CHAPTER 1: Arival

Part 3: Necromorphs

As seven came to he was laying underneith a pile of ruble. after a few minutes he pulled himself out. "six?" he called out uncertainly as he remembered what happened to five. "im ok" she said as she reached down to help him up. "just a few bruise's, nothing serious" she assured him.

just then another figure in the ruble behind seven started to stand. "five we thought you we-" seven started but quickly relized this creature wasnt five, "a necromorph..." muttered seven. "a what?" asked six, but before seven could answer it charged at the two, forcing them to flee the room. "which way?!" asked seven and six pointed left "come on!" she yelled as they ran down the hallway.

at the end of the hallway they entered the shuttle docking bay with the creature chasing them, seven felt somthing like two small needles enter his back and was instantly electrocuted. as he fell to the ground, the last thing he saw before blackin out was Tyler Radikov shoot six with a pulse rifle "sweet dreams" tyler whispered with a smirk as sevens mind faded to black.

As seven came to, he heard a deep voices "wake up!" slowly he looked around only to find no one, then he found the communication device on the floor "who is this?" seven asked. "call me vandal" said the deep voice. as seven looked around he realized he was in a ship that was moving "how did i get here?" he asked vandal. "i put you there" vandal said "your on your way to the colony of ramsey XI" "where?" asked seven. "ramsey XI" replied vandal "where you'll help me stop radikov once and for all" seven swallowed. "this is all to much" he muttered. "just trust me" vandal said. "fine but only cause i hate radikov" said seven. "good i left you a RIG suit and plasma cutter on the bench behind you, you'll need them. vandal out" vandal said then the transmission cut out.

Seven slipped on the RIG suit and grabbed the plasma cutter then watched as the planet that his destination was on came into view...

as the ship entered the atmospere, seven could see the colony about a mile off to the left of where his ship was gonna land. "danm" he whispered as the ship touched down in a dense jungle "guess im gonna hike it" he said outloud as he pushed the door opening button...