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Part 37: Nightmares

The next few days were much the same, get checked over, get into Taz's room, talk, learn more about each other, have food, Iza would come in and check on them, medicine, dinner, leave Taz's room, bed. It was long but not very entertaining, so soon both Taz and Up were getting antsy.

"Up I'm bored, can't we do something?" Taz complained on the second week of hospitalization.

"I know... but we're 'sick' and 'injured' so we can't leave" Up did quote fingers because they both knew that they were capable, mostly. Up is still sore but only on his legs, and Taz's hand scars was nearly gone. The problem is that Up would sometimes hit a nerve and shriek in pain, and Taz wasn't remembering anything. Up wouldn't tell Taz, but nearly every night he would get nightmares. There were some of the old ones, of Becca being tortured, but instead of Becca it's Taz. Other ones were Taz tied up and burning, or of Taz melted, or Taz forgetting everything, and joining the robots. Some really horrible ones, but Up knew Taz had worse, he could hear her screaming at night, and he noticed the bags under her eyes, he just needed to know what the nightmares were about. One night he got his wish.
Taz was tied up to a stake, robots surrounding her, lighting her on fire and torturing her for information she didn't have from her concussion. She was screaming, it was getting louder and louder, then Up jerked awake. Taz was yelling bloody murder in Spanish, Up knew it was just a nightmare, but she wouldn't stop. Cursing Up got out of her bed and rushed over to her room, the door was locked, Up took a breath and kicked the door open, which only made Taz scream louder. She was sitting in her bed, she was facing Up but her eyes were locked on something else. Up went over and put his arms around her

"Shhhhhh, it's ok Taz, you're not in danger, no one is dying, you're safe, everyone is safe, shhhhh" Up comforted her, suddenly she fell silent. "Taz?" Up asked

"Por que estas aqui? (Why are you in here?) I mean, why are jou in my room?" Taz asked him

"You were screaming bloody murder, I had to check on you" Taz's eyes looked around the room

"So jou broke down my door?"

"You sounded terrified"

"Thank jou Up, now we should go back to sleep"

"You can't get off that easy Taz, what was your nightmare?"

"It's really long..."

"Then let's get comfortable" Up climbed onto the bed next to Taz, she scooted over and once Up was settled, Taz rested her head on Up's shoulder.

"It was... It was my quinceañera, or what I imagined it to be. I was wearing a beautiful purple dress, and everyone respected me. I had on my locket from my brothers, which is pretty much the last thing I remember. We... we were having a great time, I was dancing with Jose. Then robots struck, they attacked everywhere. Somehow I managed to get out, but I was caught by robots. They strung me up like a piñata and tried to bash me open to eat my guts. Then jou saved me. My brothers were dead, my friends and family, but Jose was there. Jou said he was dead, he wasn't there. He was a robot, and tried to get me to feel bad for him. He died, and I got my stuff, jou said something about my father. We were at a camp then went hiking, robots attacked and I got a blade in my knee, jou saved me and brought me to a drop-pod. Then we were fighting, robots were everywhere, I got knocked out but jou blew something up. Then jou were suspended and on fire. I had to save jou, I climbed up and tried to help jou, my hands were burning, a robot attacked and nearly shot jou. I saved jou and on the drop pod jou died, all burnt bloody and broken, jou had been yelling, then I woke up here" Taz was silent after she finished "Why does my nightmare feel real?" Taz asked Up

"Because it did happen, those were two battles you were in since you lost your memory, except for me dying"

"If jou were on the verge of death and I had to choose between turning jou into a robot and letting jou die, what should I do?"

"Let me die, anythings better than being a robot. Even if it was only part robot. Just let me die, you?"

"Same as jou"

Up picked her up and settled her in his lap, his legs were healed so it didn't hurt.

"The world always looks a little brighter from the top of a lap" Up told her. Taz laughed and after a while fell asleep, Up didn't want to disturb her so he leaned back on the wall and drifted off as well. For the rest of the night neither of them had nightmares