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Forks High is the typical high school. We have our cliques. The jocks, cheerleaders, stoners, emo's, geeks, loners and so on.

My small group is a mixture. In a strange way, we have decided to say 'screw you' to the school rules of friendship and made our own rules.

Emmett McCarty is a jock. He is a huge, hulking piece of man candy and all the girls thinks he is hot. Hell, even I thought he was at one point but that was a passing fancy. He plays football and is apparently a really big deal. Don't ask me why, because I haven't got a clue. Sports just confuse me. He loves watching other sports, too. Like basketball. And beach volleyball. Although he is a jock, he is the kindest person around and I am very thankful to call him my friend. He has helped me out a lot over the years.

Rosalie Hale, is a complete mystery to people who don't know her. Which are a lot of people. Me and Emmett grew up with Rose so she can't hide nothing from us, but everybody else in school have no clue what to think of her. Rosalie is a stunning woman, with blonde, wavy hair that reaches just above her butt cheeks and the bluest of blue eyes, which are frames with naturally long eyelashes. She is just perfection. I have a complex when it concerns her! Although she has all that working for her, she has never wanted or needed to be accepted by the school crowd. She is an amazing gymnast, but doesn't want to join the cheerleaders. She is also a brilliant artist, which not many people know about her. Looking at Rose, people would presume that she is a stuck up, popular girl. Furthest from the truth you can get. I love Rose to bits and she is the sister I have always needed. She has protected me from the bitch sisters more time than I could count and in turn it has made me stronger.

Then you have got me, Isabella-Marie Swan. Daughter of Charlie and Renee Swan. Step daughter of Sue Clearwater-Swan. And Step sister to Leah and Emily Clearwater. I have been pushed and walked over since I was nine years old and the only way I survived it was to withdraw within myself, at first. I am still pretty quiet around people I don't know but that isn't down to being shy, I just don't want to be friends with many people. My two friends are all I need, they have helped me throughout all my troubles and have been there for the majority of my life. We were in kindergarden together for christ sake!

So there you have it, my little group of friends.

But I have a feeling things are about to change and my small group is about to grow significantly larger.

I haven't been able to write for the last few days. My family dog, Chloe, sadly had to be put down after 15 years of being my sister. It's really ripped me apart and I basically put my life on the back burner over the weekend. My house is a state! but now, I am back and feeling stronger.

RIP Chloe, the most loving dog. ILY 3

This chapter is just a quick filler which I quickly whipped up to give to anybody who wants it. I thought a small bit of back story on Emmett and Rosalie would be nice :)

Leave me a line or two, and I hope you have enjoyed.