Chapter 1

The silence was comforting. As much as he loved his mom, he hated how she tended to fill silence with babble. His dad on the other hand said only what was needed to be said and left it at that. Moving to Forks wasn't his first choice but he wouldn't have stayed at Jacksonville University for all the money in the world. His sister needed her big brother now more than ever. His dad described her state as cationic and coming from a man who did not know how to exaggerate, this was worrying indeed.

They tried to get his sister to come to Jacksonville, but she threw a mother of all fits refusing to leave Forks claiming that she just had to stay there. The only other option the Swan family had was to send her older brother to her, hoping that the boy could help his little sister, Bella, get better.

When they finally made it to the house Charlie parked the car, and the two got out. He grabbed his bag full of clothes, and small duffel he used as a carry on, containing all his gadgets including a laptop with satellite internet, his Palm Pixi, and his IPod touch. The rest of his things, including his electric blue Eclipse and his lovable dog, Wilson, would be arriving by the end of the day. His friend, Portia, was driving his car over with the dog and his boxes, and taking a flight back after staying for a few days. He would have been in her place if he hadn't had to tie up loose ends at the university.

He had his duffel over his shoulder, and was about to grab his bag when Charlie stopped him and motioned for him to go up to see his sister instead. He would take the bags up.

"I haven't told her about you coming because she wouldn't have agreed to it. Hopefully you'll get more than a few grunts out of her." Charlie said while pulling the bigger bag out of the police cruiser.

Harry Potter-Swan replied in his slight British accent, "Don't worry dad! I'll have her out and about just in time for dinner."

"Good luck with that son." Charlie admitted quietly.

Harry smirked, "I'm Harry Potter-Swan, impossible is what I do." He said with a wink.

Charlie rolled his eyes as he watched his adoptive son cheekily disappear into the house. At least one of my children is happy, he thought.

Alice sat up with a gasp. She had been lying besides her husband, enjoying the momentary silence while the rest of the family was out hunting, when she received a long awaited vision. Jasper sat up next to her and pulled her onto his lap, holding her close, waiting until she deciphered the vision and made sense of them.

"I found our mate, but you're not going to believe this." She began her voice full of disbelief.

"What is it, Alice?" Jasper asked, worried.

"Well, its three things," she admitted, "For one he's still human."

"That's a problem easily rectified." Jasper said reasonably and Alice nodded in agreement.

"For another we'd have to return to Forks," She added, "And speaking of Forks, it seems our mate knows Bella. I saw them sitting in Charlie's kitchen with another girl, in Port Angeles."

"Are they dating?" Jasper managed to force out after calming his inner-beast, and its need to claim what was his.

Alice shook her head, concentrating, "No… they act like siblings, and he and the other girl look like friends." She informed her older mate.

Jasper got off the bed and gathered the keys to his Avalanche. "So, what are we waiting for?" he said with a smirk, twirling his keys around his finger.

Alice smirked back, a new light, matching Jasper's in her eyes. "Give me a moment to get ready, and we can go," she said.

Harry made his way up the stairs skipping two at a time. He was quite worried about his three years junior sister and besides that he only had four hours until Portia was due to arrive. He wanted, no, he needed to help his sister, if only to ease his and his parents' worries.

When he got to her room, he couldn't help but gasp at the sight of her. She had dark bags under her eyes and had lost too much weight since he last saw her. Her complexion was waxy and greenish-pale, and her hair was greasy and limp. Harry had thought his parents were exaggerating when they said she looked like a living Zombie. Even her eyes were dead as they stared right past him, not even recognizing the change in scenery. It was the most horrible sight, and what made it worse was that it was of his sister.

"Boo," Harry said, gently as if speaking to a frightened animal, using his nickname for her, "Bella Boo, little sister."

He lowered himself to the ground and crawled over to her, looking up into her eyes. She seemed to shift just a tiny bit making Harry sigh in relief that she at least heard him. He crawled over to the bed and sat by her head, and stroked her hair. Seeing that it was working he took his waif of a sister and maneuvered her into his lap and embrace. She seemed to snuggle into him and after a bit he felt the heat of tears soak into his shirt. He held her tight, mentally cursing Edward Cullen for breaking the most vivacious and strong-willed girl Harry knew. They sat like that for over an hour, Harry, ignoring his discomfort and Bella, soaking in the love and support her brother, caregiver and protector was offering her. Bella finally shifted when she heard Charlie leaving for his evening shift.

"Harry?' her voice croaked, probably from not having been used in a while. "What are…what are you doing here?"

"Rescuing you of course," he teased in a warm voice, "From this dreadful, and boring little rain cloud attracting town named after a bloody eating utensil. Now come on, we only have three hours before Portia arrives with Wilson and my car, and we have to make the most of it. You know she hates it when people don't look their best.

"Now you, my dear, need to bathe and eat something more substantial than what you've been eating recently. You're looking a little thin. Why don't you wash up while I cook up my specialty?"

He skillfully pulled up his sister, half supporting her and half letting her walk on her own; a skill only learned from having a stubbornly independent clumsy sister. Alas, it seemed that Bella was more out of it than he estimated because she need more support than independence. He led her to the bathroom and quickly sat his sister on the toilet cover. He started the bath just the way she liked it, complete with bubble bath and two scented candles. He was about to leave her to it when she weakly stopped him.

"Help me, please," she asked with a slight blush, embarrassed she had to ask.

Harry only smiled warmly, nodded, and helped her undress, careful to avoid making her uncomfortable. He only looked at her face, and despite wanting to embrace her and never let go, kept his touches brief and clinical. He lifted her bridal-style, only touching the back of her legs and back and gently placed her into the hot water and bubbles.

"Stay," Bella requested, and Harry settled himself on the bath mat next to the tub almost immediately, holding the hand that Bella oh so innocently hung over the edge of the tub.

She closed her eyes, allowing the hot water to sooth her aches and pains physical, mental, and emotional. She had closed herself off from everyone and everything these past three weeks, going through life like a zombie but now that she had her big brother with her, the only person she knew she could trust, she pushed away her defenses, and for the first time since Ed…He left her, just relaxed. She almost fell asleep when her brother squeezed her hand, reminding her that she still had to wash up before the water went cold. She nodded and slowly but surely soaped up her body. Feeling not up to washing her hair, she held up a shampoo bottle to Harry and he obliged to her silent demand. He soaped her long tresses until deemed clean enough and then conditioned them until they were guaranteed to be shiny, silky, and smooth.

Once she was completely rinsed off, he wrapped her in an oversized towel she most likely brought from Arizona and carried her to her room. He helped her dry off dressed her into her big fluffy bath robe, and wrapped her hair into a dry, smaller towel. He slipped her small feet into her fluffy slippers and scooped her up once more, taking her to the kitchen where he made a meal light enough for his sister's stomach, yet worthy enough for a king…or queen in this case.

"I'm heeerrreee!" sang a familiar voice from the front hall. Portia was here and she was going to let everyone know it. Wilson joined her choir, and immediately bounded into the kitchen heading straight for the food.

"Is that Indian I smell?" Portia asked.

Harry rolled his eyes, and his sister giggled weakly, "Have you two no manners? Go greet our hostess, and then you can eat!"

Immediately Wilson, being the giant goofy Great Dane that he was, made his way over to his second favorite human and slobbered all over her. Once he managed to cover the recently bathed 18 year old in drool, he bound over to his master and looked at the food with his big puppy-dog eyes. Meanwhile Portia was awaiting her turn to greet Bella, literally tapping her foot and sighing in impatience.

Portia was like a combination between Esme, Alice, and Rosalie. She was stunning in looks with her blonde hair and electric purple eyes; she always bounced around like a pixie on speed, but was caring and motherly. Harry and Portia have been best friends since the Swans adopted Harry when he was eight. They met at school, and had been inseparable since. She was like a big sister to Bella, and said big sister was currently squeezing the life out of her surrogate little sister.

"I heard what happened between you and that awful boy. But there is no use dwelling on the past, because tomorrow I am dressing you up. We are going out, and the past has no room in our plans!" said Portia, after releasing Bella from her grasp.

Harry rolled his eyes, "Heaven forbid we ruin your plans!" he said sarcastically, and then commented "How you manage to stay so thin, with the way you eat, I'll never know." His little sister let out a shadow of a smile, and Portia pouted. Wilson on the other hand drew attention to the food bowl which he somehow managed to procure from the car, "And the why I didn't name you Scooby Doo with the way you eat will forever elude me as well. Let's eat up ladies, before Wil here decides to skip dinnerware and go straight for the pot."

Portia gasped and immediately went for the table, keeping Wilson a large distance from her meal and Bella just gave her big brother her second smile of the day. Harry quickly filled the plates and bowl and the siblings with their closest friend ate, Portia and Harry carrying on most of the conversing. Once Portia finished her third helpings, she keenly waited for Bella to finish what she could and helped Bella up to her room, ordering Harry to get Portia's suitcases from the car, claiming that she had the most perfect outfit in mind for the younger girl.

Alice and Jasper drove for an hour before they arrived at the airport. Alice had called ahead buying tickets to Sea-Tac and while waiting to board, she was uncharacteristically fidgeting and sending off waves of nervousness. Jasper couldn't help but glare at his love, her tension making him tense. Neither would admit that meeting the last member of their triage scared them, after all what vampire would be scared of a human? Then again, Alice and Jasper knew they weren't complete, unlike other vampires, they knew that their mate could refuse them, and get on with his life while they spent the rest of eternity knowing that they weren't enough for their mate.

They'd do whatever to make their submissive happy, even at the expense of themselves. That was the whole downside of being vampires; they couldn't bring any sort of harm to their mates, even if it was for their own good.

The flight was finally announced, telling them that it was time to board. Alice immediately stood up and dragged Jasper to the front of the line. They took their seat, in economy since First class was booked solid, and eager anticipated take off. When they landed, Alice once more made sure that they were the first off the plane.

They rented a Porsche and Alice, being the speed demon she was, got to Forks in half the time it usually took to get there. Although they wanted to get to their mate right away it was past midnight and thus would be considered improper to visit.

"Ugh!" Alice exclaimed in frustration, "Why do humans have to sleep?"

Jasper chuckled, and pulled her into his arms, "Allie, you want the best for our mate, right?" he asked in his southern twang.

Alice pouted but nodded, "But we are turning him as soon as he accepts us. We are not pulling an Edward!"

Jasper nodded, "As soon as he accepts us, I promise we'll change him."

Alice was silent for a moment before speaking, "Jasper what if he refuses to leave Bella and doesn't want to become a vampire?"

Jasper kissed her forehead, "Well then we'll just have to change Bella as well."

"But Edward…"

Jasper rolled his eyes, "Edward should have never left Bella. Even if he decided she wasn't his mate, the law states that a human cannot know of us and live."

"Bella is Edward's mate!" Alice insisted, "I know it! I've seen it!"

"Then Edward is stupid! I'd never be able to leave you or our new mate alone. Since our brother is too much of a coward to make sure his mate is changed, I guess we'll have to do it for him."

Alice grinned, "I love you Jasper," she said kissing him on the lips sweetly.

Jasper rolled his eyes playfully and returned the kiss with fervor. They spent the rest of the night kissing and cuddling. It didn't feel right to do more without their third.

Harry woke up suddenly, feeling apprehensive, as if his life was about to change; little did he know that was exactly what was going to happen. He tried to fall back asleep but was interrupted by a scream.

Bella tossed and turned, moaning out and shaking. She was flying through the woods as speeds faster than she could handle. She tried to look around but she could not move her head. She heard a very familiar giggle before suddenly stopping and falling into darkness. She saw the glow of red eyes and heard a ferocious growl. She couldn't help but scream. There was only one creature that inspired such feeling. "Vampire," she whispered, torn between elation and terror.

Portia was having the time of her life. It was the middle of the night and she went to Port Angeles to party. Who knew that such a backwards state had such amazing clubs and such cute guys? Sure they were a little pale, but it was nothing a little sun couldn't cure. She flirted with the best of them, hoping that one would offer to spend the night with her. After all, she deserved to have some fun during her break from university.

Harry ran to Bella's room, almost sliding past the door because of his socks. He made his way to her side and sat beside her twisting body before grabbing her by her shoulders to shake her awake. It took a few minutes, but he finally got her up. She screamed once more before whispering, "Vampire".

Harry froze, wondering what exactly his sister had been dreaming about. He never knew her to be afraid of anything supernatural so her screaming about vampires did not make sense at all. He hugged her close, rubbing her back as she sobbed. Once she calmed down enough Harry told her to scoot over and lay down beside her, spooning her. She was not going to sleep any more that night which meant that Harry wouldn't either.

"Boo," he whispered, "Are you okay?"

Bella bit her lip before shrugging. Harry pulled her closer to his chest.

"You know you can tell me anything, right?" he asked, "I won't judge you."

Bella didn't move for the longest time before shrugging once more. Harry sighed and kissed her head. He wanted to know what scared her so much in her dream, but wouldn't push her. They laid there for the rest of the night.