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"Why do I have to?" Goku complained.

He walked through the forest since he was forced to look for Hakkai. Sanzo and Gojyo were growing impatient. Goku knew that in reality they were just worried about her. She said she needed to take a rest for a bit. Hakkai prepared them food and then left. It had been an hour since then.

"Hakkai!" he yelled for her.

The flying monkey jumped over a bush to relieve himself of the boredom. He knew Hakkai was fine. She was capable of taking care of herself. He wondered why Gojyo and Sanzo were so worried about the journey. She was fully capable of destroying that Chin Yisou creep.

When he stopped to look at his surroundings, Goku was surprised to find Hakkai sitting on the ground against a tree. She was staring off into the distance and he could see a glimmer on her cheek. Was she crying?

"Hakkai!" Goku walked over to her.

She turned to the youngest male of their group. She didn't bother wiping the tear that fell from her right eye. "Ah, Goku…"

"Hakkai, Gojyo and Sanzo were looking for you. I think they're getting cranky."

"Oh, well, I guess they want to get to the next town before nightfall. Though at this rate, we might have to make camp where we are." She said with a few sniffles.

"Hakkai," Goku was hesitant to ask. "Are you crying?"

"Crying? No, that's just…" She tried her best to smile but tears were fighting their way through her eyelids.

Goku turned around. She was definitely making him uncomfortable. That was the reason she had to stop the Jeep. Crying would make these guys quiet. Sanzo might want to turn the Jeep around and drop her off. He might deem her too weak for this mission. Gojyo was terrible at dealing with women crying. He would complain at times about how he couldn't handle it. She just never wanted to cry in front of Goku, but here she was.

Goku looked down at his feet. He thought she was fine. That Chin Yisou must have brought up bad memories for her. He knew that guy was terrible, at least for Hakkai.

Before she offered to go back to the camp, she felt herself fall on the ground. Goku wrapped her arms around her. She was sitting with Goku around her waist. They were both quiet and Hakkai was still recovering from the shock but his hug was very comforting. She wrapped her arms around him and allowed the waterfall of tears to push through.

Goku listened to her sobs and felt her body tremble in his arms. "It's okay Hakkai… I don't really understand what you're feeling, but I don't want to see you cry. It's too weird."

'"Is that so?" she smiled. It was a real smile. She hadn't known what that felt like for a while.

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