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Chapter 1 - In burning sands

Jazz waited restlessly as her lithe gold hue dragon paced around the sands, her swollen stomach moving with little grace as her form struggled to find a comfortable spot.

"Yorlith... just pick a spot already. You can not keep moving around as you do. You will not only damage yourself but your eggs as well!" Jazz sighed in annoyance, moving over to her pacing dragon. Her thick blackened claws spraying hot sands as she moved before she finally found 'her spot' and settled down. Her body shifting and writhing as she seemed to burrow herself in the hot sands. Jazz stayed a few feet back, her eyes awash with concern as the her dragon grunted and pushed her limbs out to make space for her young. With a soft creel, her frame heaved against an unknown pressure as the first caramel speckled egg rolled out from her body. AS time passed, her belly shrunk as each egg earned both a soft croon and sigh of relief until a clutch of 26 eggs are rested in the sands. Each egg was carefully inspected the gold as she carefully arranged them into a pattern that seemed to please the queen before she settled down. The largest egg that was blessed with a golden shimmer rested between her forelimbs.

"A clutch of twenty six. Well laid dear heart." Jazz mummered softly, the warmth of her smile was both filled with delight and pride. She moved over carefully to ensure she did not tend on a semi buried egg but also so not to alarm her dragon.

"Morith flew me well." Came the smug reply as Jazz gazed up into the whirling blue green gaze of her queen. With a soft choked cry, she flew her arms over the golden flank and breathed in the spicy sweet smell that reminded her of freshly harvest klah bark in preparation of drying. For the dragon-pair rested, their physical contact giving the pair comfort and reassure they both craved for internally.

With the eggs now on the sands, search riders headed in wings, each searching for the right ones to impress to the clutch. With the whisper of thread's return, no-one wanted the horror to fall on ill-prepared lands. They had to find candidates for the eggs. Especially with the Weyr's candidates haven past the age of candidacy whilst the old queen seemed to have wilted from rising. Her last rise resulted in the golden glory of Yorlith but after her clutch had hatched the aged queen had between'd leaving the Weyr wheeling from the shock.

AS the wings of search riders spread out in the a line of continent, finally some began to peel away as they headed down towards the tithed lands. Each one hopeful to bring back a pair of candidates. Although the sinking feeling of doubt and tingle of tiredness touched each of them, part of their apprehension was the fact they knew few Lord Holders would part with young and capable people to stand for the burdens of their lives. All the while they wasted precious time on frivolities instead of preparation.