Missing Sparks

September 12th 2012

Alex's POV

I couldn't sit still I was so nervous about how that whole interview went. I need another job on top of the whole modelling which I totally hate it's just not for me but it's money.

I moved to New York from Texas about 18 months ago. I love where I'm from but I wanted to try something new and New York seemed like the best place.

I miss mum and dad they cried when I left I'm there only child and I understand that its hard for them to let me go. I have to admit I cried too I've never been much of a crier but this is where my life would change, it was a new chapter and I was so ready.

Harper who I share an apartment with she's a little different with her loud outfits and her bubbly personality but she makes me feel welcome.

About this new job it's nothing exciting just a little waitressing 3 days a week at an Italian sandwich place the foods pretty good and my hours would be pretty flexible so I really want it.

The solid oak door opened and Mr Russo ( Jerry) walked in holding a clipboard, his facial expression was very serious " Well Miss Gonzalez I've looked through your cv and have taken your interview into account and have decided (drum roll please) to give you the job" he said With a slight smile on his face"Oh my gosh thank you so much I wont let you down" he walked onto the other side of the table and sat down " It would be great if you started tomorrow" he informed me " That's fine" I replied just glad to have the work.

I entered my small apartment feeling proud of myself. " Whats with you" Harper asked sitting on the couch reading through a fashion magazine " I got the job" I squealed " You did but Mr Russo barely ever hires at that place you must have made some kind of impression" she said looking pretty impressed "Well what can I say...I'm awesome" I said putting my bag on the chair and walking towards the kitchen.

September 13th 2012

I can't afford to be late so I took it upon myself to put on an alarm a device I despise. I was told to dress casual with no jeans so I'm wearing a white shirt, some black pumps and some black trousers.

I entered the Sandwich place a little nervous. As I closed the door I was greeted by 1 guy and 2 girls " Hi I'm Matt I run the place when Mr Russo isn't around it's nice to meet you Alex? " he said pulling his hand out for me to shake it which I did " Thank you and Yeah it's Alex" "This is Kaitlin and Brooke the other waitresses need anything ask them" They both waved.

So far things are good had a few of those pain in the neck customers but if I want to meet this job I have to just suck it up.

Justin's POV

"So man any plans for this weekend" Chase asked me as we entered my dads sub shop " I wanna hook up with someone it's been 3 weeks man I'm dying" I just love girls what can I say people call me a player I just call it being free. We say down at are usual spot near the window .

"Dude who's that hottie I've never seen her working here before" Chase said pointing to a petite brunette probably Latin she was serving some customers and when she smiled its was amazing she was beautiful.

"I...I don't know" I said still utterly speechless " I swear I've seen her oh I've got a Victoria Secret Model" "Mo... Model" I stuttered" Someone's drooling" Chase laughed scanning through the menu "Well go ask for her number Romeo" He said patting my arm.

She had just finished up her order I followed her to the till she handed one of the cooks the list and as she turned around. I made my move "Hey Beautiful" I said leaning over the counter " Hi" she replied sounding a little embarrassed.

" Got a number" I asked she smiled and leaned over too "Let me guess you want to get in my pants right" she smiled I didn't say a word I was too speechless "Your one of those smooth guys I'll give you my number you'll take me out to a club compliment me a little we'll get a little tipsy but not drunk enough not to drive to your apartment then I think you know how this story ends" she said patting my shoulder.

Man she's hot but why isn't she feeling it girls always want some this is unbelievable "So would you like to hear the specials" she asked obviously trying to change the subject "Can I at least get a name" I asked her "Give me yours first" she said " Justin Russo""Oh your Justin your dad said I'd bump into you at some point and the names Alex Gonzalez" " Well Miss Gonzalez I still think your beautiful" " It's nice to think things" she winked and walked over to another table.

I walked back to my table still in utter shock "Got a number" Chase asked curiously "No...I think I got rejected" " Woo" Chase said his green eyes widening"Did she give you the whole I know your game speech" Chase said using air quotes" I nodded "So what are you going to do" " I'll just have to try a little harder I sighed.


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