for Chris to beat the living daylights out of Fandango. The Fans got on their feet to sing Fangando's theme.

"I love these guys." I said.

Paul was with Josh and Josh said last night was a tough night to be a Paul Heyman guy. Paul says Lesnar was knocked out early into his match with Triple H, but it still took Triple H 23 minutes to beat Lesnar. Heyman says that Lesnar is ready to fight tonight, but his client won't fight for free. Heyman says that what Josh should be asking about is Punk vs. Taker. I shook my head. Heyman says that Punk will address the match himself next week on RAW.

"And you were going to tell me when?" I asked.

"Eventually." Phil said. I rolled my eyes at him. I didn't really care about The Rhodes Scholars and the Bellas vs. Tons of Funk and the Funkadactyls, and the face team ended up winning.

Cena and Henry was an interesting match that ended in count out. That ultimately ended with Cena on the ground even though he'd won. Henry had Cena's belt and out came Ryback. Ryback took out Henry and lead everyone in a Feed Me More chant and looked at Cena. Ryback helped Cena up only to hit him with the Meathook and the Shell-Shocked. The crowd erupted and loudly chants "Feed Me More" as Ryback held the title up.

We got packed up and headed to the bus. We all stood outside talking with family.

"By the way Dad I liked the fact you lead everyone in the Ingiustizia chant." I said.

"Why do you think I started it?" Dad asked.

"Because your Italian and my father." I replied with a smile as he gave me a hug.

"So what's this about my grandfather?" Blaine asked. I let out a nervous chuckle.

"Turns out Adam is the son of Sid Vicious. Which makes you darling his grandson." I said. My Dads' jaws dropped. And I mean all of them.

"How did you not know dear?" Mark asked.

"Cause he never breathed a word of it. I wouldn't have known myself if Sid hadn't called me." I replied. We chatted a while longer and I could see Jon hovering just outside of the circle. It was when Blaine yawned I made an executive decision.

"Okay it's bedtime so I loved seeing you guys and you made everything better, but it's time to go." I said. Everyone agreed and there were hugs and kisses from family and then they were gone. I said goodnight to the rest of my Society and headed to the bus.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Little bit later (Adam's POV)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I stood watching the Society buses. I was watching Dean Ambrose as he said goodbye to one of the girls. I had no idea who she was nor did I care. I waited until he walked toward me.

"I have a proposition for you." I said. He looked at me.

"And it is?" He asked.

"You want to get in Scarlett's head so bad. When I get a contract let me in. I'll get you in her head faster than you could have on your own." I replied.

"When you have a contract come find us." Dean said before he walked away.

"Oh Scarlett you have no idea what's coming for you." I said before I headed toward my rental.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tuesday, Chicago (Scarlett's POV)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I yawned as I unlocked the door to the apartment. Though Phil and I were house hunting. An apartment wasn't going to cut it much longer.

I walked in and the first thing I heard was voices. Which meant people were up past their bedtime. I walked in and found them in the living room. Rob saw me first which had my boys looking up and rushing me.

"Wait. Careful. I was tattooed remember." I said trying to keep them from putting me in unnecessary pain. They stood in front of me looking up at me.

"You want to see don't you?" I asked. They nodded their heads up and down.

"By the way Darling way to give Jamie a heart attack." I said. Phil shrugged. He'd gotten a tattoo to match mine behind his right ear. I knelt down and showed the boys the tattoo behind my left ear. The one of a Flareon and a Jolteon together, the one Phil now shared with me and was supposed to represent us, once the boys got their fill of that they went to see the one behind my right ear. The one of Iron Man's Arc Reactor with the silhouette of Loki's helmet on it. That got them excited. I smiled as I pulled my t-shirt giving them the first look of my new ring gear top. The main part of my top was black with green and yellow gems on it. The boys got a good chuckle as I stood so they could see my side tattoos in all their glory. I also showed them the tattoo on my ring finger.

The boys liked them and then I showed them the tattoo on my back nestled safely between my angel wings. I then showed them the one on my right ankle of an Umbreon and an Espeon that was supposed to be Nicole and me. Now it was time for sleep and to get back on the road until Thursday. On Thursday I would be meeting with a principal. Jamie and I had nixed the garter tattoos simply because he thought it wasn't a good fit with me and I'd ended up agreeing with him.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Thursday, Chicago (Scarlett's POV)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I don't know what it is about principals, but they make me nervous. I was in a black button up and a respectable pair of jeans with heels. Phil and I looked respectable as we waited to be seen into Teresa Martin's office.

"She'll see you now." Her secretary said.

Phil and I walked in and she shook our hands.

"Mr. and Mrs. Brooks I presume." She said. We nodded our heads.

"What can I do for you two today?" She asked.

"We have a son who wants to do public school. The thing is that I'm afraid because of his background what could happen to him." I said. She looked at me like I'd lost my mind.

"What my wife is trying to say is that our son was abused in a variety of ways before he came to us. My wife is one of those mothers that would die for her children. We just want to know if he'll be safe from bullying here." Phil said. She nodded her head.

"Here is our handbook." She said as she turned and retrieved a handbook. We talked about what would happen should someone bully Kamden and about the visitor policy. As Phil and I left I looked at him.

"I think this is a go." I said. He nodded his head in agreement and we grabbed the appropriate forms. We spent time there filling some of them out. That way Kamden wouldn't know. Well until we told him.