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My life is hell.

No, seriously. My life is utter hell.

I live in a house with my stepmother and two step sisters.

And, they hate me.

Yes, a real life Cinderella story, a cinderbella story. Ha!

You see, When I was three, my biological mother died. I haven't got much recollection of her but from the pictured I have saved over the years, she is beautiful. My father have always said I look just like her, but I think he is being biased. She is way more gorgeous. With her long, flowing chestnut hair and chocolate eyes, her petite figure and amazing smile. Yeah, she is so much prettier than I could ever be.

When I was Eight, my father met Sue. At first, she was lovely. Always taking me out shopping or for meals. Her daughters weren't very fussed on me but I t

Never paid much attention to them, I just loved having a mother figure in my life.

Everything changed when my father married the bitch ten months later. As soon as she moved in, things started changing. Re-decorating, pictures being removed and her attitude to me. Charlie, my dad, wouldn't let her move me to a different room, thank god. She had plans of me moving downstairs in the basement and giving her daughters, Leah and Emily, the large upstairs bedroom. I love my father for stopping that taking place, if not much else. He pretty much shut his eyes and ignored everything that took place. In fact, he still kinda does.

Eight years later, I have still kept my old room, and I have managed to keep a handful of pictures of my mother. The rest got thrown with the redecorating.

I have unbelievably thick skin, to put up with this bullshit.

I have had this idea on the backburner for a while. I like how the title sounded.

This fic will be a short-chapter'd, Drabble like fic... because I find it hard to write long chapters.

I am not a writer, but I do like trying. I am hoping to write as much as possible in my spare time which is alot these days as I've just recently been made jobless. Woo!

Also, this little number is unbeta'd.

Thanks for reading, if you have. Next chapter will most probably be up shortly!

Rae xo